Geez I've been asking a lot of questions lately. lol

well here's another.

What happens when you ignore your intuition? Does it affect other parts of your life?

Say the thing you are ignoring is a big part of your life. Like a relationship? or a job?

Would that affect other things you are attempting to manifest?

Thanks in advance. Hope this helps others also.

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I have, more than once, ignored my intuition and made decisions that didn't "feel" right, but seemed OK logically. None of those decisions turned out very well: bad relationships, wrong investments, and once, a terrible job! I learned to not ignore my feelings, nor my logical mind. I now take both into account when making decisions.


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LeeAnn 1

Nice answer LeeAnn

(01 Apr '10, 13:57) Frank 1

what if a relationship ended and it didn't feel "right"? just curious of your thoughts on that

(01 Apr '10, 16:27) Chris 2

It's easy to confuse the pain one experiences at the loss of a relationship, with the feelings of the break-up "not being right for you". If it's truly the latter though, perhaps you will bring that person back into your life, if his or her free will cooperates with that.

(01 Apr '10, 23:25) LeeAnn 1
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To ignore your intuition, can be an expensive lesson. And it's difficult to correct the prejudices later on. The intuition refers specifically to an opportunity. The big "defect" of opportunity is, to be brief, asking an immediate action.

The effects of not listening to your intuition could expand to other parts of life, but not necessarily. It depends on the interconections within the specific subject of intuition and other aspects of the life.

About your ulterior question (your comment to response of LeeAnn): you could merge into one another a hot desire with intuition!


answered 02 Apr '10, 00:23

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It's pretty hard to ignore your intuition.

Some people instinctively avoid situations that feel uncomfortable to them, even if it is not obvious on the face why that particular situation is uncomfortable.

Other people are instinctively drawn to certain people, things or situations, without necessarily being able to explain why.

Still others believe that they make decisions logically, but what they really do is make decisions that "feel right," and then rationalize them with logic.

In all of those cases, intuition is at work.


answered 01 Apr '10, 03:08

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You miss an opportunity or walk into danger I think.


answered 01 Apr '10, 03:58

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