I see this coming out of many of the questions so I decided to ask it as a question.

I use affirmations all day everyday. I have made this a habit in my life to ensure that I maintain a positive focus. I visualize several times a day as well. I have tried the manifesting experiment 1 and 2. I got frustrated with 1 and gave up on it because I am a hands on type of person. I just started working with the Focus Block and I LOVE IT. Yesterday I started creating a Focus Block. I had only entered about 4 things to focus on and I could not continue because I had work to do. But before the day was over I got a phone call which was exactly what I wanted to create with the focus block.

I got so excited that I started another Focus Block the same day and I finished that one. Last night I went to a meeting and I ran into the very person I was trying to connect with in the Focus Block. This person has been dodging me for a while. And not only that but the person informed me that she had completed the task which is exactly what I wanted to create with my focus block. That is two in one day. Amazing.

My point is that I try everything all the time. The more you can maintain a positve attitude the more likely you are to get the result that you want. My suggestions is do all of them. You can only gain.

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Wow! What an uplifting post....thanks for sharing what works well for you, and for offering encouragement to others.

(20 May '10, 01:30) LeeAnn 1

Good so Focus Block it is and after your success I'm going to try it. Thanks.

(04 Jan '12, 05:57) Paulina 1
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Good for you. I'm glad the Focus Blocks technique is working so well for you.

As has been pointed out in some of the other questions and answers, you should use the techniques that work best for you.


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Drham! When teaching Health care professionals Behavioral Techniques. I have always stated I am not showing you something new. We are labelling the tools you are already using! The effectiveness is in the evolution of our soul. The focus block is a great tool I used it to raise the positive emotions in my house and was surprise at the interactions I was blessed to observe. (I have Teenagers in the house.) It has continued for days now! When I did the Focus Block I played Celtic Mysteries, Wonderful Music for Relaxation and Meditation. My belief, music helps get it to the right place within us. Good question. Because of our experiences what works quick for one may take longer for another.


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No. No manifesting method is any more effective than any other method. Any method that you feel attracted to is the method that you will have the most success using. Remember that any method you use is merely a tool that you give yourself permission to use in order to achieve a particular end result.

Therefore, any tool that resonates with you is the tool to use. All tools work because the only power they have is the power, your power that has been infused in them. You are the Creator and not the tool or method :)


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"you are the creator and not the tool" ... brilliant Eddie

(05 Jan '12, 07:19) blubird two

Find my current question "What is the easiest way to the good life?" Read all the answers. Read the one from ursixx about milking every good moment.
I don't know about the best, but the easiest and fastest aint to shabby. There's no breathing no meditating, no 3rd eye or mysto BS no outside stuff and no waiting. Manifestation for good, prosperity, etc, starts as soon a you get to a good place. Maybe you can do this and focus wheel too. If what you have works, don't fix it too much. God Bless!


answered 04 Jan '12, 10:19

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