Before you learned about LOA.

When someone says imagination, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Real or not real. I conclude that most people equate imagination to that which is made up and not real. Therefore, it is infered that which is imagined is only in the mind and doesn't really have any power in the manifestion process.

I believe there has to be an earnest, sincere wanting of that which we imagine to manifest the result. However, it is a deep conditioned program in most of us that the imagination is make believe and is therefore not a real tool or step in LOA.

Re-reading my question brings to my awareness that I need to clear myself of this limiting belief. Imagination is my connection to the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent Master Within.

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Great question RPuls!

(02 Jun '11, 08:16) ursixx

You are right, we are conditioned to believe that imagination is fantasy and that's why it can be extremely difficult for people to believe that imagination is a real force and that without it we go nowhere.

One way I was able to relax my beliefs and break through my own conditioning regarding imagination, was through the ideas that bubbled up when I was appreciating things in my life.

Here's an example from an article I wrote:

"I noticed when you silently thanked those who came before you for making your now reality; the simple act of sitting in a restaurant eating a tasty meal, a possibility. Your appreciation is always welcomed, for without the imagination of those other aspects of you; you’d be sitting on the bare earth, eating with your hands, still."

Everything in existence was first a seed planted in the imagination of someone, before becoming manifest into physicality. This viewpoint seems rather black and white to me. However, it seems as though the difficulty for most people is in actually stopping their own internal dialogue long enough to actually consider the implications of that. But the moment one does so it's obvious that imagination creates reality.

For me, imagination is an idea that comes to me from my higher self. Without that connection, I feel lost, lonely and unloved. With that connection, I realize that the very fact that I exist means I have value within All That Is and that I'm loved unconditionally, a feeling I want everyone to share.


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Sweet Eddie. Thanks

(02 Jun '11, 04:21) you

yea Thanks Eddie ^5

(02 Jun '11, 06:51) ursixx

imagination is the filter we use to bring into existence things in our lives. We imagine things we see them, we ponder about them in our imagination.We might not want what we imagine but by playing with the thoughts we are able to take what we want and leave the rest.
It is the À la carte menu of our lives.Where we can pick or choose what we will have.
IF we know how to order.
If you don't know how to order you get what what the waiter brings you. Bon appetit!


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Nice analogy sixx

(02 Jun '11, 07:19) you

Yea made me hungry too ;)

(02 Jun '11, 08:17) ursixx

it may depend on the age of the one imagining,
the depth of his/her character,
and what desires that are attached.
It is interesting that you qualified that what is manifested is real,
you may get an argument from some on that supposition


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I do not think you can imagine unreal. I have asked to imagine the unimaginable for years. And I keep coming up blank.

We can imagine endless (and I mean endless) possibilities from all points in timeless space, but it is always limited to what we already know.

Imagine trying to explain to Marcus Aurelius how to imagine an iPhone or any new technology. When you asked the question, I imagined real possibilities.

Therefore if I can imagine it, it can be real.


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Imagination is a child’s best friend, and in their world of thinking, and imagining, even the Buggy Monsters are real to them. Everything in life is about imagination, and vision, and you cannot have one without the other, and we all use our imagination all the time!

Our imagination is our tool for creating, and manifesting our desires to behold, and to enjoy!


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Nice, but you say child as if they are another species. I never forgot the wonderment of child like thought and I will never lose it :) Imagination is the core of creation.

(02 Jun '11, 05:43) you

@Michael:I just wanted to refresh everyone’s memory about their early childhood experience, because imagination is the world of the child first!

(02 Jun '11, 06:08) Inactive User ♦♦

Yeppers! :)))...

(02 Jun '11, 07:18) you
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