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I just got voted down, and whoever did it left no comment or reason for doing so.

That really bugs me. It's like a sniper attack or something.

I am really bummed, but I will survive. But it got me to thinking about the new people...If I was new, and got voted down, I guess I'd feel bad. I don't know.

Now, I am not trying to present a case of sour grapes here- not at all.

Rather, I just was wondering about the "why" of it. Why do it?

Hoping to shed some Light.


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I would more of wonder about Why it makes you feel uncomfortable. Either you answer this question once and for all, or you'll spend the rest of your life asking and wondering what's the WHY of other people's criticism towards you. ;-)

(20 Jul '12, 18:54) CalonLan
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Ignorance is bliss:) I never took interest in how this voting system, karma points, work until now...well I still don't but browsed through FAQ's

Surprised that there is even an option to vote down. I even notice that points can be awarded to comments...

Anyways, I wouldn't worry about it. It's all subjective and everyone's opinions are valid. Someone not liking it should not translate into voting down (that's my opinion:). Anyways its a virtual score, don't stress it Jai:)


answered 21 Jul '12, 00:57

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To me there are many questions on here that are not my cup of tea. This doesn't make it a bad question, it just makes it a question I am not interested in at the moment. Some of the questions that I am not interested may even be the most popular thus proving it is not the question it is my preference. So does it deserve to be voted down because it doesn't interest me? I believe it does not deserve to be voted down.

Now if a question is offensive, then this different and very rare as well but has been known to happen which shortly afterwards that user gets banned from the site anyway.


answered 20 Jul '12, 12:45

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Wade Casaldi

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I agree... I'm not a big fan of the points system because in the end it's all just opinions and preferences.

(20 Jul '12, 14:37) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli : Agreeing with you, I can say that we evolve by learning to swim in the vast sea of opinions and preferences :) Then again, negative voting without reason (as @Jaianniah had pointed out) might be quite irresponsible way of voting down someone in my humble opinion!

(13 Aug '12, 17:23) ZDCobran

Maybe they were trying to click on the star to make it a favorite question, but accidentally clicked on the down arrow?


answered 20 Jul '12, 12:52

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Fairy Princess

Never thought of that one...hmmmm! Thanks! <3 Jai

(20 Jul '12, 14:18) Jaianniah

Yeah, I get on with my phone and its a touchscreen so I'm always accidently hitting the arrows when I scroll lol :)

(20 Jul '12, 14:39) LapisLazuli

They could always undo it and click on star instead if they wanted. I just tested it on this very comment :-) And I assume that's what they'd do if it were their intentions to do so. You don't throw garbage at a can and if you miss, you won't let it lie next to just because you missed.

(20 Jul '12, 18:50) CalonLan

Rencently I was logged in my count on an ipad and inadvertently voted down someone when I graspped it. Noticed that later when I checked my karma history. Then I fixed it.

(20 Jul '12, 19:13) T A

Yes, you can change your vote within a certain time span... but it's still possible they didn't realize they did it. I've had times where I've accidently voted or did a thumbs up on a comment but didn't realize it til the next time I logged on.

(20 Jul '12, 23:01) LapisLazuli

I too have done it accidentally before, Jai. Sounds like a common slip.

I have never seen anything on IQ that I thought should be voted down, come to think of it. It's all opinion, and everyone has a right to their own. I think the things that may be truely offensive are probably removed before I ever see them.

(13 Aug '12, 09:31) Grace

After a day, I think it is, you can't change your vote, so if you don't catch it in time, I don't think it can be fixed.

If it happens again to anyone, check my profile and poke me if you see one! I didn't mean it! :)

(13 Aug '12, 09:35) Grace
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How does it make you feel when someone votes you down?

I get voted down from time to time. I don't care at all.

I even had one guy a couple of years ago (I think) on IQ write a long, detailed essay attacking me personally - must have taken him at least an hour or more to compose.

I didn't actually read it, because I could sense it was oozing hatred and negativity, but I actually felt quite honored he thought my views were so important that they were worthy of attack - probably not the reaction he wanted :)

So I would just relax and take it as a compliment that people consider you important enough to down-vote :)


answered 13 Aug '12, 05:33

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No-one likes to be voted down Jai but maybe in a way you're giving that person a sense of satisfaction in their action but letting it bother you.

I can't remember who said it but I read somewhere that when someone says something about you that's their business not yours...probably applicable here as well.

Personally I don't vote down because I think everyone's perspective is valid. I have been voted down several times and honestly I kind of get a chuckle out of it.If my answer can elicit a response like that then maybe there's just a hint of truth in it that the voter isn't ready to look at yet or maybe something they're denying in themselves...just something to think about :)

Oh and I lied, I did vote down once...way back at at an offensive spammer :))


answered 20 Jul '12, 22:39

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If you believe you create your reality, instead of waiting on the world to change, please heed @CalonLan's advise in his comment.

If I were in your belief shoes I'd probably feel very offended, and ask this question just as you are. However, for you, I see this as an actually exciting and fun period- you've just discovered something that triggers uncomfort = a belief that doesn't serve you anymore!

Dip a tiny bit deeper with Stingrays ME 4 and you'll find IQ an even more loving place.

And if it makes you feel any better, you can vote me down right now.

alt text



answered 21 Jul '12, 00:34

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I would feel bad for a while (maybe like 5 - 10 minutes) but then I would try to forget it.

I hang out on a couple of other forums with this "down-voting" function sometimes and I see people down-voting others for all kinds of reasons - for fun, for disagreement, for whatever kind of reason you can think of.. and yep you don't get to see the usernames of the people who down-vote you.

You could just treat down-voting as someone disagreeing with your opinion.. or maybe you can just think of him as someone who has nothing better to do. Or you can dwell about it for the whole year and still not come to a reason why you got down-voted!!

Even without people voting me down, I would probably feel bad sometimes if someone seems to completely disagree with me in some of my answers.. but all of these are out of my control so there is really no point dwelling and thinking about it.


answered 21 Jul '12, 10:57

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