I'm aware of the law of attraction and energy, and I truly believe everything is made of vibrations. Over the past 2 years I've learned A LOT about the LOA and energy and things of that nature. I'm still learning. I've been more positive and optimistic in my life more than I ever have been in the last two years, due to leaving an abusive parent. I'm 18 now.

Now, in general, I'm usually in a feel-good mood. Even if minor things get in the way I can brush it off. But I've noticed something rather strange, and I'm not sure If I'm just attracting this to myself or I'm disrupting some kind of Yin-Yang balance?

Most of the time I'm in a good mood. But sometimes I get myself into a REALLY positive mood. So positive I can feel this incredible sensation in my chest. I usually get into these fantastic positive states if I'm in the right mood, my imagination is more active than usual, and most importantly I'm listening to music. I just get this feeling like, everything is gonna be okay, and I don't feel attached to anything, and I'm just happy to be able to experience that moment. It's a REALLY HAPPY feeling.

For some reason, either the same day or the day after, some REALLY BAD event happens. Not a normal bad event, but a bad event that rivals the energy of my positive feeling. These usually only happen right after I experience being REALLY happy and positive.

I've heard somewhere that your energy can come back at you, but I don't know. I read that you need to find a balance between positive and negative energy, but I don't know. I really enjoy feeling that almost happy "high"(I do not do drugs. lol) that I feel sometimes, and the negative events that come after it are SO much more POWERFUL than normal that it brings me down, or puts me in a negative energy state.

Is there any way to be overly happy/positive without this happening? Am I attracting this because I believe it to be? Or is this about some Positive/Negative balance that I need to keep?

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@Satori Thanks for the link! I read it and it had a lot of useful information!

(26 Aug '13, 21:45) PowerWave

Gahh! I love both Wade & Rindor's answers, it's so hard to choose between them..

(26 Aug '13, 21:50) PowerWave

@PowerWave-German writer Barble Mohr says that feelings and emotions when felt fully change themselves into its opposite.She disscussed deeply about feelings and emotions in her book" Instant Cosmic Ordering".

(28 Aug '13, 07:32) Zee

zee, yes all of what is from nature cycles, unless sel-conscious enough to control or reprogram the subconscious swings

(28 Aug '13, 07:54) fred
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Excellent question! Through the seven laws Thoth wrote about found in The Secret Doctorine Of The Rosecrucians. (Yes Seven laws not just the law of attraction.) one of the laws spoke of is The Law of Balance.


This law is expressed through The Law of Sex (opposites) the Law of Cycles and the Law of Rhythm.

What it said is that the Magician sits in the center unmoved by any laws. He is the ultimate observer. But more than that, it is the center that is the balance point, it is also as the control point for everything.

alt text

As the pendulum is released from high, it drops down through the center rest position and continues up to the high position opposite.

Therefore you see the balance through the rhythm and cycle. Now we come to an interesting observance! Where is center in infinity? Where is the rest point? We can go indefinitely into higher light or lower darkness. (happier/sadder) If this is correct, then the magician understands he chooses what is normal, what is rest, what is center! Because that is what you are, but don't realize it. So you say this is more joy than usual, this is more excitement than usual. Now think of yourself as that pendulum. The more you say this is more than usual you are pulling at that usual pendulum and will release it when the moment passes by. Now it is set to get back to the balance point. (the usual) The pendulum can not swing half way back to the center and just stop, it continues back and forth until it rest in what is "normal."

Though a hurricane be around me, here I sit unmoved. This does not mean as most would think, "apathy." It means where is your center? You can not be pulled too far from that center in any direction. Some people choose depression as that center. Some choose elation as that center, most choose someplace between as that center. Some choose poverty as that center, some choose affluence. What is your "normal?" That is your center, your rest place. Incredibly, your comfort place! It is your place of safety you always return to that seems you can't escape. You are right you can't escape your center, so move your center. It is set by your belief in what is "normal or usual."


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Wade Casaldi

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Oh man, I really loved the way you explained that.

(25 Aug '13, 21:54) ikaruss21

yes the law of attraction is embedded within and explained by the seven laws ... here's a video about the seven hermetic principles for manifesting


(26 Aug '13, 02:07) jaz

excellent wade..thank you for sharing :))

(26 Aug '13, 02:09) supergirl

Great answer Wade.

(26 Aug '13, 03:14) Catherine

@jaz Excellent video! Short, sweet, explanation.

(26 Aug '13, 10:57) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Thank you so much for this answer! I will change my "center"! :)

(26 Aug '13, 21:35) PowerWave

@Wade Casaldi - One of your best answers yet, IMO. Wonderful.

(27 Aug '13, 17:19) Grace

@Wade Casaldi-Its great.

(28 Aug '13, 07:36) Zee

I am glad everyone likes my answer. My mystery school training and years of study of many books is to thank for that.

(28 Aug '13, 18:40) Wade Casaldi

I'm applying this in my life now. I say to myself, "my center is as happy as I can possibly be, and since my happiness has no limit, my center is always expanding." if that makes any sense haha

(31 Aug '13, 01:43) PowerWave

@PowerWave that is good but I might try. "I am as happy as can be, and this is quite usual and normal for me."

Thank you for best answer award. :-)

(31 Aug '13, 09:34) Wade Casaldi

Amazing answer. Thanks for posting!

(16 Dec '14, 00:56) Kriegerd
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Does something bad happen after you have a really good feeling... every time? Think of the times when you've felt really good and nothing bad happened afterward. I bet you can.

Now I don't know if what I'm about to say has anything to do with you or not. I don't know you. I'm only offering it as food for thought. If it does not ring a bell, ignore it as the ramblings of a demented mind. ;-)

Feeling good is your natural heritage. Your natural state. Anything less than feeling good is the result of beliefs you've picked up along the way that will play themselves out in your life. In this case, what you've described sounds like something quite common. An example is when you decide you like a particular kind of car. This means your mind is very tuned into that kind of car. Very aware of it. Suddenly they're everywhere you turn.

Human beings are quite aware of the importance of "meaning". We search for it. When something happens that we don't understand, we search for some kind of meaning in order to make sense of it. We even do this unconsciously.

You have also mentioned an abusive parent. There may have been times as a child when you did something that made you feel good only to have that parent or someone else come along and punish you. That would be an example of feeling really good and then the bad thing happens soon afterward.

So here you are today, feeling really good. Then the bad thing happens and your mind begins searching for the meaning behind the bad thing. Why did it happen? What does it mean? What caused it? In our search, we always search for cause and effect. So your mind searches for the cause.

If it happens enough times and you think about it enough, some part of you might remember that you were punished when you did something that made you feel good. Maybe some part of you believes feeling good deserves to be punished. So your mind looks for any kind of connection between feeling good and the bad events and it thinks it has found one. When you feel good, something bad happens. Why? Because feeling good deserves to be punished. You don't know why it deserves to be punished. But then you didn't understand as a child either. It just happened.

So your first question... "Is there any way to be overly happy/positive without this happening?" Like I said in the beginning, think of those times when you've felt really good and nothing bad happened. Like feeling really good two times in a row with no really bad thing happening in between. There... you did it. So the answer is "Yes, there is a way to be overly happy/positive without this happening."

Your second question... "Am I attracting this because I believe it to be?" That is something you may want to explorer with yourself. Because if you do believe this, and you believe it deeply enough within, it will play itself out because like attracts like and your outer life will reflect your inner being or beliefs.

So ask yourself this question... "How do I feel when I think this thought?" Does it feel true? And this will take a very special kind of honesty with yourself, but a very safe kind of honesty. "Feel it". Think the question, "Am I attracting this because I believe it to be?" and "Feel" the answer. Do not think it. Feel it. And your feelings will tell you if you believe it. Asking yourself the question "How do I feel when I think this thought?" focuses your mind on the feeling and you will get a sense that it's either true and playing itself out for you, or you will get a sense that the thought is without power. Silly. Useless. You'll feel an emptiness or quietness. A stillness. No connection to the thought. This is how you will know.

And your third question... "Or is this about some Positive/Negative balance that I need to keep?" Many will call it Karma. And there is some validity to it. But only in the sense that there is something inside of you keeping score. That is what Karma is. One's own psyche keeping score. Not some outside intelligence with a book of the record of your life. It all happens within your own mind and heart.

But then we were built this way on purpose. This way Source, or God, or the Universe or whatever you call it does not have to have an opinion about how good or bad you've been. It can remain as it is. Perfect and loving in this moment. Eternal and infinite. The Source of all that is. The Creator. Pure Love always supporting your existence and your freedom of choice.

And your Karma? That will forever remain your responsibility. You will punish yourself if you believe you deserve it. And you will reward yourself if you believe you deserve that too. So the task of cleaning up your beliefs is up to you. Do you want to believe that you must constantly be vigilant and maintain some imaginary "Positive/Negative balance"?, or would you rather simply live simply happy? Does bad stuff happen to good people? Yes. And good stuff even happens to bad people.

Do you want to live your life worried if you've balanced the scale every day? Or would you rather trust that the good will show up at the perfect time and when the bad comes around, you'll be able to handle it because you've decided you're strong enough and smart enough? I tell you this... one good belief to have is that the Universe is Totally on your side, wanting for you everything you want for yourself. Because it's true.

And know this too... you will be the only one who will keep your good from you if you believe you don't deserve it. Source has nothing to do with this. After Source's act of creating you, it's all you. Source simply Loves you by supporting your existence, allowing you to choose and fulfilling your deepest beliefs and desires.

And lastly, if you do have some beliefs that are not serving your highest good, there are ways to deal with them very simply and quickly. But like leading a horse to water. You must "want" to drink. ;)

Blessings my friend.


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Thank you so much for your thorough answer! :) I really do believe it's my belief system, sometimes I wish I could just stay completely neutral and have NO beliefs whatsoever and only choose the ones I want..

(25 Aug '13, 13:01) PowerWave

i loved it..all. amazing n appreciable..thank you !!! God bless you :)))

(25 Aug '13, 13:26) supergirl

PowerWave, Neutrality is the goal. Our beliefs can pull us in undesirable emotional directions and being attached to an outcome is so often the source of pain, hurt and suffering. But when you learn how to let go of emotions and beliefs, you can achieve that state of Neutrality. If you seriously want to learn how to let go, I would first suggest http://fastereft.com/ Sign up for the 7 Day Quickstart Course. And then search Roberts videos in Youtube. Learn a skill that will serve you for Life.

(25 Aug '13, 14:14) Rindor

Here is one small example of what can happen when you have a skill that can help you let go of deep emotions and old, long held beliefs. Even if you don't know you have them. (Plus, you become a teacher that helps others. I teach this stuff. ;) Watch as a wonderful Irish lady tells her story... http://www.fastereft.com/in-the-heat-of-the-moment

(25 Aug '13, 14:55) Rindor

Really good answer!

(26 Aug '13, 11:07) Wade Casaldi

Wow, just had a real Aha moment! Thank you so much!!! :-) Yes, every good thing followed by a sadness in childhood. But perhaps this is everyone's experience - things always ending up in tears!

(16 Dec '14, 18:09) Inner Beauty
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