I have recently read at many places about being "Emotionally Drained" Some relationships would drain you emotionally. What do you think that is?

Can anybody comment?

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It's hard to transcribe feelings into words of how you feel when you are emotionally drained for me. I can just tell you, rejoice you have not experienced it. Which, I understand, might be hard to do, since only when we experience the bad we can fully appretiate the good.

(13 Apr '12, 03:12) CalonLan
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The expression derives from an exhaustive relationship. This sensation happens when a companion does not reciprocate the same feelings. In a single word it is depression. A feeling of being defeated by the obstacle of your companions character. The analogy of drain is the constant meditation on the dysfunctional relationship without any sight of resolve. It drains your joy by continuously focusing on the negativity, hence emotional drain.


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I agree. Perhaps it could also mean expecting reciprocity of love/happiness/goodness from another, and it constantly not getting met. I think emotional drain is the expectation or need for a good outcome.

I think it could also mean 'meeting' a person at their lesser vibration while compromising your own to empathise/connect with them, and having the experience of feeling as though "they drained me" , but all that is happening is that you (one is) are cutting yourself off from alignment.

(03 Jul '18, 21:28) Nikulas

...And it will seem as if the other person "did it to me" but all that happened was one deliberately, or unconsciously, let their higher vibration 'slip' in order to meet the other person.

Refer to http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/15260/how-can-i-develop-thick-skin-i-feel-that-i-am-too-sensitive-and-it-interferes-with-my-objectivity

Maintain your high vibration and no one will be able to drain you even if they make it their mission to make it hell for you. Follow your gut to good feeling

(03 Jul '18, 21:31) Nikulas

emotional drain is when you tell the truth to someone that does not want to see or hear it. you waste your energy and the person does not want to help them self. in those case the person is not ready so do not get emotionnal about it let them in their juice eventually they will open there eyes and ears. it is like someone with addiction(drug, alccool etc.) you can help them telling them they drink to much in truth with no judgement etc. but they have free will and it is their choice. until they are ready to make that choice you are speaking to a deaf because no amount of talk will reach that person. but you tried not your fault. is free will is responsibility not yours. so go do something that you enjoy.


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Hi Perfection, If ever one day you feel emotional drain you will know exactly what it is. It isn't a nice feeling and is something like physical drain only on an emotional feeling level.

When one is physicaly drained one is physically tired and spent and wants nothing more than rest so as to recuperate. When one is emotionaly drained one is also spent and tired but in a thinking feeling way and is much too tired to bother to think about a solution. The problem here is that having a sleep or rest wont allways solve the problem and the drain will still be there on awakening. Mostly the two go together as emotional drain will effect the body and one feels tired in body and soul or too much physical drain will eventualy effect the emotions and the same thing can sometimes happen.

Have you ever lost a loved one? That feeling of sadness you get that simply wont go away and is making you feel bad is emotional drain. Yes emotional drain is emotional pain.

Depression is a perfect example of emotional drain for if one feels too much emotional drain than it is best to seek help as one could be suffering from depression.


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