People speak about themselves or others as being spiritual. There seems to be different views about this.

Why would you consider yourself spiritual? Is it something you do? Is it something you know or believe?

How would you define spirituality or a spiritual person? What are their qualities? Also, what would differentiate a spiritual person from a religious person?

This question came to mind when I read one of stingray's comment.

I would like to hear your personal take on this.

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Thanks for different answers. I get to see your different viewpoints.

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Spirituality is a viewpoint, outlook or practice that transcends ordinary physical experience. It is a way to discover the true nature of your self, to be at one with the universe and its timeless nature.

In my view, spirituality is a way to "touch God," to seek that which is unknowable in the purely physical. By touching God, we access joy, divine inspiration, creativity and intuitive knowledge. We transcend ordinary limitations of thought, and expand our boundaries of self to include that which is larger than ourselves.

A spiritual person is one who practices those things that bring them closer to God. Not all religious people are spiritual. Some religious people are so caught up in the rituals and the dogma and the intricacies of scriptural interpretation that they miss the spiritual experience because they cannot see the forest for the trees.

I consider myself a spiritual person, although I could be better at it. Practices such as meditation really help, as does talking to my wife (who is very intuitive). I changed my mind about God when I began creating music, and realized that it was not I that was making the music.

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." —Matthew 19:26


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Hey Vesuvius, thanks for your viewpoint. I think you're right about religious people being to busy making sure the letter of the law is done absolutely perfect and upheld to the point of policing it themselves and ignoring the spirit of the law which in the end yields love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance (Gal 5:22-23).

(09 Apr '10, 03:10) Frank 1

*To give you an answer to this question let me tell you what spirituality is not. Spirituality isn't giving all your money away to the poor or meditating for twenty years in a cave in solitude. There was a time in history when 'enlightened' people chose solitude for themselves because they refused to see the world for what it was.

Spirituality is recognizing life for what it truly is - a ride, nothing more and nothing less then that. It's recognizing that what all of us are here to do is to play a game that we have been playing for a very long time now, but the rules of the game are starting to change.

It's time for the players to be aware of playing the game and play it with grace and beauty. To recognize that there are no winners or losers, there is the mere act of playing.

And the better you play, the more fun you have while playing, the bigger the bonuses along the way. More and more surprises will jump in front of you, things you never imagined possible. You will be swayed away gracefully, effortlessly. There is no way of knowing where you're going to end up, but that makes you want to play even more. The thrill of expecting the unexpected makes you be on your toes, searching for clues and tips, making alliances with other players, upgrading your hero, adding more and more skills to your backpack of tricks.

You finally, after a long time of being an adept, re-member fully that it's just a game and you can let go of all the expectations and all the assumptions you have had about it before. You just breath deeply and let life unfold.

But it doesn't mean to seclude from life, to run away to caves and deserts. On the contrary. You look for new adventures. You look for places to go, things to experience, people to meet.

And when you encounter the people who get mad at you, don't understand you, want to bring you down, you know that what they are really doing is they are still choosing to play the forgetfulness game. It's no better or worse to play any of these games, it's just different. So you let them be and let them still play the forgetfulness game if they choose to. You also remind them that the rules of the game have changed and if they want to listen to you that's fine, but if they don't its fine too.

You don't feel sorry for them, because you know that they can start playing with you anytime they choose to and if they don't, it's only because they still have some forgetting to do. And you respect their decision for you know, better than anyone else, that you can't force anyone to do anything. Only thing you can do is to be the best player you can be, to vibrate with the frequency of excitement, love and peace and spread it around everywhere you go. That's what spirituality really is.*

An excerpt from my book "Warrior in You", which you can download from here for free


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A spiritual person is one who is aware that they are a spiritual being having a human experience. A spiritual person also has a spiritual practice which usually involves some type of meditation which they know helps them connect with their spiritual higher selves and God/Source. This is spirituality.


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That's a very good question Frank. For me being spiritual means, endeavouring every day to live life as mindfully and consciously as I can. This sometimes mean taking the most mundane tasks and being as present as possible while doing them or putting as much loving thought as I can muster into my interactions with those who irk me the most. Often we slip up or miss the mark (sin) but integrating our spiritual being with our human being, we are able to get right back up and begin again.

Being brought up in a Catholic community, religion was something I was taught - although I believed in a lot of the core teaching some of it just never felt right. Spirituality on the other hand, for me, is more a knowing that something feels right and those moments of connectedness cannot be learned but rather experienced. That's why I think a daily spiritual practice, such as meditation is so important.

As Vesuvius pointed out , a lot of religious people are more about following the dogmas and doctrines. Unfortunately for them, they get so caught up in that, that they fail to actually experience God.

Spirituality is a journey of realizing the Divine in yourself and every other sentient being you share this planet with and being true to yourself in the process.


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Spirituality is simply being with mindfulness. Incarnate, what is spiritual is not always recognized as that part of being which is essential to living life incarnate. Without the body, we are still spiritual beings. Incarnation gives us an opportunity to demonstrate spiritual lessons. Do we know it, when we're in body, that we're spiritual beings? not always. Still, we are spiritual even in the not knowing. Spirituality is the manifestation of this knowing. Spirituality is expressed in many ways and no way is right or wrong, and not everyone will live the same spiritually as another, which is fine since it is a personal expression of the journey. Religion is not being spiritual, but at the same time, a spiritual being may practice within a religion for reasons of evolution.


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one that is trying to evolve and reach the truth! one that as meet god!one that is shedding belief and experiancing the reality of things! one that goes over the apperance and illusion of things!


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