Judging from the comments and testimonials on the main PsiTek website for the Master Key System, it would seem that quite a number of people have successfully completed the course. Yet why is it that for some people they just never seem to be able to complete the whole thing even after going back to it for a few more times?

And for those of you who have completed the whole Master Key System course, did you manage to complete it on your first try?

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do you blame the course or the people? is the course incomplete or is the people incomplete? where does that judgement comes from? is your life complete? no one say to you why does he not complete is life. as long as you experience and enjoy there is no completion. only a very long travel full of interesting things. experience and enjoy.

(28 Jul '12, 18:01) white tiger

Yet why is it that for some people they just never seem to be able to complete the whole thing

To put it simply...they don't complete it because they got what they needed from it without needing to complete the whole course.

When I first read the Master Key System a long time ago, it was for me, at that time, the most astounding book I had ever come across. Many of the sentences within it would send shivers up my spine. Wherever I would travel I would pack a copy of it and read from it every night in hotel rooms. I memorized entire passages from it, not on purpose but just through reading and re-reading.

That carried on for years for me until I reached a point where my interest in it just faded away and, one day, I noticed that I was no longer reading the book at all any more.

I had got what I needed to get from it

Don't get me wrong. The Master Key System is a truly amazing spiritual work - made even more so by being written at the start of the 1900s - and I think that anyone who does muster the self-discipline and commitment to finish it methodically and master the exercises will see a stunning transformation in their life experience.

But I also think that it's important not to berate yourself if, for some reason, the inspiration to see it through to the end does not materialize. You will still have got what you needed to get from it...and it may well be that you will return to it later after living some life experience.

I find this happens a lot to me. I'll start investigating some new subject, get part-way through it and completely lose interest in it (apparently).

Then I will get involved in other things, have some interesting and enlightening life experiences and then feel an inner impulse to continue with my original studies again.

And then I'll find that the experiences I had during the "break" (sometimes of a few years) have helped me internalize concepts that I had been studying and have prepared me for what is to come.

As Abraham say so well...

Words don't teach. Life experience teaches


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@Stingray, very well said! You probably summed up almost most people's 'pattern' while pursuing such large material. At least, I am the same way. I think such material 'attracts and resonates' some parts of us at different stages of our lives. Until recently, I would feel guilty if I did not finish some spiritual book like ashamed of not finishing my homework:) I realized this is a self judgmental belief and that there is no test or 'HE' is not going to punish me for not completing it...

(29 Jul '12, 03:53) Xoomaville

@Stingray...and its amazing how much/many limiting beliefs one has unknowingly deep rooted into ourselves. It's scary when they tumble out one after another. I would also guess that most people approach spiritual work/books with that kind of mental 'responsibility' and unfortunately turn it into a 'chore' which is exactly what its not supposed to do:) It took me a while but I realized it that at times partial passages, sentences can bring clarity as well and there's nothing wrong with that:)

(29 Jul '12, 03:58) Xoomaville

Right as usual Stingray.

(09 Aug '12, 15:00) Paulina 1
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Well, I'll be the lab mouse. I just signed up on psi-tek to receive weekly installments of this, and I invite anybody interested to try this along with me.

Let's see what happens to your IQ test subject. I will report my progress (or lack thereof). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

EDIT 08/08/12

I have just finished the second lesson, and I do see now what people are talking about.

There is a rich collection of valuable teaching just in these first two lessons, and I agree that this is a very important work, especially for it's time. I did notice that, so far, most if not all of the subjects touched on are discussed here on IQ, where you get to interact directly with people utilizing the principles, and can get input on real-life applications, which I believe takes it all to a whole new level.

Several people mentioned their interest just sort of fading off the subject entirely, finding more interesting things to focus on. I can understand that now. There is also mention that the writing is a bit dated, but being a Dickens fan, I didn't think that would bother me much. But I am finding it uncomfortable going, not because it is too difficult to understand, but because it is written in dense, flowery style, that puts my brain straight to sleep. Its also comes across (to me) as a bit high handed and self-congratulatory, which puts me off.

I have not gleaned much from the tests, as they are focused intently on the particular expressions used to define the principles, and those expressions are now out dated, and so tend to muddy the message, or at least, they do for me.

I will keep going; I have too much curiosity about it not to, but I won't be forcing myself to take the tests, or worrying if I don't feel like it anymore.

Maybe I have answered @kakaboo's question. :) I think it comes down to personal tastes. I certainly would not think anyone should beat themselves up if they simply take what resonates, and leave the rest.


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@Grace - I find that announcing something publicly is a really good way of giving me that extra oomph to finish something. Well done.

(29 Jul '12, 04:54) Catherine

@Grace something that occurred to me - in The Presence Process, Michael Brown keeps stating over and over not to judge yourself on how you are doing with the process and I have found this really great advice. Just do the best you can and don't analyse.

(29 Jul '12, 06:20) Catherine

@Catherine, thank you. Very good advice. :) I was just thinking, sink or swim, if I try this and at the very least, I'll be able to answer @kakaboo's question. :) But yes, I hear your warning, and I will not let it get me down, even if I never make it past the first week!

(29 Jul '12, 12:45) Grace
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I bought The Master Key System a few years ago in audio format.I think I got through the first few lessons and then as Stingray says can happen got side-tracked to something else.I may go back to it some time.I was annoyed with myself because I was so inspired to complete it at the time:)

It's a pretty big commitment.It would take about 6 months to complete.And it's pretty dated and because of this I'm not keen on how it's worded.


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I started the Master Key 11 months ago.....I went an extra step (for myself) and got a scribbler and hand-wrote each chapter into the scribbler just so I could "taste" each word, and that I would have a "solid" Master Key which I could open any time without having to turn on the computer.

Some of the sentences I had to re-word myself as some of the wording of 1912 didn't make any sense to me, and had a dictionary close by at all times.

I reached chapter 19 then "stopped." It was around this time I found Abraham-Hicks and followed that road, dropped the Master Key.

By the time I reached chapter 19 I was "forcing" myself to keep going and wasn't as interested as I was in the beginning anymore.......Stingray said it best "I got what I needed to get from it."

....although I still have that "unfinished" feeling when I think about it.

...and maybe this post is a sign that I should finish the last 5 chapters?


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@Eldavo, wow! You are dedicated! That was quite a study program you put yourself through. Did you glean anything valuable to you? Was it worth it?

(29 Jul '12, 14:16) Grace

Umm...the only thing I really noticed was by about week 7 or 8 I started feeling "lonely?" I know that sounds strange but later I realized I was changing and was detaching (or growing away) from everything that was normal to me. I read reports where other people felt that lonely feeling also...then out of no where Abraham-Hicks came into my life and everything changed....and from there I got introduced to Bashar and things "REALLY" started to changed......It was working but I didn't know it was.

(29 Jul '12, 21:03) Eldavo

@Eldavo, that's certainly something I will watch out for, yikes. You are making me crave more Abraham- Hicks videos, I'm an addict LOL!

(29 Jul '12, 22:16) Grace

Oh don't get me wrong!!....looking back I now understand what happened! I just didn't understand what was happening then......Remember "Misery can be a very comforting place!".....and when I started coming out of it I couldn't explain the uncomfortable lonely feelings, my vibration was changing and I wasn't relating to the things/people around me that were negative based anymore....for me was alot!! Of course my family is still with me, also my close friends....The Master Key is a "MUST" read!!

(29 Jul '12, 22:45) Eldavo

@Eldavo, I get it now. That's what Abraham call "clattering", right? I sure am familiar with that. I'm glad to hear you feel it is a must read, that's encouraging.

(29 Jul '12, 23:16) Grace

Go ahead and finish it for now you are wiser and it will be easier to finish. If not than some other time.

(09 Aug '12, 15:03) Paulina 1
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Hi Kakaboo, I love the Master Key System and yes I finished it but it is not the kind of lessons you are ever realy finished with for every once in a while I'll go over and read again and learn something that resonates with me that maybe didnt at first reading.

They say its different strokes for different folks and some might enjoy it and some might not. If you are one of the people that gave up than leave it for a while and go back to it and see if it resonates with you this time arround and if not put it away for a while longer.

As we evolve spiritualy we understand more and books or lessons we couldn't make haed or tail of all of a sudden are understandable and enjoyable.


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Paulina 1

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