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A similar question was asked, but not exactly the question that I have. I've had The Master Key System for years, I always start it, but never see it through, I plan on starting the lessons on Feb 1, and sticking to it this time. I own, and have read countless books on the law of attraction, I've read countless rave reviews on books of this content. A book can be great at making you feel like you've accomplished a lot before you even begin, I've personally done this numerous times.

So my question is for those that have read The Master Key System, and actually done the lessons, or at least started them, and feel like it has already made a difference in their lives. What were your real life results? And, How soon did you start seeing a change? Also do you have any notes you would give to someone doing the lessons for the first time, something you may have encountered while doing the lessons, that maybe helpful? Thank you in advance, all comments, and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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sdburns, it was knowledge he absorbed as a step along his path

(29 Jan '14, 06:31) fred

The Master Key System helps you feel better through teaching you to control your thoughts and focus them in empowering ways instead of disempowering ways.

So the result I achieved was that I learned to... feel better :)

If you are looking for hard physical material results then, to be Frank - and here he is for no particular reason :) - ...


... you might be looking in the wrong place because anything you want to be, do or have is only because you believe it will help you feel better anyway.

Even the most apparently self-sacrificing, altruistic person is only behaving that way because, from their perspective, it makes them feel better to behave that way.

So if any system (including this one) helps you feel better then it's providing you with the ultimate result you can possibly have on this physical plane and anything physical/material that occurs is just a temporary stepping stone to that state.

As for the most valuable skill I've developed after studying The Master Key System, it comes from the battleship exercise (Part 8).

I've practiced that exercise so many times over so many years that it has become a part of how I think. Learning to look beyond the superficial in this way has helped me countless times to separate truth from fiction just by applying that "X-Ray Vision".

In fact, now that I think carefully about it as I'm writing this, I believe I always have a small movie running through my mind whenever I encounter a new situation. That movie traces back the origin of that situation to its first cause as far as possible.

There's a scene towards the end of the first Mission Impossible movie where Mr Cruise's character and Mr Voight's character are talking to each other. The image below is from that scene.

Mission Impossible

As Mr Voight's character describes a situation, Mr Cruise's character runs a mini-movie in his mind of what really happened. Those "mind movies" are basically what happen to me as a result of that practicing that particular Master Key System exercise on a regular basis.


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"imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience" ... embracing this as "x-ray vision" is new to me, thanks for the link @Stingray ... :)

(01 Feb '14, 08:31) jaz

@Stingray "x-ray vision" ... thanks for sharing one of the secrets of your popularity here on IQ and surely elsewhere L&L

(02 Feb '14, 00:55) jaz

altruism has an expression in other than the physical plane alone, though the brain intellectualizes as to how it exists, its purpose is seen by wisdom

(02 Feb '14, 06:40) fred
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The ultimate aim of the master key system is to master the manifesting process and become a conscious creator, living in the now. The obvious most beneficial result is freedom, to feel as free as a bird and grateful just to be alive :)

alt text



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@jaz thank you for your response. I'm aware of the goal of the book, I just want to know how many people have followed through and achieved what they were meant to.

(29 Jan '14, 11:54) sdburns

@sdburns yes i have read the book, i have studied it, practiced visualisations and reached the goal that i wanted, that is, to feel the taste of freedom and be grateful for being alive ... and i've certainly got a long way to go :)

(30 Jan '14, 01:34) jaz
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