Wade and I saw a terrible movie about the end of the world, and it made me wonder...The movie was one person's vision of the End Times....Do you privately hold beliefs about how the World will end?

Will you share your beliefs?



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I love watching disaster movies! It's really great to see how a group of citizens band together to survive:) They're good as far as entertaining fiction goes but I firmly believe that...

...the planet Earth will never collapse on itself!

The World and the humanity, I am not so sure:) But I would still say it will not end, ever!

There was this professor from Harvard/Yale or some prestigious University who wrote a radical paper on this subject and basically said that 'our planet will never run out of water, the human race cannot be wiped out by a single virus, there is not a single human made disaster -including nuclear catastrophe- that can wipe out the entire race and it's not because we are not trying hard to screw over our planet, but because the human mind and body is so resilient that it'll just keep adapting'

As you can see he went back to obscurity as you can't market/sell anything (including bottled water) with these kinds of papers:))

This is how they sell bottled water

I really believe what he says. I was watching 'Where The Sidewalk Ends' the other day. It's a 1950 Noir film and a character says to another 'The times are tough now, the streets are dangerous out there. We must protect our future'...ha ha ha....cute! Because 62 years later, we are still talking same:)

The more things change, the more they remain the same:))

A long-long time ago, when I was starting up, I used to work for a greeting card company as a writer. Being an eager beginner, I would write very complex, word fancy copy for the cards and my boss-the owner- who was 2nd generation in the greeting card business would keep telling me to keep it simple. He said '98% of human population are very simple people' and since the beginning of the time, the human beings have only two things to say to each other - 'I love you' and 'I hate you' - everything boils down to these two sentiments, everything else is just conversation:) We are creating this 'saga', he would say, because we are a melodramatic race:)

If we look into our religious or mythology we see that it to be true:)

What I am trying to say is, we-as human race- will push our own 'World' to the brink of end but will keep adapting to 'cope' with it and so in a way, we will be pushing for the end and running away from it at the same time:)


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Great answer! So you do not think that nuclear winter would do us in? Hmmmmm.....♥

(28 Jul '12, 05:35) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, Nope I don't think so, as sad as it would be, practically speaking even a nuclear winter will not do us in!I mean it would be mega-catastrophic and the civilization as we know it may alter but remember, all it would take is for two humans of opposite sex to survive to restart the whole engine again:) Could such two people survive and be on opposite sides of the globe and so never be able to consummate? Yes, its possible and is a great plot for a movie, but during such an event..

(29 Jul '12, 01:17) Xoomaville

@Jaianniah...most people hunker down with loved ones, so chances of such two people of being together is higher than first option:)) Biggest challenge is potable water for which we will turn to the oceans eventually. Right now its just too expensive to make ocean water potable, but technology already exists as some middle-east countries like Kuwait survive/thrive solely on making ocean water potable. So we will adapt:))

(29 Jul '12, 01:22) Xoomaville
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I don't know how it actually will end, but if I could choose. I'd want an Evil alien race come with intentions of destroying the Earth, and Good alien race come with intentions of saving it. Then the good ones would let me fly their space fighter ship made of pure energy and I would fight in the Epic battle of Earth.

And although the Earth would be destroyed that day. The human race would survive, evil guys defeated and we'd go on to settle on another planet, made much wiser by this experience.


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KOOL!!!! Very cool idea! Jai

(02 Aug '12, 08:15) Jaianniah

This idea of "the end of the world" is a misinterpretation of a phrase/phrases used in scripture, by the Buddha and by the Mayan ruler Pacal Votan. There may be other sources but it is these 3 that I am aware of. The terms these 3 use are "end time", "end times" or "end of days." When you examine these terms closely you'll soon notice they are speaking of some sort of linear measurement. We measure our time as being the past, present and future. We measure our days in the same sort of way - centuries, years, months, days, hours, etc., I am suggesting that "TIME" as we know it, is about to change. There is a reason why remote viewers, seers, fortune-tellers, etc., cannot "see" beyond 2012. For many years now, I have looked at "time" as being a vibrational frequency, much like radio stations. Perhaps 2013 and beyond are vibrating at a higher frequency and currently, we are unable to "tune in" because we are still vibrating at a lower frequency? Anyone who has read Robert Monroe's books might recall when he was shown planet Earth what we would term in 3000 A.D. He stresses that this type of 'time recording (BC and AD)' is no longer used. So, it would appear something major has changed but that 'something' definitely is not "the end of the world."


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I can understand AD no longer used, after all when was the last time you called this year 2012, 2012 AD?

(03 Aug '12, 02:09) Wade Casaldi

I highly doubt that is what Monroe meant when he made that statement. I instinctive knew he meant that the ultimate deceit of the human race would by that time have been exposed. Think about it. Why would we no longer need to distinguish A.D. from B.C? If you know what B.C. and A.D. refer to, then you will also know what the great deception is/was.

(03 Aug '12, 13:46) crosby

agreed, the corrected placing of the human intellect as a sophisticated implement instead of ruler of our wil; and for those when there is no more time left to turn their path upward

(04 Aug '12, 09:52) fred
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I love those movies - the ones on sci-fi? They crack me up. They're so bad they're great! I think of them as "popcorn movies". :)

Asteroids, drilling into the center of the earth to fix the magnetic polarities, a new ice age, the earthquake that made the Inland Empire here in Southern California into ocean front property! LOL!

My favorite may be the volcano that errupted in LA. Think it started in the La Brea Tarpits... Fateful place, that. Oh, no wait! The grandaddy of them all is the miniseries of Stephen King's The Stand (Superflu, or Captain Trips got us in that one.) That one is in a class by itself though, as is all King, in my opinion. :)

I think that if enough people believe in any one or all of the "end of the world" scenarios, it would be possible to create it. That's why I stopped concerning myself with them long ago. :) Sure make for fun movies, tho! Mmmm, now I'm craving popcorn...


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We all are guessing how the world will end;

We all have ideas about our fate.

In those last short days, how will all things tend?

Will we all meet. surprised, at heaven's gate?

Why do we worry about such bad stuff?

Because we are human, made so fragile?

I rather think that today is quite enough!

A comet could be coming and still I would smile!

Why a smile, when Hell might ever come near?

Why a smile, when such an end would prove vile?

Because I sense that Someone loves us dear!

Because I know that love outlasts all things

Because I know that I will be in Heaven, not here....

Because I believe that we always take what Life brings...

Do not worry or shed a single tear

We are conquerors, on a great Inward Quest

And we will create a reality that is better than best.


Jai ♥♥♥


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I am put my money on a burnt out sun ! So about 500.000 yrs from now give or take a few millenia . In other words. Relax . Don't panic


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@ursixx- Here's a quote from the internet about when our sun will go Nova: "Our sun is too small to go nova but it will become a red giant as it consumes most of its energy supply... This will cause it to expand to many times its normal size thus frying the earth... It will then [become] brown dwarf and eventually die altogether. This will take around 5 BILLION YEARS so dont worry too much." So Sweden will finally get warm a LOT more than a few millenia from now....:) Just being a brat....♥♥♥

(03 Aug '12, 16:24) Jaianniah

but I agree with you- I think the Earth will still be here in 5 BILLION years..it's already been here for about 4...:) ♥♥♥ Jai

(03 Aug '12, 16:37) Jaianniah

The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will be." Jesus said, "Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death."



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white tiger

this is a spiritual story that comments about knowing creation and therefore that you move up or down when leaving the physical form

(29 Jul '12, 21:14) fred

I always thought of the end being similar to the song Pop Goes The World. Boom no more Earth just the whole world exploding from the core pressure built up over time.

But as we were talking about this off line, maybe not. What could happen is the moon loses orbit and falls to earth this might be enough of an impact to knock earth out of orbit toward the sun. Sort of like a kinetic reaction and Earth finely is destroyed when it crashes into the sun.

I remember an old H.G. Wells movie where the moon fell from the sky.

I know my Reiki teacher was preparing for the end of the world by storing caned foods in her cupboard and colloidal silver for health and healing.


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Wade Casaldi

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Burnt out sun??? Santo Bonacci predicts we will have a "new" sun by the year's end. Sun gazers will tell you the sun is getting larger and whiter. Whiter, means hotter. I think another thing that should be clarified is - Exactly what does the Original Poster mean by "The end of the world?"


answered 03 Aug '12, 22:31

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