since, i have joined IQ..i am actually became very spiritual and i have also attracted many beautiful friends here at my place that are really helping me a lot in my spiritual development. but, my parents and my family isn't that spiritually developed as i am or ur all are..,i.e. i meant sometimes i feel difficult to understand them.

when i talk to them ..i have to keep myself calm and cool , and i have to remind this to myself that ..i am supergirl.., i am more spiritually developed than all of them though i am younger than them. so..its like i am swinging to n fro..like a pendulum ...between these two worlds..where i have my family ...who isn't that spiritually advanced and think we all simple human beings and they don't believe in "energy n all stuffs".. and myself.."supergirl"..,IQ and my new positive group. even, while conversing with my family i keep on mugging and reminding myself the law of attraction rules like.."what u resist..persists..". i don't have to resist them n all.

i would love to hear u all on this topic.., is am the only person who is swinging in such two worlds ..'to n fro.." or any of you too experinece this?

love,light and blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :))

asked 25 Aug '13, 12:55

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Barry Allen ♦♦

"You say I'm charming, you cuddle up near, then whisper sweet nothing right in my ear. I don't believe anything that you say, but say it again" =)

If you were more spiritually developed as you say, then you would 1. understand your parents' point of view - given the fact their way of living seems way simpler than yours. 2. it wouldn't bother you.

Yday, I was listening to some music from 20s while I stumbled upon an adult bondage movie. I laughed as I watched it,thought "we're all someway".

(26 Aug '13, 01:54) CalonLan

There is an old Zen saying, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

We are spiritual begins having human experience. Don't forget you may meditate, but you still have to eat. We feed the mind, spirit, soul AND body.


(27 Aug '13, 12:11) Wade Casaldi

it should not bother you. lets others be what they are. Their path is at this point different. Remember at one point in time you may not been spiritual. So they are still there. Also dont push your ideas on them. If and when they seek any advice then only give it to them. Coz otherwise they wont get it. just like you became more spiritual when the time was right for you. Also i dont have any problem to mingle among non-spiritualists.

(28 Aug '13, 19:17) abrahamloa

yup..i agree with wade n abrahamloa.., i l follow.., thank you :)) God bless :))

(29 Aug '13, 00:22) supergirl

@wade casaldi-great link..:)) very true :))

(29 Aug '13, 00:37) supergirl

Yes we can not choose to live in just one world. We always live in the physical and spiritual. Even the skeptics do when they sleep. :-)

(30 Aug '13, 00:23) Wade Casaldi
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Everyone is capable of a wide range of vibrations, and they will react towards us according to the beliefs we hold inside ourselves.

Just because your family isn't aware of the LOA and energy, doesn't mean they aren't spiritually developed. They are simply mirroring back a belief that you yourself hold. Perhaps you still have doubts about the things you have learned here, and they are mirroring those doubts back to you, making you feel insecure. Perhaps you have a belief that spiritual people must act in a certain way. It could be a number of things.

I think a lot of people have been in your situation though, especially in the beginning when we are still learning about this and haven't had the life experience to confirm that it is 100% true. I myself make healing energy jewellery for a living, and in the beginning I did feel uncomfortable telling people what I did, since most of them thought I was nuts. But I've noticed that as I have started to not care if people think I'm a wackjob, people's reactions to my line of work have become more neutral, even positive, rather than negative. It really is true that the less you care about what people think, the better their reactions will be.

Also, you don't mention this in your post, but I would avoid trying to convince people abut this stuff, unless they are interested and ask you. There are millions of topics that you can talk to people about, and the truly spiritually advanced will find a way to communicate with a person on their level, from that person's worldview, without needing to try and convert them to their own worldview. Once you find out why you are feeling so frustrated, and find a way to resolve that, you will find that you are able to communicate with your family on their level and see the world from their point of view without it upsetting you that they can't see it from your point of view. And who knows, you may find that they are much more spiritual than you have given them credit for...

And here's a video by Abraham Hicks that you might find interesting: Abraham: Are We Always Responsible for How We're Treated?


answered 28 Aug '13, 08:02

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@cassiopeia- thank u so much fr the wonderful answer..:))

(29 Aug '13, 00:21) supergirl

@cassiopeia - completely agree with your point about not trying to convince others about LOA stuff. I have just started this journey and as I progress, then interested people will no doubt be interested to hear about this and maybe go on their own loa journey, but you have to be ready in your own mind to start the process. the barriers of resistence will be a lot stronger in someone who is not quite ready to believe.

(29 Aug '13, 18:18) colino green

Everyone lives in their own world. Their interpretation of their world. Some people see a shining light coming from a Guru, others see a ragged old man on a dirty blanket.

If, @supergirl, you see your family as less advanced than you, you may be doing them a disservice, holding them there. ALL life wants to evolve. All life IS evolving. They are evolving, spiritual in their own right.

I recently saw a young man standing on a street. He was dressed in oversize shorts, the belt line was mid thigh, his underwear was showing. His baseball cap on sideways. Huge gold chain. He had a sneer on his face.

I thought, he really likes the way he looks, he is making a powerful statement of style (not my style, but he obviously had worked at this image). He is clean. His clothes look new. He feels good about himself. I liked that.

He turned slightly. His eyes met mine. His sneer turned into a smile. He nodded. We had an unspoken connection. I liked that also.

If you focus on the good qualities of their spirituality (and EVERYONE has spiritual qualities) you will increase these qualities in your world!

A man had two sons. One was an optimist. He believed the world was wonderful. The other was a pessimist. He saw the negative side.

The father put the pessimist boy in a room full of bright, shiny toys. He put the optimist in a room full of poop. He checked in later. The pessimist was sitting in the middle of the room, not playing with any of the toys. "They will all break as soon as I touch them," he said mournfully.

The other boy was excitedly exploring the room full of poop. He said, "With all this poop, there has to be a pony in here somewhere!"

Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be, a reality in which you feel good.

You will always need to be diligent about your focus, your choice. It gets easier and easier, to do this. At first it may seem that those moments of connection are rare. But as you focus on the good feelings you begin to arrive at a place where the moments of connection will feel normal.


answered 01 Sep '13, 09:21

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Dollar Bill

thank u so mch fr such a wonderful answer..,i l surely see a brighter side of each one now..:))

(02 Sep '13, 04:16) supergirl

Brilliant answer @Dollar Bill! Love the experience with the young man and the metaphor.

(02 Sep '13, 14:30) cassiopeia

How do you balance between the two worlds? ... these two worlds of which you speak consist on one side of a self image made up of names, personal opinions and analysis, a collective set of characteristics based on what you consider as good or bad. On the other side there's a whole world of creativity, of guided action and real unlimited power.

Now to answer your question "how to balance these two worlds" ... through self awareness, awareness of your feelings, words that you pronounce, of your own manner of conducting yourself ... through objective awareness you will slowly and spontaneously expand the localized image that you have of yourself and others into a much greater true loving self

alt text


answered 26 Aug '13, 03:49

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spot on gp..,thank u ;))

(26 Aug '13, 11:52) supergirl

I am new to all this and also find it difficult to practice positive law of attraction whilst all the 'seemingly' negative stuff goes on around me. I suppose the key is to stay within the positive world no matter what negative stuff is happening.... to inhabit only one world, the positive LOA world, where you once saw two different worlds.

Also, everyone is at a different point of spirituality and it possibly better to say that you are more spiritually awakened, rather than more spiritually 'developed', which has a slight negative connotation to it. The vast majority of the world's population are at varying levels of a poor spiritual existence, which is the main cause of wars, totalitarianism, greed and injustice throughout the world. The sooner that as many of us as possible can 'awaken' fully to the universal benefits that an unflinchingly positive frame of mind can bring, the better and I will be using all the great literature out there as well as the support of websites like this to make it happen on a personal level.


answered 26 Aug '13, 12:38

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colino green

edited 26 Aug '13, 12:41


@colino green-thank u fr the wonderful answer..,i loved this-'"to inhabit only one world, the positive LOA world, "..very true :))

(26 Aug '13, 13:00) supergirl

Thank you Supergirl, glad to be of some assistance. Hope I can practice what I preach increasingly! :)

(26 Aug '13, 13:25) colino green

@colino green - Nice answer, I like the way you put it. It's something I want to do better at, myself. You're right; make your decision, pick your world, and live in it. Nothing else makes any sense, just as others who choose not to live in positive LOA world make less and less sense to us as we go along our path. ;)

(27 Aug '13, 17:26) Grace

Yes, thanks Grace. This is also a good time to practice LOA with my current job soon coming to an end in the next couple of months. Will be good to practice being comfortable with knowing a more enjoyable and higher paid job is just around the corner. Certainly an interesting time.

(28 Aug '13, 13:00) colino green

i loved ur conversation.., vry true grace ;))

(29 Aug '13, 00:12) supergirl
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how you balance you ask. in truth seeing the left, the right, the below and the above united. with awareness and understanding. if you already know that someone cannot accept or bear something do you need to tell them? people should believe and trust in the truth. often people do not know the truth and are easy to foul and to lie to. some do not believe or trust in anything so they cannot believe or trust in anything. they are also lied to does not trusting or believing protect them more? not so sure about that. also no one is prophet in their own country meaning that often people that know you will not believe or trust in you but they will believe and trust a stranger more then you. often people go for what is more popular or bigger it does not mean it is good or better. quality and quantity are two different things.

will also say that one needs to be Zen to pierce the veil of the mind and work on is own veil or screen in is mind. advaita Vedanta or non duality is only the beginning of the process to have nothing false in you to explain this only as no duality would not mean that their is no opposite but when opposite collide they only create something new by changing direction and working together or annihilate each other. it can be better to work together in peace and unity but you are not alone in this world with free will and each one is not at the same level of understanding they will grow through trial and error by correcting them self and learning the truth. should you waste your time by worrying having overflow of the heart that stain and dirty your water? or should you use your time more wisely? why waste time in opposition? even more when you are not the one that produce it. see it for what it is in its totality once everything is understood and nothing else can be experience or can bring something positive stop experiencing this and pass to something else.

at one time with nothing false in you, you will start to see the light, you where one and become two, now that you are two what will you do? know your self the spirit the light that you are. Be the living one that you can be. know the truth and the truth will set you free. this little book that you are reading is sweet to the lips and bitter to the stomach.

let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Aug '13, 02:43

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white tiger

edited 30 Aug '13, 23:41


@white tiger-thank you for the wonderful answer..:))

(27 Aug '13, 07:39) supergirl
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