Lately I've been thinking of becoming a student of a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. However, I've always been thinking that locking oneself to one religion is too limiting. On the other hand, lately I came to realize the importance of personal relationship, trust, and support to one's development. I feel very strong connection with the advanced truths of Buddhism (compassion, no-ego, relative nature of all phenomena etc.) Then again, I don't want to recite all those mantras and prayers and remember the names of those deities, in some sense it is still a sansaric activity...

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thanks Barry !

(30 Sep '10, 15:52) zvolkov

You're welcome, zvolkov

(30 Sep '10, 19:10) Barry Allen ♦♦
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No-one can give you a definitive answer to this one as you know yourself that answer can only come from you.You know yourself better than anyone else and ultimately know which route would be more beneficial for your spiritual growth.

You already have thoughts that adhering to one religion may be too limiting and would resent having to recite all those mantras and prayers. So maybe just take what Truth is contained within the teachings and combine those with other teachings that work for you and incorporate them into your daily life.


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It is an inward journey. You know when you are on it, because you start questioning everything that you do, especially things that you are not supposed to question.

What I'm talking about is "Higher knowledge"

As a student of this knowledge, you are told to trust and follow, and eventually understanding will open up; but most of all trust and follow.

But now something is opening up within you because there is a disconnect within you. Your instincts are telling you "I need to know why I am doing this"

From where is that question coming up within you?

Who gave you the courage to question that?

Guess what, you are on the inward journey!


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The Traveller

I agree with Michaela and I might add, At the core of all religions is the One God.


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It would be best if you consulted the Tibetan Buddhist Lama whom you want to follow in person, as he is the only one that can tell you what you are going to face if you eventually become his follower. Maybe reciting mantras and prayers are just something that you think you have to do, but there might be a chance that actually he doesn't require all his followers to do all that.


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I agree, and perhaps he will allow you to spend some time with the religious community before making a decision, and that will help you to know how you feel about it.

(30 Sep '10, 16:36) LeeAnn 1

That's what I'm finding, not all religions contain all the truth. I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism, almost a year now. And some folks aren't as spiritual as I am. I shared an experience with long-time buddhist and he couldn't relate. Wow, so not all folks are on the same level as another. I don't feel I HAVE to Do everything in the practice. Before I joined I was already a Buddha, the only thing that was missing was the chanting. I do however, love the unity, the support, the encouragement. NRMK!


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Take the best out of all the religions. None of them contain ALL the truth.



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Monty Riviera

their is a fountain of truth, yet no religion holds claim over it
they can't keep up with the constant change of water
yet spend their lives trying to control it
you decide the merit


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