Many people quote their holy books in verse and phrase.Weren't these books written by men who had there own agenda. And weren't these books edited sometimes to answer to the whims of the people that were in charge at the time(kings ,queens and other religious leaders)and isn't a lot of the interpretations of these books used to put across someone else narrow views? Can you be 100% sure that the words are 100% that of your god and the book is 100% the way your god wanted it written.

If these books get you through your day and you find comfort in them this is great!


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Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.



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jim 10

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This should be stamped on people's foreheads :) Great quote.

(23 Dec '10, 09:44) Stingray

What you believe is 100% true


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The Traveller

In the sense that the writers of these holy books wrote them through divine inspiration, the words themselves are perfect. It is the interpretation and translation of those words (by so many people and so many religions) that is flawed.

Interpretation is inescapable. Unless you are a Biblical scholar who understands the Greek and Hebrew languages within their original context, it is difficult to derive the exact meaning of the Bible as it was originally written. There is no such thing as literal translation. Even Biblical scholars agree that there are significant (in Biblical terms) differences just between the different English translations of the Bible.

At one particular sermon, our pastor was describing a particular passage in the Bible (I'm sorry, but I don't remember the exact passage), where there is a word that is translated to English, which has two different meanings in the original Greek (both of which have significant Biblical meaning), but only one of which can be translated directly into English, because there is no dual-meaning-equivalent word in the English language. The other, untranslated meaning is lost in the actual English text. See here.

This is why there are side-notes in study Bibles; the notes are there to tell you how the original words are translated, and how the idioms of the period differ from modern idioms, and how the Biblical scholars chose to map those ancient idioms into the English and cultural idioms of today.

If you want to get the most benefit from holy books like the Bible, read them with divine inspiration, like the original authors wrote them. What do the words say to you? The answer to that question will change as you get older, and you will find deeper meaning in the words as you gain wisdom.


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to reply to your last sentence I find that I find more propaganda and less meaning in these words as I grow older...and I am old lol

(15 Jun '10, 06:04) ursixx



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Hello, Sisping... Welcome! I agree with you and feel that you are absolutely correct with your observations.

(15 Jun '10, 15:39) Concerned Citizen

Do you have personal examples that you can share?

(15 Jun '10, 16:29) Vesuvius

Hello, Vesuvius... Are you referring your question to Sisping or myself? I am asking because I do not want to disrespect Sisping by placing a personal account within his/her forum without first confirming that your question was indeed for me. Please indicate, and I apologize for my confusion. Thanks.

(15 Jun '10, 18:25) Concerned Citizen

@Concerned: Sorry, I should probably have put @Sisping in front of my question.

(15 Jun '10, 21:06) Vesuvius
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This question is being asked in a very interesting manner. I feel that this question actually answers itself. How can a book be 'holy' but NOT 100% correct? The term 'holy' means that a thing is hallowed, consecrated, or set apart for a sacred use or to the service or worship of GOD. In light of this, how can a 'holy' book be wrong? If your 'holy' book contains ERROR, I humbly suggest that you discard it and re-establish your spiritual foundation on TRUTH.

In my Answers and Comments on this site, (please feel free to visit my Inward Quest account for all the details), I have already commented on the fact that all belief sytems will refer to a 'holy' text or writings in order to demonstrate a form of inspiration and credibility. This is the foundational problem: All these texts will claim spiritual authority but contain different facts and doctrines. If the texts differ in information, which one is 'holy'?

There are [6] questions which a text must answer in order to determine its 'holiness':

(1) What does the text claim about itself?

Firstly, the question of INSPIRATION must be determined. Does the text claim divine inspiration? Philosophical inspiration? Personal inspiration? No inspiration?

(2) Who wrote the text, where was it written, and within what time-frame was it written?

Secondly, the question of AUTHORSHIP must be determined. Was the text written by only one man? Or was it written by many men? Are the authors named? Or is the text from an anonymous source? Was the text written in a day? A year? Many years?

(3) Does the text have an historical relevance?

Thirdly, the question of AUTHENTICITY must be determined. In order for a text to make a contemporary mark, it must demonstrate to have survived the test of time. Therefore, it must contain links to historical people, historical locations, and historical events. In context with its inspiration, the text must be able to give a social and spiritual commentary in relation to these historical people, locations, and events. Also, for authenticity to be confirmed, the text must have a volume and lineage of manuscript evidence. This means that there must be a certain quatity of the text in circulation and that a background trace could be made of how the text was copied and recopied throughout the years.

(4) Does the text contain moral teachings?

Fourthly, the question of PRACTICALITY must be determined. Does the text contain solid, life-changing advice in reference to ALL aspects of life? Or does the text focus on just a limited number of moral and social issues? Is the text's advice simple and clear to be understood? Or is the text's advice confusing and difficult to be discerned?

(5) Does the text contain supernatural teachings?

Fifthly, the question of PROPHECY must be determined. Does the text contain any prophetic statements? A limited number? Or none at all? Have any prophetic statements in relation to historical people, locations, or events come to pass? Does the text contain relevant future prophecies? Or does the text's prophetic insight come to a close?

(6) Does the text contain any apparent contradictions within its contents?

Lastly, the question of CONSISTENCY must be determined. Is the text's information uniform and transparent throughout its pages? Or do certain parts not conform? Are there problems with the factual information? Practical information? Prophetic information?

Examining a text under these conditions will enable you to judge the 'holiness' of a text. A text is 'holy' ONLY if it measures up to ALL six of these benchmarks. If you spend some time researching these things, you will see that the Authorized King James 1611 Bible passes this test with ease.

Now, some comments are being made about 'holy' books being written by men with agendas, or to appease the whims of rulers, or that the text may be opened to personal interpretation, or that modern-day preachers have 'better' words with which to correct the Bible. Are you saying that GOD, who is the Creator of ALL things (visible and invisible), did not and does not have the power to PRESERVE HIS OWN WORDS FOR US TODAY? Are men's agendas more powerful than GOD? Are rulers more powerful than GOD? Is the linguistic understanding of modern-day preahers greater than GOD's linguistic understanding? Historically, please be advised that GOD has allowed His Word to be handled by 7 languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Koine Greek, Old Syriac, Old Latin, Luther's German, and English. Since Bible Numerology teaches us that '7' is the number of completion, GOD already knew that ENGLISH was going to be the last world-wide language. Thus, His Words were preserved in the ENGLISH and have now been translated into in excess of 300 languages! Why would you run back to the 'Original Autographs' to find GOD's Words today? The 'Original Autographs' DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE. Whether you believe in GOD or not, would you really want to put yourself in a situation where, one day, you will have to explain to Him why you doubted His power in preserving His own Words? Do you know who first casted a doubt on GOD's Words? It was Satan(!): 'Yea, hath GOD said...?' [Genesis 3:1]. Why would anyone want to follow that example?

Again, I have already commented on many related issues in my Answers and Comments sections on this site and invite all Inward Quest members to read my posts.

Thanks for reading.

Concerned Citizen


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Concerned Citizen

yes I would want to be put in that situation....take me to the cross roads.Talking snakes and burning shrubbery do not scare or impress me

(15 Jun '10, 16:12) ursixx

@Concerned. It seems like volumous amounts of details with heaps of drama and no agreement from the various factions. Have you ever considered what many are now discovering for themselves, without ever having read any religious scriptures, that you are God? Then one wonders, what need of dusty old books would God-you have?

(15 Jun '10, 16:32) Eddie

To ursixx... Hello, if you choose to place yourself in that situation, then that is your choice. I can only share information with you. I cannot force you to believe anything and nor would I want to. The 'snake' was actually Satan. The 'serpent' is one of Satan's names in the Bible. The 'burning bush' was a supernatural event recording a meeting between GOD and Moses. If these things do not scare or impress you, then my posts may not be for you because I will always be coming from a Biblical perspective. Hopefully, we can agree to disagree in a friendly manner. Thanks for reading.

(15 Jun '10, 18:00) Concerned Citizen

To Eddie... Hello, my details are given in order to establish the truth of my claims. If these appear unnecessary or dramatic, I cannot control your perceptions of my intentions. I do not post here in order to obtain public approval, gold stars, or badges. I post here to share Biblical information with others. As long as people are reading, that is OK with me. Personally, I know that I am not GOD. By your question, do you believe that you are GOD? If so, can you share the exact GOD-like powers and virtues you possess? If we disagree, I hope that we can do so in a friendly manner. Thanks

(15 Jun '10, 18:14) Concerned Citizen

It's my pleasure to disagree in a friendly manner. Ego produced anger is no longer my friend :-) Some first time readers or explorers of spiritual truths may be drawn in by copious amounts of religious scripture, that's outlined in an authoritive manner. So I comment to provide a fair & balanced alternative point of view to be considered. Were I looking for points and badges, I would've posted a reply rather than a comment. I'll reveal my God-like powers/virtues, but are you listening? If you're convinced that what you say is true, then your mind is closed and no new information can reach you!

(17 Jun '10, 01:36) Eddie

Being open-minded to all ideas and possibilities, allows for the possibility of new information, ideas and truths to filter through to you from - All That Is - Source - God - (fill in the blank). With a direct connection to God, what need is there of middle men in any format? God is every: where, when and thing. That's why all of us are God. Separation only exists in the Ego-mind, so that's the best place to start your spiritual inquiry. Not in books that were written for another time in history, which have been manipulated by other Egoic minds. To see my/your God-like powers, look around you.

(17 Jun '10, 01:55) Eddie

Eddie, any authority you sense in my posts is NOT mine. It belongs to the Bible. I am NOTHING! Now, where and how did you get "a direct connection to God"? If "all of us are God", why is there evil in the world? Is God evil? Why do you send me to my "Ego-mind" for spiritual inquiry and then criticize the books of other "Ego-minds"? Who are you to judge? Have you studied these books? I asked for a list of your GOD-like powers, and you say "look around you". How does this answer my question? No disrespect intended, but your reply is not enough for me. Do you have more?

(17 Jun '10, 16:21) Concerned Citizen

Thanks for your answers CC .Like Eddie I have no room on my life for animosity. and personally this comment has been swirling around in my head few a few days now. I find the bible like a user manual to a beta video player. was a necessary thing in its time did its purpose and still has some information that is good to use everyday.but it doesn't help me play a wav file on my pc today.I am glad you find comfort in it and it helps you.and I hope you take the time to see the other words written by others to see that we are all the same .

(17 Jun '10, 21:20) ursixx
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The Holy Quran only....

As bible has many its authenticity is hudred percent doutful.The Holy Quran is the only religious book for which God holds the responsibility Himself.

Thousands of people remember the whole book.this is why no slightly change even of a comma one can find in The Book even after 14 centries have passed.


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but it's ok to abrogate the texts?

(26 Dec '10, 21:43) ursixx

@URSIXX:regarding this subject one should consult Authentic Islamic institiion or scholar instead of doutful people who are not interested in showing their identity.simply they are propagating against islam.

(27 Dec '10, 18:51) Zee

When you have an inspired revelation and write a book; will read what you had to say. In the mean time many of the events in the books have been historically proven as fact. I'm not to sure about 100%; remember even though we have God's Knowledge it is thinned down for our human minds. And yes it has been translated many times, and many of the books have been lost. We will never know the whole story. I don't see anything wrong with the 10 commandments, or the Gospel. Profits had to speak in parables so the common man of the times could understand the message. Not all is to be taken literally. The Bible as an example is a history and a guide line of how to live(love your neighbor as yourself). What is your 100% truth? Then if you want to know where I'm coming from I am a Ordained Minister of the Gospel.
Many Blessings! Tom


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There is only one truth that we can all agree upon, regardless of our religious beliefs, and it is 100% truth for each and every one of us, and the Bible teaches this one truth to all humans example: from the dust you came, and to the dust you shall return, rich and poor. So it is the one truth we can all agree upon 100%, because it is the same truth for all of us, regardless. We are here to pay a price for the gift of life, and the exchange cost to live, is to die, so the cost of life is dead, no human can prevent his own dead, or stop his own death, or live forever!

So, there is no point to establish what the truth is for you, or for me, or for anyone so to speak, since the truth of life is a 100% fact for everyone, and no one can stop the sting of death! So, hold on to your truth, and I will hold on to my truth, and at the end of life, we can all depart gracefully, and peacefully back to the dust!


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Inactive User ♦♦

but what of those that try to impose their truths on others by making a states law ?

(26 Dec '10, 21:47) ursixx

Unfortunately, we all have to abide by the man made Laws, but the man made laws cannot control our inner thinking powers, or beliefs, unless we let them. You have to remember that we do have choices in life with one exception: none of us have a choice in the matters of the sting of death!

(27 Dec '10, 01:30) Inactive User ♦♦
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