Why are so many religious people racists? I have come across a few people, some I am actually quite close to, who are very religious but they are so intolerant of other religions.

As far as I know, religion does not encourage racism, or at least I never came across it when I used to practice Hinduism. It seems to me that people misinterpret religious messages.

I know people who refuse to associate with others who practice other religions or no religions at all. The personality or character of the other person does not seem to matter at all and they could be the kindest, most honest person in existence and they still choose not to associate with these people solely based on the fact that they practice a different religion.

What is the reason behind these people acting this way?

asked 17 Oct '09, 11:16

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Pink Diamond

To be clear, racism doesn't mean intolerance of other religions, it means intolerance of other races. Is that what you meant?

(22 Oct '09, 20:39) Vesuvius

well i meant it more in the context of religion.

(22 Oct '09, 20:46) Pink Diamond

Perhaps you should change the title to "What is the connection between religion and intolerance?"

(03 Nov '09, 22:49) Vesuvius
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I believe it is "us-versus-them" thinking that so many of us fall prey to, sometimes without meaning to do so and sometimes purposely. It is so pervasive, for example: my country is better than yours, my race is better looking and smarter than yours, my town is nicer than yours, my religion has more truths, my children are better behaved than yours and so forth. It is easier to love those like us, and those close to us but it takes more effort to love and understand those who do not think as we think, speak as we speak, worship as we do or look as we look. I think this takes place on many levels and not only with spiritual or religious belief. Hopefully though as travel, internet access and etc make people less isolated, and more exposed to others, understanding and tolerance will grow.


answered 18 Oct '09, 03:17

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LeeAnn 1

Racism exists solely because people believe that we are separate. If you truly understand the ancient texts including the bible, it enforces the understanding that what you do to others you truly do to yourself because we are all one. I know this sounds pie-in-the-sky but we are one droplet in the sea of life, a collective mind. We cannot move forward collectively until all are awake.

What surprises me is the thought that God is all, yet He only represents one. How is that possible?

Look at the history of America and its slave trade. We have still missed the lesson on this because we focus only on the horror and the single-minded, humane-ness of it despite the spiritual lesson. Here is a 3-part read on what I believe is the true nature of that time in history and can, should we look further behind the actions, apply this to most seemingly, horrible atrocities that mankind commits on one another.

Click Here


answered 22 Oct '09, 19:56

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dr. jkyleh

Well, let see how can I answer this one I will try. There is an difference in religion and christianity. Anything can be an religion. You can worship a tree, a rock,grass, dirt or the sky. So many religions have so many rules and regulations that go along with being in that particular religon. Some don't allow you to associate with other people of different faith. Some feel that associating with someone of an different faith will start you to maybe believing in the other person religion. Maybe that is the main reason.

I am an christian which mean acting christ like when Jesus was here among us humans showing and guiding us along the way of God and how God loves us so much. Now even within this is so many denominations there is baptist, methadist, chatholic, and so many more an they differ in how to serve Jesus. So there is diversity among all religions. There is rascism among people, religion, and politics.

Racism is believing one is better than the other. You are right a person can be kind, nice and good and still will be shone because they don't or do believe in this particular religion

Religion and politics can bring about some heated arguments. So. I stay away from that and when I do it is an agree to disagree sitiuation.

What ever you are you both believe in you both believe whole heartly. So if I would meet someone faith is different than mine I would let them know that I am an christian an that I do believe in God and Jesus and that I am so glad that Jesus loves me and whoever ask him into their hearts. Than we would agree not to discuss our beliefs because neither of us are probably going to change and so we go on. Now we may stop and discussion something every once in a while on an broad since but nothing deep for we would respect one anothers feelings and beliefs.

Some was shone in the bible for staying away from around people with unclean spirits for they will get in you. For Jesus cast out legions of demons spirits or unclean spirits and cast them into swines and they knew Jesus and ask to be cast into the swines. So some people don't want to get uncleans spirits in them and bring them home with them. Others just know that your beliefs are so diffent than we will not be able to talk for they talk about their beliefs all of the time and I will have offended you or you will have offended me. So they say good bye to each other and go on their journey. Some the food they eat is so differ or some is because if I do this it will offend you.

But I think two people can work out a way of getting to be friends unless their beliefs are so completly different than they want make it together as friends but that does not mean they have to be enemy either. They can still treat one another right with respect. If they are just too different to agree on anything together than for peace sake they may have to part company as friends not enemy.

Unsually like beliefs flock together. Example city folks and country folks differ, races of people differ in their enviroments, poor people, rich people differ in some ways. WE all differ and yet we are all alike but we must learn to find that common ground so we can deal with each other in an friendly way. But religions and politics is two very heated arguments that can get started. For we are all alike and yet we are differ. For all believe stronger in thier own beliefs from the way you were raise, your environment or you are on your own spiritual journey.

about one another as friends they can work things out together. Unless they are completly opposite. You must have somethings in common a few things that you all could agree on. Than the love and care for another as friends could build from there. Love would be I guess the key word would be love for one another could pull them through.Don't let hatred pull them apart if they care love is key word.


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I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around and as such, we are here to prosper in every area of our lives.

This does not mean some of us or most of us. It means ALL of us!

Yes, I grew up in a religion of believing we are the 'chosen' people. Hogwash!

We are all spiritual beings and we are all here to prosper in every area of our lives. I bless and release those who choose to believe otherwise because that is there truth and do not waste any energy debating, arguing or anything else in regard to our difference of opinion on the equality of people. We are all perfect in God's eyes...


answered 17 Oct '09, 23:50

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I think that, as certain religions pertain to certain races and the fact that those religions exclude those that are non-believers from entry to their notion of Heaven automatically means that applies to other races by association. This is one big reason among others that I think many organized 'religions' have a lot to answer for as it runs contrary to the spirit of most teachings - such as love thy neighbour - in their pure forms. I also think some religious leaders are also scared that an injection of new thinking from other 'non-believers' of their religion may undermine their hold over their 'flock' and make people question what they are taught, think for themselves and stray from that church - and maybe even become empowered in the process! :>)


answered 18 Oct '09, 02:00

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