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Can you do nothing for two minutes?

I'm sure some of you have already seen this. This is a great way to take a short break and centre yourself.

See if you can......

Do Nothing For Two Minutes

This is also available as an App with a choice of different backgrounds and times to choose from. And it's free :)


asked 30 Jul '12, 14:08

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edited 14 Dec '12, 15:58


@Satori - Wow! Did I ever fail that one fast! LOL I'll give it another go, this is cool. :) Thanks for sharing it.

(30 Jul '12, 15:59) Grace

Glad you like Grace:)

(30 Jul '12, 16:01) Satori

I fell asleep . bookmarked .that was so very relaxing thanks :D

(17 Aug '12, 06:20) ursixx

@ursixx-Thanks, glad you enjoyed that :)

(18 Aug '12, 07:52) Satori

Lovely time out and Happy am I that there's a Free App to add to my iPhone ,it has 2-5-10-15-20-30 min sessions and four different moving scenes each with their own unique sounds :-)

Thank You Satori for sharing and of course to the peeps who put it together Calm.Com ♥♥♥

(13 Dec '12, 23:57) Starlight

@Starlight- Thank you. Your welcome.

(14 Dec '12, 11:38) Satori

@Satori Sometimes it's just nice to "BE." Even if it's just for two minutes. I have to admit, I did feel quite an increase in my vibration during the feeling of existing amongst the ocean view and waves. Thank you for sharing this neat little tool. I like simple, easy to use tools like this:)

(14 Dec '12, 12:22) Cory

@Cory - Thanks Cory, your welcome. "Sometimes it's just nice to Be". Yes, I find great value in taking regular breaks to centre myself with things such as this. Glad you like:)

(14 Dec '12, 14:31) Satori

@Starlight - Forgot to mention, thanks for bringing this App to my attention. It's excellent:)

(14 Dec '12, 15:53) Satori

Just nice to be , Cory I really like that :-) and Satori , whilst not everyone is enamoured with technology , I love it , lol and am happy to share helpfull tings ;-)

(14 Dec '12, 16:34) Starlight

love it :)

(04 May '15, 01:30) jaz
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I have to tell you a story here...After a hectic day of raising four kids ten and under, alone all day, housework, laundry, all of that- I'd finally get them into bed.

I would then immediately go into my bedroom, lay down on my back, and watch the ceiling fan go around and around.

I never thought anything, just laid there, centered on the fan. I had no idea it was a form of meditation- all I knew was it was so darned peaceful and quiet....I can still do this, and Wade even has a ceiling fan in his bedroom. I just lie there, watching the blades and the patterns. I think nothing, do nothing.

I had no idea at the time that this was I said. I just knew that my mind, body and soul all needed this break from reality.

So try this if you cannot just be still- try watching a fan go round and think of nothing.

It empties your brain like crazy!

Great post, BTW!



answered 30 Jul '12, 18:24

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Thanks for sharing your story Jai.I liked it.I have a friend who was in the same situation and when she got a sit down she found herself meditating to the sound of the ticking clock without knowing at the time:)

(30 Jul '12, 18:44) Satori

Busy people need these breaks! thanks for replying with that story!!!

(30 Jul '12, 18:52) Jaianniah

@Fairy Princess- Never knew about that appropriate!!! Jai

(30 Jul '12, 19:01) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, you are reminding me of sitting on a big rock in my favorite river, letting it flow through me, taking all my jumbled thoughts and feelings with it. I come out of it a different woman. I have been doing this all my life, and most of that time I had no idea why it worked such magic on me :)

(31 Jul '12, 09:27) Grace

...I gotta save some money, make a reservation, get that cabin in The Box. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year there (well, everywhere, to me)... Thank you for the inspiration, Jai! I am soooo going this year!!!

(31 Jul '12, 09:30) Grace
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actually the answer is no. because it is impossible to do nothing. the flesh bread and the heart pumps the cell do their jobs. and even if you are not doing anny thing with your flesh your mind and spirit are doing something. just the fact that you are aware of doing nothing for 2 minutes means that you are doing something. and lets say you unplug the flesh and the mind and go above in spirit you are still doing something. to someone outside you can appear to do nothing but it is only a false appearence made by a wrong observation or a bad deduction.


answered 30 Jul '12, 17:53

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white tiger

@white tiger, true. Nothing exist in nothingness. It's impossible for part of nothingness exist in existence. Unless you'd turn into nothing - not transformed into something else, but would be deleted (not possible within existence anyway). It's not possible. So just by being, you are doing something.

(31 Jul '12, 01:44) CalonLan

@White Tiger-Do nothing for two minutes is only the name of the website link,not to be taken too literally.Experience and Enjoy.

(31 Jul '12, 03:52) Satori

@satori sorry i though it was a question.but yes rest can be benefic. to relaxe, meditate and sleep.

(14 Dec '12, 05:05) white tiger

@White Tiger - No worries. I have retitled it now to save confusion. Thanks.

(14 Dec '12, 11:41) Satori
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