It is said that meditation is the gateway to the Universal, a way to tap into God's power. By quieting the mind, you release resistance, and allow unrestricted access to your Source energy.

But how do you ask for what you want, if your mind has to be blank during the meditative process?

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Simple - you don't ask during meditation.

You've mentioned the three step reality creation process in a previous question of yours.

  • Step 1: The question is asked (or desire is launched)

  • Step 2: The universe immediately responds with the creation of the vibrational potential that matches the desire or question

  • Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

Bear in mind that meditation is a Step 3 process. i.e. an alignment process not an asking process. You can't be in an asking and allowing state at the same time.

So what's an asking process?

Mostly, it's just you living your life and the asking happens automatically.

If you want to get more definite, you could just think to yourself (if you wanted food and a nice car for Thanksgiving): "I would like food and a nice car for Thanksgiving". And that would be it. That would be all the asking you would ever have to do to manifest it, and you would only ever have to do it once.

You don't need to recite affirmations 40 times a day, or carry around flash cards with all your goals written on them, or spend hours doing creative visualization, or anything else that the success gurus who are selling you their products tell you needs to be done. Most people find that hard to believe, which is why they find they have to do things like that in order to manifest anything. But none of it is actually necessary.

Now if you wanted to get even more precise about what you are asking for, you could go to the absurd lengths I go to in my manifesting spreadsheet. I have a set of worksheets which are all about defining "What and Why?" I want things. Although, this does border on being a Step 3 process because I have already naturally defined "What and Why?" just by living life. But that spreadsheet is really overkill for most people. I only use it because, firstly, I want to understand these laws of manifesting in extreme detail and, secondly, I enjoy the feeling of having a precisely-manifested life...just my personality.

So really, asking is a very easy thing to do and most of the time you don't need to do it consciously at all. If someone is rude to you, you naturally ask (vibrationally) for people who are pleasant to you. You can't stop doing this.

So if asking is easy, why do people find it so hard to manifest things?

It's because the final step (Step 3) is a little trickier...but not much :)


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I think you have it spot on Stingray. Meditation is not the asking step but the allowing step in the process of manifestation.

(09 Dec '09, 10:39) Pink Diamond

How much does the degree of desire play into the process? Is the desire also a step 3 process?

(09 Dec '09, 15:53) Vesuvius

Desire is step 1. And the degree of it is everything - indeed, the universe exists to keep generating desires within you. Desire is what draws life-force through you. And it is on-going alignment of desire (step 1) with belief (step 3) which brings you joy...and that's what we are all ultimately seeking in life :)

(09 Dec '09, 19:22) Stingray
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It is said Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening to God, so we are like a telephone; one part is the sending apparatus (Prayer) the other part is the receiving apparatus (Meditation)

With this said there are also many different types of meditation, some focused on a subject for a length of time to cause change. For example in my healing meditations my mind is far from blank it is working over time to change things in my body for the better.

There are affirmation meditations, mantra meditations, even the rosary is a meditation, but there are more abstract meditations we are unaware of as in mindfulness, watching television, or reading a book if you are pulled into that like nothing else exist but that you are in a meditative state (hum television "programming" seems a lot easier if you are mindful of it in other words almost hypnotized by it) this state is similar to hypnoses. We can do anything in meditation painting, music, anything that we get lost in as if nothing else exist but that moment.

Also if I am meditating on a question (that takes two parts then) I meditate on the question for maybe 5 to 15 minuets and then I totally release it I say I let this go to come back to me the answer. Then for 5 to 15 minutes I clear my mind of thought and let it be blank until the answer comes but I am not expecting it because that would be thinking about it and still holding on to it. I can take a letter to the mail box but unless I am willing to leave it go and drop it in the box in full faith it will be delivered, it never will get to where it is suppose to go.

If we can have faith in the postal service let's use that same faith trusting God will take it and answer it if we will but let it go to get to God.


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Wade Casaldi

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One is a push into the void or creation consciousness or unlimited potential, and the other is the pull from the same source in mediation, that pull is more like a vacuum in consciousness (thus the Pull analogy).

Now, to do both at once would be like breathing in and breathing out at the same time. Maybe it is possible at a certain level lf consciousness but I'm not sure.

But then again the above is just an analogy of understanding which anybody can arrive at with self observation. Is it right? Who knows?

Answer 2: We already have everything we want. This includes everything we don't want. When you don't want something the universe manifests what ever vision that "Not wanting" triggers. So you are already in complete abundance. You just have to re-define the abundance you already have & release the abundance that no-longer serves your journey.

Answer 3: you can ask through Intention while in meditation (or holding your consciousness attention in the void of thought). You can intend without thinking. You can ask without thought. It's a feeling, not of emotion, but of intention. I stumbled on this without expecting it. If somebody asks "What is you technique of meditation?", then I'll give exact method on how I stumbled on this "intention" & how it feels to experience this Intention.


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The Traveller

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