It is said that Western society is sick. And many say the man is not intrinsically bad, but their behaviors are learned and copied. And then passed on from generation to generation, until they form part of our culture, our way of being. Can we change this with a mutation in our way of thinking about life, culture, about ourselves?

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Who says western society is sick? Muslim extremists?

(20 Apr '10, 04:17) Vesuvius

our own sociologists have made that assertion. From my point of view, only in self-criticism is the key to improving as individuals and society.

(20 Apr '10, 05:34) Robert

Well, you could at least define what you mean by the term, "sick." Does western society have a cold? Also, a reference to sociologists making the assertion that western society is sick would be nice. Do you have a web link?

(20 Apr '10, 14:21) Vesuvius
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Thanks for the question, Robert, which for me isn't a judgment, but an observation and that's how I personally see it.

So what's the nature of man? I believe that is the real question here.

Well, I believe that man is in essence good; that we are all made of unconditional love and that's what everything else in the Universe is made of, because God,, All That Is or whatever you want to call it, is that vibration of love that is everywhere around us.

So what happened? What went wrong? Nothing went wrong! We came here by CHOICE and by CHOICE we forgot who we really are in order to RE-MEMBER with that much more joy and excitement, because polarities are a part of life. There can't be good without the bad, love without hate, beauty without the ugly.

So we live in a society which for thousands of years was forgetting who they were. And that was a CHOICE.

So now we are re-membering again. We are starting to play an old game by new rules. What are the rules? The beauty is, that everyone will make them up for themselves as they go along.

And yes, we have a lot of traumas that are being passed from generation to generation and no, it's not just the Western society. It's humankind in general that needs to change.

We have to change the way we speak, talk and relate to each other. And we have to start with ourselves. That's where the change will come from; from You.

And that's where it always came from. It's just the way it works. You are billions and billions vibrating particles of energy, which speed of movement determines your experience of physical reality.

So as you Ascend, or re-member a little more each day, you speed up the cells in your body to the point that you know, without the shadow of a doubt, that you are One, that you are One being expressing as the many, that there is no separation.

And when you know that the whole world will start making sense once again. You will see patterns that were there, because without we couldn't play out this "forgetting" theme in full.

Now, as we experienced "separation" to the maximum, it's time to start experiencing "inclusiveness" once again. And we will and we are doing this all the time.

Each time you change individually, you change collectively. The change in you is implemented IMMEDIATELY into everything in existence and that's why You are so important.

You are important, because if you weren't you wouldn't be here. All That is doesn't make mistakes. It didn't created one stone too little or one person too much. In fact what many people think, that they are unworthy of God's love, is the most selfish things to say.

They believe that everything has place in the Universe except them. That's not true. You are here, because that is your CHOICE and it will never be anything more than that. Your birth is your choice, your death is your choice, your experience of life is your choice, because that's what life is about, making choices.

And the choices you are making right now, in this moment of your life, will determine your future. So what are they? Are they life-enhancing? Are you pushing yourself more and more each day to be the best version of yourself? Or are you procrastinating and waiting for the "perfect time" to start changing your life.

Let me burst your bubble, because the perfect time to do anything is Now. It is Now, because it is the only moment there is. When you think about the past, you do it in the Now, and when you plan for the future, you do it in the Now.

So you can be certain, that whoever you are, whatever you are doing, you're doing it because it is your choice.

Yeah, yeah, I've heard all sorts of excuses all my life "I have to do this, it's just not that simple." I know all of that, I was a Master of procrastination. I always wanted more, I was always waiting for the perfect moment.

And you know what? It never came. Until I got so fed up with waiting, that I just went on and did the stuff that I was afraid to do.

And that's all there is to it. Your fears and doubts and everyone else's is based on a corrupt belief system, that is saying to you "This is not who you REALLY are! Change it!"

That's all it is. It is not "bad" in that sense; it was just misinterpreted. And by shining through it, by recognizing it for what it really is, a tool to find your true Self, to find out what you want to believe for yourself, you are changing the World.

I see those changes everywhere I look and I know they are happening. And I know the more I change the more the World will change with me. So I keep pushing myself further and further, because to see you for who You truly are is the most exciting thing for me to do.

What you need to do to find out who you are is to FOLLOW YOUR EXCITEMENT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. Why? Because the energy of All That Is, unconditional love, IS excitement. Excitement is the language of God.

That's why so many saints and sages say "Follow your bliss", because your life is blissful right now, you just have to see it. Pull down the veil of appearances, of judgments, of opinions form on the basis that "We are separate".

We are not separate! We are All One being expressing as the many. If you believe this the world will change right before your eyes; in an instant.

So be bold, be bold and dive into it with the fullest of your passion and you will thrive, you will be FREE.


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"Sickness" as you put it exists in every society because people make societies. I do agree that yes there are some things in the western society which seem almost alien to the eastern cultures, but then there are some things which are prevalent in eastern societies which are equally repulsive to the western world. Example, serial killers are rare in the eastern societies whereas burning women alive because their parents did not pay dowaries is unheard of in the west.

Each society is the outcome of what its people have chosen to focus on, and unfortunately when we focus on one thing we exclude and then fail to understand the other points of view.


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I Think Therefore I Am

In every society, you will find practices that are considered acceptable in that society, but unacceptable in others. The notion that western society is sick is a value judgement, a judgement that is most certainly not universally agreed upon by all. Yet you pose your question as if it is a fact, and don't even bother to provide supporting evidence.

I do not personally accept as fact your premise that western society is sick, and since I disagree with your initial premise, I consider the rest of your question invalid. Hate, lust, envy being evil; weasel words, so many preconceived assumptions; I don't even know where to start.

If you really want to examine truly troubling moral practices, look here, and ask yourself if this practice would be tolerated in western society.

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Well-said Vesuvius, and I agree with you on this.

(20 Apr '10, 18:23) LeeAnn 1

I thought how we view society is how we view ourselves?


answered 23 Jul '10, 00:50

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