Hi, I'm new here - well newly signed up and posting but have been reading for a long time.

I'm on Day 4 of A Course in Miracles. I've always been put off it by the religious overtones but have had a realisation that the mentions of God and Christ in the text and workbook are metaphors, so this makes it possible for me to do it. I'm not religious but have deep spiritual beliefs that come from a several periods of overwhelming spontaneous enlightenment (where I clearly remembered who I was and where I came from) around a decade ago. Before that I wasn't very spiritual but tried to play around with Buddhism and meditation because I thought it was fashionable (I was shallow).

I'm a fan of theoretical physics/David Bohm/holographic universe and so Christianity or any organised religion doesn't really mean anything to me. I got into Abraham Hicks last December and had an amazing month of manifesting, feeling so happy all the time, but it faded and I went back to being negative and couldn't get into the vortex again.

Now I've got the audio versions of ACIM (paid for it on Audible, then realised it was free online) and I'm listening to the text and at the same time doing one exercise a day from the workbook.

I feel fantastic already. When I listen to the text I feel like my mind is translating it rapidly into meaning that I can relate to and fully understand and can it applies to beliefs I already have.

The beginning - a gradual revelation that things are not as they seem - has left me relaxed and happy. Stress and overwhelm has been washed away from me and I am really enjoying myself. My problems seem to have evaporated. Only my thinking has changed.

Day 2, I went for a walk and applied the day's task to what I saw - the trees, the kids playing, the birds, the houses - and I felt like an alien visiting another planet. Everything seemed new and strange, but full of colour. Years and years of meaning that I'd piled onto everything was gone. The trees were unnamed complex living organisms. The kids were happy creatures of a species of life. I saw patterns in things - the connections between one thing and another: all connected. When I looked at a simple thing like a house brick or a fence I saw where it came from, it's possible history.

Everything seemed fresh and new.

It was amazing.

Now I'm going through the same thing with my thoughts - they come into my mind and they don't mean anything. Each moment is a new, fresh moment. It's fantastic.

Has anyone had experiences like this with ACIM? Does the course stay as good as it is at the beginning?

Thank you

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What if it will? Or what if it won't? And why would it matter? Anything can be the way you want it to be, you decide every moment which way it is going to be.

(09 Aug '12, 07:09) CalonLan

Ah, thank you CalonLan, you have cleared up my question for me - now I know what I'm really asking. I realise what you say is true, that I create my reality, and I've managed to 'believe' this and make it reality for short periods of time but it always slips away from me and I fall back into experiencing the story as real.

So I guess what I'm really asking here, is has ACIM, because it's a whole year long, helped anyone falling in and out of 'enlightenment' to get in and stay there?

By enlightenment I mean fully living the belief that we decide every moment which way it's going to be.

(09 Aug '12, 07:30) Dandelion

@Dandelion- Nice picture/avatar!

(09 Aug '12, 08:07) Nikulas

Thank you Nikulas.

(09 Aug '12, 08:31) Dandelion

Sorry, I haven't read or listened to ACIM. I was curious about it at one time though. I may check it out sometime.

(09 Aug '12, 08:41) Fairy Princess

I've never heard of it? Just downloaded it and will take an honest look into it.

I just get very suspicious when organized mafia....(umm sorry).....organized religion is involved. That's my personal opinion

(11 Aug '12, 16:44) Eldavo

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Return_to_Love (Better link, that first one was kinda pissy.) My suggestion would be to read A Return to Love, Reflections on the Principles of ACIM by Marianne Williamson. I found much more enlightening than the course itself.

(11 Aug '12, 17:09) Grace

@Eldavo, I understand and agree. This is a bit different, if memory serves. I will be very interested to hear what you think.

(11 Aug '12, 17:21) Grace
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as i understand ACIM, you are currently in alignment with your bliss allowing the divine presence to work spontaneous and natural miracles through you. other effects in other people will be being "in the flow, zone or groove". you are channeling your holistic self through a positive ego.

however, during expansions of consciousness, you may become aware of darkness and negativities which necessitate integration. this will be experienced as down periods.

also, as you are evolving, current techniques may not work in the future. they have done their job. you may have to move on.


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To answer the question......ACIM does get better...way better !!!!

Brett - you are correct, there is power in that book.

Besides being the most unique book I've ever read, it is confusing, repetitive, and written in Shakespearean English.

But it is filled with Love, Truth and Knowledge, and lessons to study.

I was ready to receive this material, but many aren't......just like born-agains resonate with the Holy Rollers and the Bible, while I can't see their point. To each his own.

Don - Bless You

Nothing you wrote reminds me of anything I study in ACIM.......

There's nothing about a holistic self, nothing about a positive ego.

Consciousness is what the separation from God, is called, unlike other New Age material where consciousness refers to our state of mind.

The miracles, as referred to in the book, can be anything, but regularly mean knowing God's creations as your brother or sister, regardless of their actions.

It's more of a deliberate decision to lean-on Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit, for their guidance, abandoning our own idiot behaviour.

Seeing others as Pure Love, and knowing you are, as well. Knowing that we are all connected, regardless of appearance, religion or accumulated wealth.

Don, I see you as my brother, in Spirit, and want only to correct the mis-information. Love and Peace


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I agree the workbook lessons are wonderful. The first part demonstrates that our normal vision is full of judgement and error. The second part shows us how to see spiritually.

My favorite practice is when I'm upset with something going on. If I can stop for a minute and remember that I could be wrong, I can ask (the holy spirit) to give me another interpretation that is based on love and truth. This has transformed my criticizing someone to a vision of their innocence.


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There is power in that Book. Ingest it, gain sustenance from it, heck sleep with it! The Ego is singular, alone. How can "I" share, when my main intent is to protect at all cost my singularity? I am new to it too, and always will be. The same page gains depth and clarity. Have fun! The ego can not go where "I" go.


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Brett Rinker

I have so far seen nothing but positive from the course.Here is a link to the lessons on Youtube. I have been getting back to the lessons and enjoying them.



answered 13 Dec '23, 22:01

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Wade Casaldi

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