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I meant to post this a couple of years ago on IQ but couldn't find it posted anywhere online to link to. Just stumbled across it now - and I felt reminded to share it.

It's a wonderful tool from Bashar called "The Threshold of Believability"

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@Stingray- I literally watched this yesterday by chance :D

@Everyone- This link is ultra useful. Please watch it if you're having trouble manifesting.

Found one of his entire hour and a half seminars if it helps anybody:

Rockstar Stingray, thankyou :)

(09 Aug '12, 07:59) Nikulas

@Stingray thank you for sharing this simple, but HIGHLY effective tool from Bashar. I love tools that I can do in my head quick and simple :-)

(09 Aug '12, 08:00) streetsanto

@Nikulas - And a good day to you, this day of your time :)

(09 Aug '12, 08:02) Stingray

@Stingray- Bashar's belief stunning method...Is that all that is needed to stop an old belief? His metaphor of "sometimes, turning on the light is all that is necessary." Hope you know what I mean, but, because of the extensive talk on IQ about negative belief shifting, just wanted to ask if this summary in this video about stopping limiting beliefs is as complicated/simple as it gets (as in, asking the question- "What do I have to believe is true about myself and....")

(09 Aug '12, 08:06) Nikulas

@Nikulas, yes it's that easy. When you shed light or identify and understand your limiting belief, you see what it is made of, and why it is made of it the way it is. Ever learned about how something is done or made and then it was forever easy to fix it if it broke? That's the same with limiting beliefs. They are broken/limiting, by learning what and how beliefs are made makes fixing them/releasing their limits easy.

(09 Aug '12, 08:18) CalonLan

@Calon- cool, thankyou muscles :)

(09 Aug '12, 08:21) Nikulas

Was in tears a few moments ago , sooo frustrated even though I know it is the same as paddling hard upstream , I come in here , and there's this awesome gift to help me , Thanks Stingray and our Friend Bashar ♥ ♥♥

(09 Aug '12, 08:41) Starlight

@Stingray- Does this make sense? Does this help?

Why thankyou!

(09 Aug '12, 09:36) Nikulas

@Nikulas - If you are saying, is that you all need to do to identify limiting beliefs then, yes. All I do is ask the question "Why don't I have what I want yet?" and see what comes up. Bashar's question is equally valid. Once you have those limiting beliefs, you now have something concrete to work with in applying whatever process you feel comfortable with, even Bashar's effortless one:

(09 Aug '12, 09:49) Stingray

You're welcome everyone, as usual :)

(09 Aug '12, 09:52) Stingray

@Stingray - This is awesome. Thank you again, Stingray.

(09 Aug '12, 12:57) lozenge123

@Stingray It's been a while since I heard this clip. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and everyone else's as well. This is such a powerful tool to use if we believe it will work for us. He resonates with me more than another other channeled being and simple tools like this are why I appreciate him so very much. I have latched on to his "belief" concepts very strongly and I can feel them gradually changing me more and more every day.

(09 Aug '12, 15:22) Cory

@Stingray-This seems like a simple effective tool for uncovering limiting beliefs, thank you for sharing this:)

(09 Aug '12, 17:09) Satori

In my eagerness to favorite this, I may have accidentally downvoted it instead. So embarrassing! Anyway - this is so useful. I instantly see how this will help. Thank you!

(02 May '13, 20:02) corduroypower
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You're posting it just in the right time!

Great way to uncover inner beliefs which might hold us back from manifesting our desires.

I've never been to a beach, or swam in a sea. But for some reason since 2 days ago, after finishing watching TV series - Malibu,CA,.. I have felt this huge urge to go surfing. And for past two days I've been doing nothing, but checking articles and videos on how to surf, where to go, how to behave, how to do everything related to surfing. And while I never stood on a surfboard, thus don't have experience of what it's like, when I imagine it in my mind, standing on it being pushed forward riding a wave....I want to scream "woooohoooo" like crazy.

So I tried the 'Threshold of believability' - It's 2 years for sure, I hesitate at 1 year due to financial situation. But it's just great, because yesterday I thought I should pick myself some goals to work towards together with treats I'll give myself for accomplishing them. To have a little taste of what my life can be like when I clear all the negative stuff that's preventing me from having it.

Like,... goal: gain 11kg of muscle and lower my body fat to 5% - treat: I'll allow myself to ask that sexy trainer from a gym for a dinner. goal: clear one of my debts - treat: I'll go jump off a plane with a parachute.

Right now all my goals I set are about turning negative way of living into the one I imagine as desired positive one in my mind. And I use bits of that desired reality as treats to be my motivational force to get rid of anything I don't want.

Woa, I'm so excited about all those goals, it's that same feeling when you decide to go on a trip to your favorite place and from the moment you step outside of your house, you're excited like crazy - excited about being on the way, excited about the place you're going to, excited about what it will be like when you get there. You just have to scream, because your body cannot contain all that happy vibe. =)


answered 09 Aug '12, 08:14

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@Calon- Perhaps take up gymnastics or ballet if you want a cool, useful body.

(09 Aug '12, 08:17) Nikulas

@Nikulas, I'm also thinking of yoga, and yes, my goal is not to just "look good", but to have a useful body. But yea I want it to look great and to be useful and strong in such way so I can go out and start to live, experience things I couldn't without it. Try all sports I haven't tried before. Just have the option to go for it every time an opportunity comes. And while I train all of that simultaneously, current focus is on gaining mass, so got my program adjusted to that. The rest will follow.

(09 Aug '12, 08:28) CalonLan

Ive just used that "measure"....interesting . It does prove very usefull in revealing limiting beliefs that i wasnt quite aware i had!



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Monty Riviera

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