Due to the limiting manifestation of the coaches’ brainwashing, I dropped the intentions as they said my words were missing and I started to get insecure, so I started making statements like: I have a good amount of money. This kind of affirmation did not activate an expectation like the intention, after all, if I have it, there is nothing left to receive.

Last night I came back with intentions and I released an intention to the Universe to receive a large amount of money and it came this morning.

“I intend to receive the amount (x) in cash” and released".

Last week I remembered that I needed something urgently and said CRYING AND ASKING:

“Source, I urgently need you to bring me this” A day later it came, it seemed impossible, but it came, for I knew Abraham was right, whatever you ask is given.

I began to realize that although many coaches say that they cannot express themselves by saying “I intend” or “I want”, these manifestations come to me faster because I feel that I have been taken care of and I have expectations, as the “Creator” always says yes. In fact, I got a lot of things saying “I need to”, as happened last week.

What I mean is that casting intentions seems easier than saying you already have something. I don’t understand why coaches insist on saying you can’t want something, because you get emotional about not having it. If I manifest myself by saying “I want” (wanting anyway), or saying “I need”… do you agree that this theory that you CANNOT want something is unfounded? It works for me, why wouldn’t it work for others? Abraham claims it’s okay to say “I want”, “I intend” “I intend to receive” is actually what he teaches most. But people are still afraid to say “I want” because of the limitations they place on LOA. There’s a video where Abraham teaches a person to say “I want” and she says she’s afraid to talk. Everything works! For it is the law of permission and not the law of affirmation or visualization. You are not creating anything, you are just allowing what is already yours to come into 3D.

asked 25 Apr '22, 11:36

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Trainers are shoes in some parts of the world. You have to break in a good pair of sneakers :D

Don't mind me. Word association.

(25 Apr '22, 23:18) ele

trainers ... very interesting choice of words. I've never heard coaches or teachers referred to as trainers.

(26 Apr '22, 00:18) ele

"why are there so many limitations that trainers go through ... ?" as the saying goes "all roads lead to rome"

(01 May '22, 01:30) jaz

... or Ithaca :)

Some prefer the road less traveled or perhaps a more scenic route.

(02 May '22, 18:03) ele

why are there so many limitations? @theccosmiccandlelab maybe because obstacles to the higher paths are many

(14 May '22, 00:50) jaz
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Dance to the beat of your own drum; whether the world likes your rhythmic movements or not. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo


The opposite of limitations is strength. strokes/folks :)

Perhaps these trainers are teaching what works best for most people. A good trainer who believes in what they are teaching also knows not everyone is the same and they come up with new methods hoping people get it.

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answered 09 May '22, 12:17

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edited 10 May '22, 17:54

thanks @ele

(10 May '22, 00:43) jaz

Two left feet ?

(10 May '22, 12:50) ele

Hi @theccosmiccandlelab ... for me it's all about exploring all the possibilities that life here on earth can offer, every "limitation" is an opportunity the achieve deeper understanding, the flip side to limitation is opportunity to grow.

I like to remind myself of these words by the great poet T.S.Elliot

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"

Or pompously put ... we all participate in the echange of forces that are in constant evolution in the universe ... dance to the beat of your own drum lol

It fits in nicely with of the Rhythm of Life song ... we all naturally "dance" to the rhythms of nature and the law of attraction ... feel the rhythm in your fingers and the rhythm in your feet. We all interactively dance in harmony in a sea of subtle energies.


answered 09 May '22, 00:37

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edited 13 May '22, 01:03

I liked your answer but was pondering your quote. I thought I understood your meaning but now that you edited, I dont.

(10 May '22, 12:52) ele

Your edit reminds me of a song @white tiger posted.

(10 May '22, 13:24) ele

just a feeling @ele my edit seems relevant to me; maybe it is maybe it isn't lol

(12 May '22, 00:35) jaz

maybe :). We will see.

(12 May '22, 14:05) ele
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