I was listening to "Beyond the Secret into Abundance" from Bashar recently and came to a part that I have listened to over and over again. I've listened to this session a few times and this part has always stood out to me. Maybe it's because we human beings value money so very much. I'm pretty sure the "checks in the mail" concept has been mentioned by other teachers but this is the one that stands out to me.

I tried my best to get it word for word and also tried to do the punctuation the best I could to match the feeling that Bashar was trying to give here. Sorry, I couldn't find a quick and easy audio or video version of this to post which are much better at driving home the point if you haven't heard this before.


For example, when someone says, well you know, I simply got into the state where I believed I would simply receive more checks. Your physical logical reasonable mind goes, where the heck are they supposed to come from. I haven't done anything to EARN that money.

What are you saying, that some stranger is just suddenly going to get it in his head to pop a check in the mail to me for no reason whatsoever and I'm just going to go to my mailbox and open a check that comes from a total stranger that's suddenly giving me exactly what I want.....YES. Yes that is what's being said. Yes that is one possible way. Yes that is one possible example of what could happen, but when your logical reasonable physical mind going, how does that make any sense. The thing to remind it is that it doesn't have to. It doesn't have to make sense. When you stop needing it to make sense, then you'll make dollars.

You have got to give up, you've got to give up your need, your physical minds need for everything to have a reason. For everything to make logical sense in the physical 3rd dimensional world. If you say you wish to live in the 4th density reality, you must give up the things that are commensurate with the 3 dimensional world.

For me it seems really hard to wrap my head around the concept of "getting checks from a total stranger in the mail" as Bashar puts it. I think that is something that has quite a bit of resistance for me to envision happening. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that resistance to getting money for nothing.

So I'm curious if anyone else has received money in this manner before? I would love to hear some motivational stories, even if they are not considered to be anything spectacular. I'm trying to work through some of these mental blocks I've been carrying around with me my whole life so any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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"It doesn't have to make any sense at all." This is the first time I've heard something like that, and yeah, I agree.

(16 Mar '12, 21:43) Nikulas

for what it's worth, when tv was black & white, there was a program titled 'the millionaire'

(01 Feb '15, 16:44) fred
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Gary Craig, the now-retired founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), tells a story to the audience in one of his teaching DVDs about someone that manifested "checks in the mail" deliberately.

I managed to track down an online transcription of it and am posting it here since it's quite a fun story :)

I want to share with you another example because of the importance of this subject. Some of you may know the name of Doug Hooper. Doug was a delightful man. He died a few years ago but, before he died, he gave talks along the same lines I'm giving here. He called them, "You Are What You Think."

One day he went to his mailbox and pulled out the typical pile of mail that most of us receive...namely, junk mail and some bills. So he said to himself, "I keep preaching about the power of our thinking. I'm going to put it into practice here....I want checks in the mail." Of course he had received checks in the mail before, but not the steady stream he was looking for. He didn't know where these checks were going to come from. Nor did he know for what or for how much.

Yet he knew he could create that steady stream of checks with his thinking. Although he didn't use the term "antenna," he was quite familiar with the concept that the way to do anything you want to do already exists. You need only tune into it. So he began a daily routine of imaging checks in the mail.

Now, how many of you think that is even feasible to do? I'm curious. [A few hands raised] What are the odds of success for someone imagining checks in the mail and having it actually happen? What are the odds?

AUDIENCE: One out of a thousand.

GARY: One out of a thousand, you said? Well, you might think that if you weren't used to the power of your antenna. In my experience the odds are very high, but only if you are consistent in creating that new thought. The way to do anything you want to do already exists. You just need to tune into it.

This is what happened. Doug started his imaging process and would come home from work in the evening and ask his wife, "Eileen, are there any checks in the mail?" By the way, he didn't tell his wife or his two son that he was trying to create checks in the mail through his thoughts. That's to avoid the criticism that people are quick to give you for such an "absurd" effort. So he didn't even tell his wife.

"Any checks in the mail, Eileen?", he kept asking. "No," she would say. He kept asking that question night after night. He would say, "Any checks in the mail, Eileen?" After a while she would say, "Noooo" with growing annoyance. His sons thought this was a little strange as well and one son would turn to the other and say, "Maybe Dad's elevator no longer goes to the top." [Laughter]

But you see, he knew the power of what he was doing so he kept with it. In the meantime, however, nothing was happening. No checks in the mail. Not even a hint of such a thing. But he kept imagining it anyway. He kept creating the thought because he knew the way to do it was going to show up.

After about 6 months, he happened to be in the publisher's office of the local Danville newspaper for which he wrote weekly articles called "You are What You Think". These articles were stories about how your thought processes create things for you, the kind of things we're talking about here. Clever little articles.

And the publisher said to him, "You know, Doug, some of our readers have written in requesting back copies of your articles." Bingo! [Gary snaps his fingers] His Antenna picked up on that immediately. Here's the way to have checks in the mail. So he made up a little book of his past articles. Then he put a little footnote at the end of each article he wrote from that time forward. It said, "If you want back issues, please send so many dollars to Doug Hooper, address so and so".

Checks in the mail.

I heard Doug tell this story seven years after his first "check in the mail" arrived and learned that he had received checks in the mail every single post office day, except for five or six, for the preceding seven years. Interesting, eh?

See, the way to do anything you want to do already exists. You just need to tune into it. Do you see that? These stories are very real. But you must keep using your tools in order to put your antenna to work. You must not get off your track.

Source: Gary Craig, The Palace of Possibilities


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Very inspiring story Stingray. It almost sounds too easy but in the end, I think that is the whole point. Thank you for posting this!

(22 Sep '11, 18:42) Cory

You're welcome, Cory

(23 Sep '11, 07:39) Stingray

It was funny I was on my way to the mail box and I thought"it's going to be nice to get a check" and lo and behold a check from the Lotto! for 14 SEK little more than 2 USD. So yes the checks come now I just need to work on the amount ;)


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Funny how even the little things can put a smile on your face.

(26 Sep '11, 19:36) Cory

I always like to come back to old questions and answers that I previously posted just to see if I can get anything new and inspiring out of them. I came back to this specific question a few weeks ago from an inspired urge. I remember reading it and simply saying, "yes...I get checks in the mail from total strangers."

So as I am sifting through my pile of mail I come across a small envelope with my name on it. I had no idea who the person was on the return address. I open the envelope and see a check for $50. It was from a month long lottery raffle ticket that benefits charity. I got this ticket at the beginning of the month for my birthday and completely forgot about it. I got the prize on the second to last day of the month.

I wanted to share this here since I asked this question almost 2 years ago.

It is also the first totally unexpected check I ever got in the mail from a total stranger.

I realized a few minutes after opening the check that this came a few weeks after affirming that "yes, I get checks in the mail from total strangers."

I never really gave this "checks in the mail thing" a chance until those few very short weeks ago. When I put 2 and 2 together and realized that this actually worked, it made that $50 check feel more like $5000. It really is a good feeling manifestation that I appreciate very much and now know that I can do it again.

This had all the aspects of law of attraction in action...

  • Having an intention / affirming
  • Feeling good / meditation / high vibration
  • Forgetting about / letting go / allowing

Hopefully this has inspired others to give it a try. I get checks in the mail from total strangers, so I know it is possible for anyone else as well.



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Awesome @Cory :-D. Thanks for sharing!

(31 Jan '15, 17:31) Kriegerd

Hmmm. I do not know if this counts. My colleague, out of the blue, suddenly lent me money. Did not ask her. She was not even aware if I need to borrow money or what. And she did not let me pay for it. It happened last May.


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The universe must have know exactly what you needed.

(26 Sep '11, 19:37) Cory

I have never manifested a cheque from a complete stranger, but a few months ago when I was doing a lot of vibrational work, I received a notice, out of the blue, that I was owed back tax from the government from 2007. It was weird, because usually getting a tax rebate is a struggle for me, you have to send in an application form and all your documents, and it's a right mission. No-one I know has actually been sent money without prompting the Inland revenue (I know it does happen, but I'd never heard of it happening to anyone I know). AND at the end of every tax year I always try to calculate whether I'm owed any tax, this one slipped right by me.

The cheque came a bit later, £450. :) Unfortunately I spent it covering my overdraft. Still gotta tweak my manifesting abilities a bit!


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@cassiopeia Thanks for sharing your story. The check may not have come from a complete stranger but at least it was something that you had no resistance towards. You could use the good feeling you got from receiving it and turn that into a future check in the mail manifestation attempt.

I appreciate you bringing this question back up because it reminds me that I need to try putting this request in the manifesting box.

(16 Mar '12, 12:18) Cory

I have seen "The Secret" plenty of times, I know you are talking about that British guy David Schirmer. He said "I just expect checks in the mail and now get checks in the mail, I still get bills but I get more checks."

Here is the link you were talking about.

Yes it is worth trying, it is easy enough, but the thing is he is an investment broker so he had a little something on his side of "Getting checks in the mail." Anyway here is the link to his web site.


It works!!! I had just received two checks I was not expecting in the mail. These are checks that I would have ordinarily have picked up at the YMCA for my karate. At the time I didn't think much of it and now today I just received a letter that said it would be sending me a survey and a Ten Dollar bill with it...

I know from Florence Schovel Shinn to know this is just the beginning. This is a sign of more to come!


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi That's great to hear that you are receiving checks in the mail that you didn't expect. I guess all it takes is a little belief with a dash of allowing. Thanks for sharing Wade.

(19 Mar '12, 12:17) Cory

@Cory You are very welcome Cory, I am glad to help. Yes I am glad to share this, it is exciting I am expecting more now! :-) I hope my links are the ones you were speaking of I remembered him clearly in The Secret when you said "Checks in the mail."

(19 Mar '12, 12:22) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi I have seen The Secret a few times myself and I do remember that part that you linked. I really like the passion that Bashar uses in the audio that I have but I knew there was someone else that mentioned a similar scenario. Now I remember who and it will only give me double the motivation to receive my own checks in the mail. Thanks for the information.

(19 Mar '12, 12:31) Cory

Dear Wade, I do receive unexpected money from people i know, which makes it also kind of unexpected, but also expected somehow since there is a precedent of receiving from them. However, the amounts help but,... mmmmm i feel that this makes me sometimes dependent of others and the unknown, the uncertain actually, and money is a matter that we should not let to chance. Is this a defeatist view ? Are these amounts significant ? Is this kind of expectancy making us somehow weak ?

(02 Aug '13, 20:40) Aryanna

Are the wealthy people ( part of which i like to b) thinking this way ? My only worry about all this is that it makes us open to something very uncertain and therefore vulnerable. And that the "secret" to financial wellbeing ( in the full healthy sense of it ) is to follow closely and carefully the transactions, work, businesses that we do and get our big chunk of money, anyway, the money that make a real difference in our financial situation. I hope i made sense in what i wrote.

(02 Aug '13, 20:49) Aryanna
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I think Bashar meant this when he said we should forget about the HOW: Figuring out how we can get the money creates a lot of limitations in our thinking. If there are only a few ways we believe we can get money (earning it, winning it, or inheriting it) then there are severe limitations put on how we can get money and how much we can get.

Through those limitations and beliefs we make it harder and more difficult for the Universe/Source Energy/Source Mind/Super Consciousness/God to create and deliver what we asked. It's like we tie its hand even if it has a better idea and solution for us.

The possibilities are unlimited, but we are able to imagine only a few because our physical mind is limited.

I recommend to read „The One Command by Asara Lovejoy". Her book helps you let go the HOW. Just remember what Bashar said: You don't have to know the HOW. And actually you cannot know the HOW. We aren't supposed to figure it out. It's the infinite Higher Mind's job.


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I did try the cheques in the mail thing for awhile. I ended up with a few cheques from my Amazon ebooks so it was more a result of action rather than simply manifesting (the amounts were manifestations, the cheques were 3d physical actions). However, in Australia, cheques aren't popular so getting lots of US cheques would cost a fortune in deposit ($10 per cheque) and exchange rate fees (1% of the total) plus 0.3-0.5cents worse exchange rate! Not to mention the half hour-hour of lost productivity travelling to and lining up at the bank at lunch time. So we don't actually WANT cheques in the mail. LOL. (Yes, in this case, focusing on what you don't want might work!)

However, after focusing on manifesting money in other ways, Amazon change their policy and now money is instantly transferred directly to my account. I also have a number of educational ebooks available as pdf downloads from another of my websites and I get payments via Paypal.

So while I was expecting a transfer from Amazon for October's US sales (they take 3 months) I was not expecting one from UK sales too, and I wasn't expecting it to be as high as the US one. I was very, very happy about that manifestation of a transfer. :)

So I do this kind of thing every now and then, but slightly differently. Manifesting lots of bank transfers and Paypal payments from complete strangers. :) Definitely not cheques.

Here's one of my ebooks: How to do Telepathy in 30 Days http://www.amazon.com/Telepathy-positive-reactivating-transference-telepathic-ebook/dp/B009F8K84Q and here is the print version: http://www.amazon.com/Telepathy-Positive-Reactivate-Thought-Transference/dp/1506021301

So, I guess this is connected to what Stingray passed on about someone making a book. It definitely works but sometimes you need to make a small action somewhere to shift to the reality you prefer, that will enable you to generate unexpected money in the future.


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