8) You may feel scarce, afraid, desperate, just don't say “no, my manifestation is not coming”. Be neutral or expectant (Allow), and you only need a base to allow.

"All realities are equally valid, I can ask what I want because Source always tells me yes, so it is." Now I relax and it's up to her.

I guarantee that in less than a month you will receive them.

9) Demonstrations with people are extremely fast, so we have material goods that involve people, then only material goods and then desires that involve collective agreements.

*People: You access versions all the time. Yes! you can attract your ex back in a better version. From a linear point of view, it would be messing with free will, but from a multidimensional point of view, you access a version in which he voluntarily chose to return, after all this reality exists, they all exist, you access. In the same way that you accessed the rejection, no version ceases to exist. I've done this several times. You can harmonize your family instead of pulling away, you can access the best versions of your neighbors instead of attacking them. The rule is clear, access versions, don't force anything.

I'll continue, but I think I invaded the forum space a lot. I will only leave 6 parts, although I have 38 more items.

asked 25 May '22, 23:28

Aurora%20Boreal's gravatar image

Aurora Boreal

Yes, you have invaded the forum space a lot. Wow! You are somehow awake to have realized that :p

These are not questions.

(25 May '22, 23:31) Yva

Yva! How rude and unpleasant you were! may not be questions, but I was reading and resonating with topics, now I can't read the rest. User deleted topics! sure why you said! Thanks!

(25 May '22, 23:49) theccosmiccandlelab

Good thoughts. I can't find the rest of them though?

(05 Jun '22, 18:18) Marin
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Thank you @Aurora Boreal, I would really love to read this from 1 -38 ,and would really appreciate it if you update here in case you post on the community (or if you can send it to my email). thank you.


answered 27 May '22, 17:00

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edited 28 May '22, 03:58

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please don't delete the topics! I was reading . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . ..


answered 25 May '22, 23:52

theccosmiccandlelab's gravatar image


I'll continue, but I think I invaded the forum space a lot. I will only leave 6 parts, although I have 38 more items.

@Aurora Boreal You are welcome to post your information in the community if you are finding it awkward to post here on Inward Quest.

There are fewer posting restrictions and larger post sizes, so all your thoughts would probably fit into just one post.


answered 26 May '22, 00:51

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