It appears that, for many people, the two concepts are the very same. Are they truly the same meaning and content of features? If they are distinct, what make the difference?

asked 26 Apr '10, 08:35

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For me self development is a process we undertake to look at those aspects of ourselves that are hindering us from living the life we are capable of; identifying those aspects or limited beliefs about ourself and replacing them with ones that are beneficial to the life we want to lead.It is expanding our perspective and becoming open to new ideas and in turn our own personal world begins to expand. We also work on our own self mastery, which gives us control over our own emotions and how we express them.

Enlightenment I interpret as a state one reaches when they have completely transcended suffering and desire and live completely from a state of alignment with the Divine. Although there can be an interconnectedness between the two, as one has to work on self development and self mastery enroute to enlightenment, I think most of us can attain a high degree of self mastery but very few actually attain enlightenment.


answered 26 Apr '10, 11:56

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Thank you very much, Michaela. I waited for your answer and I agree with you. I can tell you this, because nobody hear this.

(26 Apr '10, 13:05) Gleam

Consider the game of basketball.

Here are a bunch of guys bouncing a ball down a court and throwing a ball through a hoop. What does it mean? You might not be a fan, but there are many people out there who take this game very seriously. Surely there isn't anything enlightening about basketball; it's just a game.

Or is it?

  1. Playing basketball teaches eye-hand coordination, and the development of other physical skills.

  2. Basketball is a metaphor for many things in life, like sportsmanship and strategy.

  3. You make friends playing basketball and watching basketball, and talking about basketball.

  4. You learn about physics playing basketball.

  5. You stay in shape.

Life is like that. So is self-development.


answered 26 Apr '10, 19:06

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En-Lightenment - LIGHTEN UP!

Self-development - a way to achive En-Lightenment.


answered 26 Apr '10, 15:21

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self development is like moving around furniture on a sinking ship.

enlightenment, which is only a mind thing and experience to anticipate, is spontaneous.


answered 06 Jul '10, 12:11

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enlightenment is when you have saw the light!over the sense out of the body in pure awareness! self developpement is working on your self!


answered 27 Apr '11, 03:13

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white tiger

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