Jesus said "You shall know Truth, Truth sets you free." And we have a lot of so called Truth, and yet still a lot of conflicts and problems growing. Then, what is the Truth which can give us real freedom and happiness?

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Cosmic autumn

yes the truth sets you free! you have choice always! and even if you prove your truth if you do not see the truth of the other do you think it makes you better? if you could see is truth you would not have contend because you would agree on is truth! but you would have help him to see your truth! once both opposite are join the truth is alot more clear and there can be no fight because it is balence and harmony so there is no means to fight!

(20 Jun '11, 21:37) white tiger


The truth that sets us free is that we are creators, in the image of God, that God's spirit resides in us and around us; that God loves us and gives us our heart's desires and that we create our own lives, all the time, getting whatever we believe we can have or deserve. This is the greatest, most empowering truth of all. Consider that, when Jesus performed miracles, he said that we could do these and greater, and that faith could move mountains.

It is only our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our 'worthiness' that we acquire as we grow up, through society and parents, teachers and religious leaders, that leads to the negative filters that impacts what we call into our lives.


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Great answer Rebecca. We must not ever leave God out of our lives and go following another entity. For God is all in all that we need. Loved this answer! He said that we could move mountains according to our faith which didn't need to be no bigger than an mustard seed for an mustard seed grows very big they said. So, that means our faith grows and grows as we get spiritually closer and closer to God!

(14 Oct '09, 19:34) flowingwater

nice answer!

(10 Dec '13, 18:58) abrahamloa

There are a lot of Universal Truths, but the one that comes to me in reading your question is this:

"We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and not the other way around and, as such, are here to prosper in EVERY area of our lives."

(However, you must go out there and claim it!)


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what the hell is a spiritual being and how can a person find out for sure that a spiritual being is what one is?

(09 Dec '10, 03:51) mr.g

Neither Freedom nor Happiness are things that a person can go out and get or somehow claim, and they do not come from prosperity! Freedom is freedom and happiness is happiness. Seeking freedom is seeking freedom and seeking happiness is seeking happiness. These are discrete things that may exist together, happily seeking freedom, and freely seeking happiness! Or exist completely separate, seeking happiness with no happiness, seeking freedom with no freedom. Seeking does not lead to the thing sought, but is itself an entire experience. No must.

(18 Dec '10, 09:41) Hu Re

please stop believing another human can give you an answer to this question. find out for yourself. the question assumes there is a 'you' separate from life, who could obtain this truth. is that true? look until you find the answer FOR YOURSELF. it's that simple.


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Thank you for your responses, Jane! I appreciate your subjective perspective.

(08 Dec '10, 05:35) Hu Ra

While it's true that finally getting answers is an internal affair, confirmation of such from any source is helpful. After all, loving to share insights and actually sharing is a part of life, is it not?

(18 Dec '10, 04:55) Eddie

We shall not have the answers but maybe give you some "sign posts"

(18 Dec '10, 19:49) jim 10

yea when someone does not know how to really find oneself, you need that guidance how to find yourself. Example - spiritual gurus ask us to meditate and be in silence everyday for sometime and thats one way to more and more get tuned to your own real higher self. thats one method. Its not enough to simply say stop believing in other human or find out yourself but rather an individual needs step by step guidance to figuring things on their own by getting in touch with their higher self.

(10 Dec '13, 19:33) abrahamloa
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Everything is God, and You are God too. Enjoy, You are in paradise. Thank You


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You are immortal, a divine spark of the infinite creator on a quest to learn and grow, co-creating and manifesting this life of yours. Have fun!

Thank you, namaste


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"You form your own reality"

"There are no exceptions to this rule. Your successes and your failures alike, you have yourselves created. If you would but understand, this is the truth that would make you free."

Source: Conversations with Seth


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If we could only tap into the essence of Jesus, the essence of Buddha, the essence of Khrishnamurti, the essence of (fill in the blank), and not be ensnared by the limitations of who these historical figures were and are in their bodily incarnations, we would then most likely know and BE the truth that they so achingly were pointing to. This truth is real and its reality is happiness. As many others have said, do not hinge your happiness on ANYTHING or ANYONE external... not even any of those previously mentioned saints. Happiness is in the breath you breathe,despair is in the ignorance of such. It IS real. Why do we forever turn away from it?


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Thanks for your answer, Dao is the way of nature. If we follow the natural ways, that is truth and reality. but some dogma has been tried to distort that natural ways so many was distorted already. So, I am asking the way of nature which is God will or principle; I call that holistic Truth.

(11 Oct '09, 06:53) Cosmic autumn

I've tapped in and taken what I needed. Their truth, the truth shall always and forever remain and for that I'm eternally grateful.

(18 Dec '10, 04:48) Eddie

nice answer Ilbero

(11 Dec '13, 04:18) abrahamloa
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The Truth that will set you free is that while your body will die, you won't! You are eternal already...

Would you live your life any differently if you discovered for yourself the veracity of the statement above.

Doesn't the bible say something about "trampling the king of terrors beneath the feet". The thing we here fear most is death.

The seven bodies of man are roughly as follows:

Physical, etheric, emotional, lower mind, higher mind, soul body, spiritual body.

Different religions may name them differently.


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Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with you

(09 Mar '10, 17:07) Gleam

What is the Truth which can give us real freedom and happiness?

Knowing that we cannot create or destroy ultimate reality (insert your personal helpful definition of that here), of which we are all an inseparable part that just Is. And aside from that: knowing we have total freedom to create any experiential reality of our own choosing; all the while knowing that any and every reality we create and experience is not really real, including all participants thereof.

Further, it grants us total freedom from all details, believed in, conjured up or made up by others who haven't remembered this truth and who love to place emphasis and importance on those illusional details and trying to convince others of it, while apparently missing the point.

The effect of knowing these things being: there is no longer the psychological fear of death or ending because any life experience isn’t real to begin with. This doesn’t mean that if I was on an airplane about to crash that I wouldn’t experience fear in that moment. I’m sure I would, but it would be a fleeting fear, a response to something happening in the moment and not a psychological fear as a response to something in my psyche that I carry through my life experience.

Shakey’s Truth:

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts..." William Shakespeare 1564-1616

So to sum up my answer: freedom and happiness implies knowing: I’m an eternal creator of my own experiential reality (absolutely any reality I can imagine), who will never really die because I never really existed in the way that i used to believe and fear to begin with. In other words, it is the ending of pain and suffering which leaves only happiness.


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in the movie ''speed'' .. there is a strange solution to a hostage situation .. ''shoot the hostage!''. you may understand why I started with this later :) .. here is my opinion. freedom is absolute, always. to say that ''when you know the truth, truth will set you free'' .. means that you accepted the idea of being a slave already! .. now your problem would be ''how I get salvation?'' .. ''what is the truth?''. this is a mental trick. an illusion. the truth will never be known or realized by our limited minds. in other words .. ''we can't handle the truth!''. that's why we have thousands of truths. new truths are born and old truths die, with every human being. to be really free, you need to be free from the truth itself .. this is the only way for the truth to set you free. can you handle this absolute freedom ? .. most people can't. with all respect to all beliefs .. if I believe that I'm free because of God .. I'm not. I'm still a slave to this God forever ( that's why we call him God - Lord - Master ) . this is not salvation, it's a different kind of slavery. you only changed your master.this is not salvation at all. true salvation ( Enlightenment ) means absolute freedom. ( absolute freedom means to be free, even from the truth itself) ---------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi, thank you Cosmic autumn for your comment. here is my opinion: we can't have what we can't imagine. and we can't imagine if we don't have a choice. then we would only take what we are given, follow what we are told. life is full of rules and laws. but all are there serving one master law. absolute freedom. freedom is life, creativity, choice, creation. all laws of the universe are surving this one principle of absolute freedom. and as below so above, as above so below. you are right, even God follow the rules. but he created them in the first place. they are the result of experiencing his absolute free will. that's why God is all peaceful and merciful as well as all powerful. because he is in harmony with his creation/himself. we are not. because we don't know that we share this freedom. we believe that God is our lord and master. while he created us all free. even free from himself! .. you are talking about suffering, but that depends on your point of view. it depends on which side of the coin you are looking at. the all is one. and the one is the all. when part of me is suffering, there is another part that could never suffer. if I'm aware of that part, suffering would never be allowed. the rules are there to serve freedom, not to make us slaves of these rules. we created those rules. the creator, God, the absolute consciousness within all existence .. is part of us as it's part of everything. that's why he talks about himself in the plural ''we'' as he also talks in the singular ''I am''. he is both. we ae both! .. this is not a bleief. this is what science tell us. this is what spiritual teachings told us. and most important, it's all around us. we live it and experience it every moment. absolute freedom is what creates the laws. not to be limited to it, but to experience it and keeps creating. that's why we were told not to worship idols. idols are not only those made of stone. if we think that our freedom is limited by anything, we are slaves to those things. they would become Gods to us and masters that we worship and follow. while the truth is exactly the opposite. why do you think we don't hear or see miracles any more? .. because we are not as free as those who performed those miracles we read about in holy books. slaves can't have what only masters can have. if life is a game, then we have a choice to follow the rules or create our own rules. in any case we have to play. how we play, that's up to us. God says that he is the truth. but he also says that he is salvation. freedom is always absolute. salvation is abssolute. this is very dangerous way of thinking. very dangerous to organized religions/politics/ and mind control groups. that's why - for example - Jesus was killed. he was a dangerous man to those people. and if he lived on earth today, he would be killed again. we were programmed from childhood to reject salvation and follow the version of truth we are given. and we were told that we are free. are we? .. if we are, you wouldn't be asking this question. and millions of people are thinking about the same question. drop the question, and you wouldn't need an answer. drop the mind. shoot the hostage. free yourself from the so called truth. and you will know the truth. but you wouldn't be able to talk about it because it can not be told. words can't handle it, just like our minds. ask 10 enlightened persons a simple question, what is enlightenment? you will get 10 different answers. salvation and enlightenment, what's the difference ? .. think about it. the question is still: can we handle the truth? .. we are sure not allowed to by the systems made to keep us as the way they want us. but what if we are allowed to .. can we handle it? .. I believe 99% of us can't. not out of choice or free will, but out of false and strong beliefs, and because of the way we were programmed to think. we were told who we are, how we are supposed to think, what we should believe, what to accept and what to reject .. and we are here talking about absolute freedom!? .. very hard if not impposible to handle in this age. that's why I think this question will be asked again and again, and again. just the like the question of the meaning of life. you can't be part of the painting and see it. you must become a viewer. and you can't know the real meaning behind the painting if you are part of it or a viewer. you must become the painter.


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Thanks Adel, I don't have anything against your opinions. That's all true. But I am asking the core principle which can embrace all the branch truths. And I also want to be a genuine painter of my life and want to share those wisdom with others as well.

(11 Oct '09, 07:15) Cosmic autumn

There is really nothing outside of yourself that can answer questions. Most truths come from within the heart, that is the truthful 'eye' and 'ear' we have. The reality can be very hard to accept. What if the god that created this universe is not too balanced? What if the real Universal Force is something other than what we think?

There is quite an amount of sensory and informational overload. What would you believe if you were alone for a long time, without reading or listening to anything? Silence and solitude has been a method for discovery to the point that once we do that we find kindred souls.

Good books:

An American Mystic by Michael Gurian

God Debris by Scott Adams

There I go suggesting just what I said was informational overload. ;)


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The truth for me is knowing that I am a spiritual being having a physical experience and that in this experience I have the power to create the life I want. I have not mastered the art of creation but the little that I know makes me feel so free. So I really understand the statement "the truth shall make you free".


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Truth should be holistic and seasonable. Then, what is the holistic and seasonable truth?

“To know the truth partially is to distort the Universe.” “The Truth must be seasonable.”

“To know the truth partially is to distort the Universe. For example, the savage who can only count up to ten enormously exaggerates the importance of the small numbers, and so do we whose imaginations fail when we come to millions. It is an erroneous moral platitude, that it is necessarily good to know the truth. The minor truth may beget the major evil. And this major evil may take the form of the major error. Henri Poincare points out that the instruments of precision, used unseasonably, may hinder the advance of science. For example, if Newton’s imagination had been dominated by the errors in Kepler’s Laws as disclosed by modern observation, the world might still be waiting for the Law of Gravitation. The Truth must be seasonable.” -Alfred North Whitehead-


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Cosmic autumn

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your answer. Your answer seems to be holistic and eternal but also too general. I am doubting that the truth "We are all creators" so, we can create all what we want. Then can we create things even against God's will or universal fixed principle? What I want to know about the truth is basic principle of this universal change and creation. According to what kind of principle this universe was created and has been changing itself continuously? If all of us believe that we are all creators then, can we change the process of time system: birth, growth, fade, and death? There is a certain principle which is fundamental, unbreakable and never-changing. I believe that understanding the holistic truth is not that easy and that is the results of our maturation. So, I want to listen more people their opinions here.


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Cosmic autumn

That there is a supreme being. The one and only creator; the greatest of all.

You have a good question Cosmic autumn. I have asked myself that question.

(10 Oct '09, 03:30) Celine

Thanks Celine, I believe that there is the Supreme Being who rules all in this universe by his own principle which He himself cannot break or deviates from. and I want to discuss on that very principle of creative change which even the creator also should follow.

(10 Oct '09, 05:17) Cosmic autumn

God's sole intent is to create. God is consciousness, the thinking matter all around and within us, and throughout the universe. The creator loves us and gives us our heart's desire - i.e. whatever is in our heart is what we get, good or bad. This crosses both Eastern and Western beliefs. God is within us and around us, we are made in the likeness of God, we create through God. God's loving will is that we get what we expect and believe we can have. What the results of that are, are down to us. Through us there is contrast, there is new creation, new life, evolution.

(10 Oct '09, 19:53) Rebecca
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I agree with Rebecca that God is our creator and he made us in the image of him. That he made us heirs to his kingdom and those that choose to believe in him for he gave of all us free will to chose. That we are co-creators of our lives by what we think, say, do, and act upon which effects our own lives, and others people lives as well by the choices we make each and everyday. Other people effect our lives as well through the same process. The truth is that we have God's spirit within us. When he breathe the breath of life into the first human. We are spiritual human beings. We were a spirit before we became an human being with an soul. Whether we believe in, no god, any god, or The God that I am that I am God does not stop it from being true that he exist and is real an is all powerful full of love, mercy,grace and forgiveness for us all.

He gave us the ability to chose to be who ever we want to be and do what ever we want to do.

Jesus said that we can do these things that he does and greater things than he and I just didn't understand that for an while. But I came to understand that he meant we are co-creators of our own lives and destiny, our own reality and that we contribute to the reality of this world in an little way or an big way with our crativity, with how we treat people, and who we believe in and how we help take care of mother earth or not take care of mother earth.

By God giving us free will yes, we can chose to go against God and his ways he will allow that for an while until Jesus come back to complete God's plan and than will be judgement day and if we are not writen in the book of life than the person will be cast into the lake of fire along with hell, death cast into the lake of fire. There is much danger in our choices for our selves and others but we do have that choice.

God allows us to be who and what we want anyway we want for our time allow here on earth before we can be transfer through death or just transfer to another plane where ever the spirit goes after the death of our fleshly body.

But as for me I chose God that I am that I am God. We all have choices and our choices are different and even the choice not to beieve in anything. But it is our choice and we have this because we are an spiritual human being full of so much potential while we are here on this earth as we go through our journey of life. Your spirit knows the truth.


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Life has been made of our continuous choices. If we have enough understanding about our reality or holistic truth, we could make our life much more better because we would understand it deeply so always make the best choice for our future. But problem is our ignorance about God, Universe and Principle. With limited understanding, we chose our best option which begets major evil regardless our real intention.

"It is an erroneous moral platitude, that it is necessarily good to know the truth. The minor truth may beget the major evil."

This is the greatest contradiction and self-denial of universe and hindrance for human final evolution. Because of accumulation of those minor truths, we could see the entire major truth. But people are still too much attached on to their own minor truth (for a while, it was seasonable) which beget the major evil in this time (No more seasonable). This is the greatest notion for us to realize.

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Cosmic autumn

The truth that Jesus was teaching us was that we are the masters of our fate, when we realize this it sets us free from believing we are helpless victims of unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

It gives us the will to go out and create the life we want for ourselves, not what some stars say or cards or whatever predestined fate we may believe in. It places ourselves in the position of being the KING in control, not the slave with no free will tossed and turned by outside influence. It gives us the ability to choose what we will have and command it into experience by will, planing and action. It sets us free from anyone trying to say you can't do this, you will never achieve that, you are not good enough, because when you realize you are THE KING of your own life, you are below no-one else (except of course Jesus whom is with you anyway) then you realize your opinion matters most for your life experience, not others. So others put you down and say you'll never make it, do it anyway and prove them wrong! You are your own Master and none else, listen to your own opinion, we are the Kings of Earth and Jesus is the King of the Kings.


answered 10 Oct '09, 05:43

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Wade Casaldi

I could now a little bit understand the gap between western mind sets and eastern. I want to listen something new and yet every color of the opinions here seems to be same. limited mind sets,,,

(10 Oct '09, 14:36) Cosmic autumn

You asked a question about something Jesus said, I figured you wanted a Christian answer. If you want an Eastern answer that is much easier Mu.

(11 Oct '09, 04:42) Wade Casaldi

Oh,, this is something great and new. Mugeuk or Muji (Non-being or nothing) is the source of everything. Then, How do you understand from this Mugeuk or Mu, Everything started to appear in this universe? What is the principle of all creation process?

(11 Oct '09, 06:38) Cosmic autumn

Well there is the Kabalistic approach that almost mirrors the Big Bang theory. I like to think of it as consciousness created as dreams, I read once "all existence are the dreams of Visu" In other words God's dreams. This would fit with in the beginning was the word and all was created from the word. That creative thought and it mirrors in our dreams the world seem very real. Plus quantum physics says thought influences matter, so maybe matter is thought manifest or experienced from the observer point of view as existing?

(11 Oct '09, 07:13) Wade Casaldi

Thanks, Getting more specific and clear now. There are always two creations; first creation, inner or mental creation and second creation, outer or physical creation. All creation in our world was created by inner world before and it's simply manifestation of that inner creation. There are mental pole and physical pole in this universe. And this is the reality of this universe which is truth.

(11 Oct '09, 07:28) Cosmic autumn

That is very reasonable I like that answer. It fits with the Hermetic law "As above so below, as below so above"

(11 Oct '09, 07:49) Wade Casaldi

In an enigmatic way the nothing "void" is talked about in the Bible is Genesis chapter 1 verse 2.

(12 Oct '09, 07:21) Wade Casaldi
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Thank you for the fresh notion Adel,

This is somewhat reminding me my previous question about the meaning of life. I was asking myself the meaning of life in my earlier time and could not get the enlightening answer. And one day, I asked this question to someone who answered me that “I am living for answering that question.” So, that answer was accepted as my temporary answer for the meaning of life. ^^

Well,,, What I understand the meaning of absolute freedom is like knowing the rules of game absolutely so, we could know the reason and results of every our options provided and choices taken in our life. I don’t really believe that Even God, the creator could have that kind of absolute freedom which can do whatever He want regardless the rules or principle of this universe. If God created this universe by a certain principle, He should follow that principle. If not, this universe cannot be existing. The notion that God can do everything makes us uneasy about Him as well. If God, the creator can do everything like magician and with full of merciful mind, Why does He give us this kind of suffering? And this is not reality meaning false idea which misleads people to be afraid of God or hate Him. Without understanding Him properly or with limited understanding about Him, People distorted the reality of His Image and Universe. That is the main reason I try to make this issue. I personally believe we are all the creator of our own life but someone knows the rule of this universal life game(Dao) very well; meaning free and many of others don’t; meaning slavery of their lives. I am trying to talk about the rules or principle of this universe which even God or Creator cannot deviates from and I want to listen your opinions as well.

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answered 10 Oct '09, 23:04

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Cosmic autumn

Reaching enlightenment or to put it more simply - knowing thyself fully.


answered 01 Mar '10, 00:02

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Here are my thoughts on your question. (You shall know the truth.) This means that the truth is within our heart, and we already know what the truth is in our heart. (Truth sets you free.) This means that you should not tell a lie, and that you should tell the truth to set your self free of your lies!

In this way you will feel free, and happy that you have you told the truth, and this will enable you to move on in your life in a positive way, without any reservation, and unresolved issues. And this is the most rewarding feeling, when you know to yourself that you have done the right thing by taking full responsibility for your actions to move on with grace, and with neutral respect in your life!


answered 05 Dec '10, 02:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

If you stop seeking and start finding, you may find that the truth you imagine doesn't even exist. Perhaps then you will awaken to the freedom and happiness that have always been.


answered 08 Dec '10, 05:38

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Hu Ra

You may say and offer the advice: don’t seek because you will not find and while that will be true for you; in my experience it does depend on the mindset of the inquirer. If one diligently and earnestly inquires and really listens and sees - then the light of truth eventually does shine through :)

(18 Dec '10, 04:58) Eddie

and then what? Do you see how even 'truth' changes after a few moments? The light of truth just is. Seeking obscures and clutters the mind with want. Can an 'imperfect' being, just be truth? With no requirements? What if everything is just perfect and even seeking the truth that is 'out there' or 'in here somewhere' fits into a great puzzle where we all pretend we're not one tiny-big atom on god's bald spot?

(18 Dec '10, 06:35) Hu Ra

If one is living a perfect (in whoever's terms) life, then what seeking of anything else is necessary? If not and there is a certain unsatisfactoriness, I don't see anything wrong with seeking something beyond that, even when that seeking brings in more pain and suffering in the beginning. I've been down that path and am happily on the other side of it, but for me it was a path I chose that did help me move beyond those things. It seems like you believe in imperfection, what if, out there and Supreme Being, whereas I do not. So where can we meet? What is the starting place for our dialogue?

(18 Dec '10, 08:30) Eddie

Imperfection? According to Gautama Buddha, Everything is as it should be! Seeking is just a part of the expansion process, part of believing in limitation to later transcend the need for limitation. Seeking itself IS suffering. Attachment, attraction, aversion, desire, ... it all anchors one into the 'suffering' of duality. You chose your path, you went down it, you feel happy. It's all good. Supreme Being? Yeah, I believe in a 'Supreme Being': Me!

(18 Dec '10, 10:16) Hu Ra
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We are in constant balance between Spiritual reality and physical reality. Try not to stay in one or the other too long.

We are presently living in a holographic movie playing out our parts to learn and experience this physical reality. Have fun about it. xoxo

Be what happens then look at what happens and try not to be to attached to either. ' It would be nice to have arms big enough to hug you all. Just imagined it...thanks



answered 18 Dec '10, 19:54

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jim 10

There is no growth without conflict,


answered 07 Jan '11, 09:56

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The Prophet

conflict is not needed! understanding other is needed! only once you understand other can you grow! if you are in conflict there is no growth because you are stuck in your position!

(20 Jun '11, 21:39) white tiger

there is many truth in the absolute truth! and each person see the truth according to there perception of it! each flower could say some truth to what they see!free your mind and see experiance! in fact if you know that all truth are in harmonie in the absolute truth why have conflict! who would fight when each opposite understand the truth of the counter part! the problem is that people in this world always go to the extreme! they should seek the middle way!


answered 17 May '11, 07:31

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white tiger

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How far for us to gain freedom?

Freedom within Dependence upon Something else


  • Since we are dependence to something else, then in general, we are within boundaries.

Free is an escape. Escape from what? Free is an escape from dependence to something. But if we can escape from dependence to something then we have to stay within another boundary. If that so, then where is our freedom? Is freedom an escape from all boundaries? Surely no!

  • It's an escape from one boundaries to another boundaries. The qualities of an escape is determined by how can we get new boundaries without something as found on previous boundaries.

Freedom within Dependence upon Ourselves


Our domination within boundaries is strongly dependence to our ego. Each time our ego is being threatened, then our domination is being threatened.

And our ego have ability to push ourselves to dominate as far our own available functions (potential) that can be realized without obstacle.

If our ego are being threatened and this threat restricts our ego to release our functions as human, then ourselves will try to find something better to support our functions as human.

If our ego was failed to dominate, further we won't be satisfied, and we need another chance (freedom) to fulfill our needs.

There must be better synchronizing in between our functionality as human and something to support ourselves. Without this, our domination will be threatened easily, and our ego will be threatened, further our freedom (to fulfill our needs) will be restricted.


There is no way for us to get freedom beyond any boundaries, since it's unreasonable. Whether we believe causalities or not, but no matter how hard we try to be free, we are still within boundaries.

  • If we want to get freedom then we must save our ego. Whether someone said we had no freedom, but as long as our ego run safely, then we felt just like having freedom. But once our domination were injured, then that's when we started to think that our freedom was decreased.

Adjusting Level of Dependency

No matter whether you can make choices or not, but one thing for sure, we have to realize that free will is a process of exploration as far as we could possibly do, rather breaking boundaries.

Someone should put the chances of the expansion of possibilities (freedom) to the wider domination who is considered to have the possibility much broader than previously. If we want to get freedom better, then we must rely ourselves to something that has the possibility of more widespread.

It's adjusting level. The qualities of adjusting level is determined by how can we get new boundaries with wider domination than previous boundaries.

So, freedom is not breaking boundaries, since it's impossible. But freedom is having possibilities as should be. "I am free" means i can manifest my own possibilities as it should be relevantly.

  1. If we could do it, at the lower level, our ego will be saved automatically,
  2. If we could do it, at the higher level, we will have higher tolerances, where ego has wider intentions then previously

What is the Truth which can give us real freedom and happiness? By relying ourselves to God (dependence upon God), surrender to God, then we will find real freedom as proper adjustment and our ego will be saved by shifting it to a wider tolerances.

  • We will win from any point of views. At the lower level, our ego will be saved, on a higher level we will have wider adjustment, better guidance, peacefully (it's great winning)

The key to the truth in this issue is: the more we surrender to God, the more we dependence upon God, and the more we get freedom and happiness. The problem is, how do we understand and apply for "what surrender is" THROUGH GET INTO ONENESS? Can we?


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