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I will admit it, when this question hit my mind I thoroughly enjoyed a huge, spontaneous belly laugh, maybe even sprained something, I'll have to check on that later. But that may just be me being... me. :)

Now that I've filed those pesky horns on my head down a bit, I think is a very valid wiki question. Think about it; have you ever seen a movie you thought was going to be great, but it had such a dismal ending, you walked away saying,

"Geeze, what a drag! Why didn't anybody warn me that movie was such a downer?"

A book which actually convinced you for a while that everything really was your parent's fault after all?

A song you wish you'd never Googled the lyrics to?

Well, here's your chance to warn us :)

We probably won't want links posted for such things, I wouldn't want to bring anybody down...

(I hope you can accept this question in the spirit in which it is offered up... if not, at least give me some credit, this is taking some considerable guts.)


asked 12 Aug '12, 18:44

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lol that made me laugh too

(12 Aug '12, 19:44) Fairy Princess

I thought it might, @Fairy Princess :)

(12 Aug '12, 20:06) Grace

@Grace- You sure have livened things up around here!!! :) ♥

(12 Aug '12, 20:07) Jaianniah

Giant (1956). Do not watch unless you are in the vortex and can find a silver lining.

(15 Mar '13, 20:52) flowsurfer

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, nasty !

(15 Mar '13, 22:05) Starlight

One movie that I watched in my teens and that I will never ever forget because it was so awful is "Braindead" by Peter Jackson. Actually I was stoned and it was still awful! Never ever watch it! Please! If you want the proof, here is the trailer

(16 Mar '13, 00:21) releaser99

yes an intriguing question @Grace, just to spice things up a bit more, here is an article on "the dangers of positive thinking" :)

(16 Mar '13, 02:14) ru bis

@releaser99 - "Actually I was stoned and it was still awful!" LOL!!! :D

(16 Mar '13, 12:09) Grace

@ru bis - Thank you for the interesting link. I actually don't view identifying an abusive situation and seeing it clearly for what it is as negative thinking at all. I do get the writer's point, but to me, it is strongly positive to contemplate your own worth and value. The more you consentrate thoughts (energy) on your own, precious spirit, your totally unique and therefore priceless point of view...

(16 Mar '13, 12:35) Grace

... the more intolerable and unthinkable it is to remain in an abusive situation, and the more the Universe brings you vibrational matches to your respect for yourself. That would have to manifest in opportunities and inspiration to get off that path, and onto one more in alignment with who you really are. :)

(16 Mar '13, 12:36) Grace

@Grace - i enjoy reading your thoughts on the subject, yes they certainly vibrate with me ...

(16 Mar '13, 12:45) ru bis

@ru bis - :) It brought up an interesting distinction, I think; one I used to struggle with quite a bit. Loving peace and harmony as I do, I have sometimes sacrificed myself to achieve some semblence of it. It enevitably results in a hollow and false peace, however, at that cost.

(16 Mar '13, 13:02) Grace
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I believe the worst book I ever endured was Black Beauty, which describes, for page after page, the horrible treatment and abuse of this gorgeous black horse. I read it in fourth grade or so, and I remember thinking that that book really sucked....Who wants to read about animal abuse???

As for a movie that truly disappoints, I'd vote for The Rapture, which combines the Apocalypse, soft-core porn and other maladjusted stuff all together in a creepy movie...

I have come to hate jazz of any sort. This is because my ex use to get out of bed, turn on Sirius radio to the jazz channel, and insisted on listening to it ALL DAY LONG>>>(Insert scream here). I know that some of you feel the same way about classical music, but he tortured me with his jazz, and now I get ill when I hear it.

This is my short list. I reserve the right to add to it should I think of anything else that made me ill....LOL


Jaianniah ♥


answered 12 Aug '12, 19:55

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edited 12 Aug '12, 19:56

LOL! Thanks for the warnings, Jai! :)

(12 Aug '12, 20:05) Grace

@Jai Black Beauty That was a real tear- jerker; but it contributed greatly to who I am & how I relate to animals. It seemed like it took me forever to finish it because it was so sad & I cried so hard & yes, I was in the 4th grade also. After I finished the book my Dad bought me a horse. If you close your eyes to abuse whether child or animal how will you ever hope to stop it? Black Beauty is a classic.

(26 Jun '13, 00:39) ele

My horse broke her leg the day she was given to me, before I got a chance ride her. Thankfully it was a FRONT leg. I'm sure you know what happens to a horse when they break a back leg. I would have been devastated. I didn't get to ride until the next year. I'll take your word for the movie "The Rapture" - no interest in seeing it.

(26 Jun '13, 01:46) ele
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Most anything gory does this to me. It has a influence that everything is not all wonderful and I have been looking at things through Rose Spectacles! Only seeing wonderful while there are people suffering. It could be total fiction but still has an influence on me seeing violence of people purposely doing very violent things to other people and enjoying it even!

I was watching a movie about the mob one night it stared Alex Baldwin as a mafia boss. In the movie he decides to cut off some guy's ear on a meat slicer! I turned that off, I couldn't watch such inhumanity to humanity perpetrated (or as since it is just a movie I should just enjoy it) simulated for my enjoyment! I don't enjoy seeing others very violently harmed! There was a Steven Segal movie were a guy had a drill stuck in his belly, there was no call for that in the movie it turned me right off!!

When I see this kind of violence I feel it is contributing to people being inhuman to each other. Not only this if it is thought of for a movie you can be sure it is being used on someone some where on earth in torture. Maybe in another country on some political prisoners, I don't need to watch this to draw my attention to that extremely negative level of belief and experience.

Other movies that can bring down my vibration are movies like Vampire movies that make it cool and great to be a vampire. Like saying look at all the wonderful powers you can gain from Satan! What is that about! God is all powerful and we have that power with us at all times through Christ within us, we are more powerful than Satan because we have Christ and he is the one fighting through us.

There was a challenge between Paul and Simon a wizard, the wizard said his powers were stronger than God's power. That Christ was no match for him! Simon rose up into the sky with an incantation! Paul prayed to Jesus and Simon fell from the sky and after that Paul was revered while Simon the Wizard was shunned by the people as he broke his ankle and wanted help. This happened again as I recall in the story of Saint Patrick versed a wizard that said "Your God is nothing to my God, I challenge you!" Saint Patrick accepted and they lit a big bond-fire, the wizard said he controlled the elements and his cloak would protect him. Saint Patrick said God will protect me! They both went into the fire, only Saint Patrick came out the wizard was killed.

When we truly are in God and in full faith knowing anything the devil can do God can do better. We experience this as we place our faith in God we find we are above anything the devil shows as "great!"

Any movie that glorifies Satan, 90% of the movie people are ripped to shreds and Satan is laughing even it shows priest or pastors trying to beat the devil but they get killed too. It is not until the very end good wins, but 90% of the programing in our brains is look at the power of evil, fear evil don't fight it. Your God wont protect you. This is what you get programed with watching these possession movies. I remember watching a movie on ghost it was suppose to be a recorded movie shot from a handy cam. Well it showed evil winning even right to the end! That made us both mad, we felt it had such a lousy ending. It was much like it was a movie to promote Satan's power! It sucked!


answered 12 Aug '12, 20:08

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Wade Casaldi


Agree with that - gory just doesn't do anything for me. Thanks @Wade! :)

(12 Aug '12, 21:44) Grace

Most gore/horror movies... Skeleton Key (I absolutely dreaded it), Saw movies, Final destinations, Insidious, Paranormal activity, Splice, Eye for an Eye.

I liked the Lovely Bones as a whole... but I'll never read it again because it was too depressing for most of it. I also can't stand the final book of the Hunger Games.

Evanescence, Korn, Insane Clown Posse. Depressing music for me. Anything similar to those three. I love rock music but unfortunately most of it is too angry/depressing for me.

Bad rappers... and most of them are bad, IMO. Now I have heard some good rap music... meaning rymes that made sense and had good beats. A lot of mainstream stuff I've heard lately I've just found annoying.

I'm not a huge fan of any movies/games/books that are overall depressing. My exceptions are Donnie Darko & Silent Hill. As odd, depressing, dark and gorey (SilentHill) those two are, I enjoy them immensely for some reason.


answered 13 Aug '12, 00:00

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Thank you, @LapisLazuli. It's interesting how some things are very good but badly deflating, and others are just plain bad. :) Thanks for the "heads up"!

(13 Aug '12, 00:45) Grace

I shouldnt of posted this last night, I had nightmares lol. You're welcome:)

(13 Aug '12, 12:09) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli Paranormal Activity! Yes that was the name of that lousy movie, it really glorified Satan to the end! That sucked!

(13 Aug '12, 12:42) Wade Casaldi
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In the name of love for my own vibrational state of happiness I will not look back into my past and dig out that which I would not want to have repeated in my life.

Lets just say there are books, movies and music that cast darkness on my days. Still I would suggest everyone go through the experience of reading, seeing, hearing them, if they don't have yet formed an opinion on such kind of things. But that's more for someone who's still searching for his way.

Once you know what way you want to go, you don't look at any other path.


answered 13 Aug '12, 09:55

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edited 13 Aug '12, 09:56


@Calonlan - good advice CL. I try to stay away from anything that is going to "cast darkness on my days" and that includes the news most of the time.

(13 Aug '12, 10:01) Catherine

@Catherine, "Overcome your uncertainties and free yourself from dwelling on sorrow. When you delight in existence, you will become a guide to those in need, revealing the path to many. - Buddha".

Forget the news, newspaper, gossips, anything that happens. All that you need to do is dream and follow through with it. ;-)

(13 Aug '12, 10:09) CalonLan

I am loving your insights, the both of you, @CalonLan and @Catherine. Thank you for sharing them. I rarely watch the news anymore. Don't seem to have missed much.

(13 Aug '12, 22:07) Grace

It's funny to see how a person I'm sick of everything ordinary Lmao. Music about love and almost anything at all, tv series about "common" people, whatever stories...I guess I'm sick of it all. ...they're so pretentious, insecure, people in them are afraid of something all the time, it's making me puke. Now I better understand society that can dwell on these things and why they enjoy them.

(16 Mar '13, 02:58) CalonLan
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Train spotting I watched once never again. Great movie ,but one scene just tears my heart. bought the sound track.. loved it .
and I would agree with @LapisLazuli on films and music.


answered 13 Aug '12, 01:24

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I know the feeling. Once a movie breaks my heart, its hard to tell if I love it or I hate it.

(14 Aug '12, 09:02) Grace

The Green Mile - don't be fooled by Tom Hanks smiling face on the cover. Trust me you don't ever need to see someone being cooked to death in an electric chair.

Drive - Ryan Gosling but ultra slick violence - it made me feel quite unwell.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - that child catcher still gives me the major creeps - really evil.

The Smiths - "Girlfriend in a coma", "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" - it rains a lot in Manchester but really Morrissey there is no excuse for being that depressing! Brilliant though in the right context.


answered 13 Aug '12, 09:40

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edited 13 Aug '12, 09:42

I agree about "The Green Mile" too! A lot liked the movie because of the healing but it was really disturbing. There were many scenes disturbing in that. I saw you can get edited movies on the net but it seems Hollywood slammed the door at that! Yet on television there are edited for television movies all the time! I think that is a double standard, you should be able to buy them that way!

(13 Aug '12, 11:12) Wade Casaldi

At times I rent a movie because I saw it on television (edited for television version) a long time ago and find out it is way different than I remember! "I didn't remember that scene it was quite unsettling! and that one too! and this one!" It just ruins the film I think.

(13 Aug '12, 11:14) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - I totally get what you mean about responding differently to the same film. I think I've got more sensitised to violence over time or maybe films are more violent.

(13 Aug '12, 11:48) Catherine

This is interesting to me, because I used to love The Smiths, but I just can't stand so much misery these days. There is so much to love about the music, but I just can't bear the lyrics. Its happening with Damien Rice to a lesser extent for me. His music is irresistable to me right now, though... I wonder if things can be powerful and poignent, without being painful...

(13 Aug '12, 22:00) Grace

...Same with The Green Mile, loved it, but I don't want to see that stuff either, so I just don't watch it again, or I skip through the gross bits.

I appreciate drama, but the suggestion rather than the literal depiction of something intense or horrible can be so much more dramatic, I think because your own imagination gets to play a part in it when there is skillful suggestion, and it will take you wherever you want to go. That seems lost on Hollywood today.

(13 Aug '12, 22:00) Grace

I crave purity and beauty and innocence.

(13 Aug '12, 22:03) Grace

@Grace - I too have been pondering the sad poignant v sad I never want to see/hear this again and wondering whether the sad/poignant leaves you in a higher vibration. Take one of my favourite films - The Remains of the Day - hugely poignant but just a great piece of art so yeah I've watched it several times. I went through a Damien Rice phase too! Cold water is etched on the brain. I put it in the sad/poignant category but I do have to wonder about the song writers vibrational setpoint!

(14 Aug '12, 04:10) Catherine

@Grace actually I was half joking about The Smiths - they are brilliant but really when you look down the titles of their albums - "The Queen is Dead", "Meat is Murder", "Hatfull of Hollow", "Louder than Bombs", "Strangeways here we come" (Strangeways being a psychiatric prison here in the UK) ... clearly no songwriting coming from a Vortex! They are still part of my listening pleasure but in much much smaller doses these days.

(14 Aug '12, 04:16) Catherine

@Catherine, I understand what you mean. All of what you said resonates. I loved The Remains of The Day. But I can't bring myself to watch it again. At least, not alone. I have such a sense of nostalgia, I seem to have been born this way. It also seems to stem from growing up listening to poingnant WWII England stories from my family. One that was evacuated at 9 to survive The Blitz, one survived a beach at Normandy, all lived through all the privation and loss, but had such intense ....

(14 Aug '12, 09:13) Grace

... exeriences, so powerful and some so beautiful and exclusively and wonderfully human.... These have left me with a sense of history and a perspective of life that is odd, at least, to many where I am. Whooops, sorry dear, see how this stuff gets me going? LOL! Ahh well I will leave it here. It's me and I may as well not hide. Anyway, what I meant to say was if you ever figure out how to enjoy poigniancy without sadness, please let me know! :) Also, I love The Death of a Disco Dancer...

(14 Aug '12, 09:20) Grace

... and I'm still listening to Delicate every day in the car. "Weirdo" stamped clearly (and accurately) on my forehead. :D

(14 Aug '12, 09:22) Grace

... is there something cathartic about poignancy? I wonder.

(14 Aug '12, 09:26) Grace

I liked the Green Mile Wade , as you say for the Healing and also one mans love for a tiny furry creature , once again all down to a persons perspective . I agree about the execution and I hated the man responsible for that ghastly death , but also could appreciate what great talent the actor displayed to create that kind of emotion in me , Dennis Hopper in Paris Trout did same , and Sam Neil in The Piano

(16 Mar '13, 01:07) Starlight

The fact of the matter is when you watched people executed in the Green Mile, that is how it was watching someone being executed on the electric chair.

Thomas Edison the inventor of the electric chair regretted ever creating it and fought against it for the rest of his life.

He built it to show how dangerous AC current was. He thought it would kill a man as easy as a chicken. It didn't, it was horrible death that lasted close to a half hour of attempts!

Simulated in Green Mile? No thanks.

(16 Mar '13, 02:00) Wade Casaldi

When the Green Mile was first run I was not consciously aware of how these things impacted ones life except on an immediate reactionary level . Looking back I have taken what was important to me from this film and also know, it was a simulation , as Abraham says ,"yes, phew, it was just a movie" :-) These days things are quickly switched off when the feeling meter turns amber . I'm sure Mr Oppenheimer also had regrets for the misuse of his discovery as much as Mr Edison and other inventors

(16 Mar '13, 02:41) Starlight

A link to Edison and the Electric chair One wonders the logic of building a "chair " to prove that point huh

(16 Mar '13, 03:10) Starlight
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