How much would my business and life change if I put even more emphasis on service to others? Today I went to shot trap and maybe some skeet. I have been wanting to go for a couple weeks. I didn't think I was going to go today, but alas a break. I had a goal of high and low for the number of clays I wanted to break. I struggled But after a couple boxes of shells I started to smash them time after time. On the last box of shells I practically ran the table and at least nearly made my lower goal. The others guys and a gal only rarely hit any clays. As I went through the round I became even more determined to do well so I could help the newbys. From then on I never missed. After the round was over I ask if the Newbys wanted any pointers. I pointed out a couple of techniques that would help them hit more clays.

I felt great about my performance and super about being able to help others. This gave me the idea to put even more emphasis on service in every area including my business. But not just that, but to care and help others. So pondered how much this approach would help me. What do you think? I'm going for it! I might become a whole new person!!!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

sounds like a focus on what you are trying to accomplish lead to hitting more clay. treating others as you might expect to be done if you had a question may not come back to you right away, but it is plantings seeds of a universal nature for the future

(20 Feb '12, 10:02) fred

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Everyone in your reality is just a reflection of an aspect of you so in helping others you are really helping yourself anyway. And also many people have less resistance to helping others than to helping themselves directly.

I started a personal "experiment" some years ago where I decided to see what would happen if I offered a service for free that others were charging for, while still attempting to make it even better than everyone else was doing. From a business standpoint, it seemed like complete madness but thankfully Universal Laws don't operate from business standpoints :)

The result was basically an avalanche of "good stuff" into my life - very often coming from places completely unrelated to my "experiment"...and, of course, the service benefits everyone else too. So everybody wins :)


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@Stingray, I'm sure I could offer some advice free I like to be of help. I'm helping a young man tomorrow. I might be able to offer some smaller part of my carpet cleaning service free. I will have think on it. Did you run into those that wanted every thing free after you offer some of it free. Thank for your answer I really appreciate it.

(20 Feb '12, 18:27) Tom

@Tom - I didn't mean to imply that you should give away your services for free. It's just an extreme example of what I've noticed that happens when someone concentrates on the idea of "service to others" rather than just giving others only in exact proportion to what they paid you. Just being, for example, the happiest, most caring, most trustworthy etc. carpet cleaner they've ever met would be examples of how you can provide more "service" without losing out financially.

(21 Feb '12, 03:22) Stingray

@Stingray, I am fairly sure we are in understanding and on the same track Blessings

(21 Feb '12, 21:59) Tom
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The simple question to ask yourself is, does giving service to other people make me "feel good?" If it truly feels like a joyful or exciting thing to do, then your decision may be very easy.

I felt great about my performance and super about being able to help others.

If what you said in that sentence branches out to how you run your business, then I would say it would be of great benefit to go down that route. If you can make money, make other people happy, and make yourself happy all in one go, then I see no reason why you should not incorporate this strategy into your everyday life.

To be able to merge a fun and exciting business with a fun and exciting life in general is a dream a lot of people have, but only a select few even attempt to give it a shot to begin with. It takes that rare person who is willing to go above and beyond and try to give the best service, and in return, they will probably also receive great service in many other unknown and unexpected ways.

I see no reason why you shouldn't try this new technique in your business and in your life in general if this is something that excites you. The only direction I could see it going towards, would be in a positive one.


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what you do to other will be done back to you. and yes in business the service is very important it can make the difference between the client coming to you or going somewhere else. think about it when you have the choice between going to 2 different place that offer the same things would you not make the choice to go where you get the best services? it might not seam like much but i will make example: i can go to a shopping center and wait 20 minutes to pay and get out. or i can go to another shopping center and i can pay in 5 minutes and get out. guess what store i will pick if the price is the same with the same product? in your life also if you help other other will help you.


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white tiger

Tom it seems you might be ready for the S.O.S.

This is the switch from being a value producer to being a value creator. Check out the link and see if you like what you see. Yes service to others is the key. As we make others happy providing superior value in our service, people want us more, and pay us more. They see the fully integrated honesty behind our service, the genuineness of wanting to make the earth a better place with our service. The old saying of build a better mousetrap then the world will lead a path to your door is something that really applies. Value, quality, honesty, there is a rule called the platinum rule, "Treat others as they would have you treat them." In other words you give them more than you might ask for. Everyone would like to be treated like royalty, you feel really good when someone treats you important and want more even paying more.

There was a story of a cab driver that was doing lousy not making much money. He decided what would he like if he was his passenger? He cleaned his cab, gave the radio choice to the passengers. He bought news papers and magazines a cooler with soft drinks. Little by little his business improved until he had a great business being the highest paid cab driver in town. People even reserved his cab rides for top dollar because he gave a superior service that was honest and sincere.

Yes service is key.


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Wade Casaldi

All of you are so right, Actually I shared the story so that everyone on I Q could benefit, thanks all.

(20 Feb '12, 00:21) Tom

@Wade Casaldi, I had some trouble running the site on my old Mac. Maybe it was just busy. They don't reveal much you could give me a hint if you have time my email is on my profile. Thanks for thinking of me. Are you a member?

(20 Feb '12, 00:49) Tom

I almost forgot thanks for the link.

(20 Feb '12, 00:55) Tom

Yes I have known the Society of Secrets for a few years, Mark Hamilton is really great but more so is the S.O.S. I am a member, no your email address doesn't appear to me in your profile.

(20 Feb '12, 23:41) Wade Casaldi
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