our stingray once told in a post that there are many benefits of doing "super-hero" deeds.

now let me tell you what these superhero deeds are... it means doing something for someone without expecting anything in return.

this thing i have experienced tht it keeps us in a very good feeling state. i am asking this cos i am doing such deeds since 15 days.., for other unknown people n also for my grandpa, who is in hospital since,8 days. in between i feel low sometimes ,getting worried about my exams which are in next month..and my studies are suffering a lot. but,then,on the contrary i think that may be God wants me to take care of my grandpa wen,there is no one to take care of him.

i am just curious to know about these "super-hero deeds." and also need ur blessings sweethearts...for my dear grandpa.

may u all be god blessed. stay happy..stay blessed...

love,light n blessings...----blessings----blessings....------


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Love, Light & Blessings (prayers) going out to you & your dear Grandpa...

(24 Dec '12, 03:51) ele

@supergirl - it seems to me that in your question you gave also the answer, doing super-hero deeds "keeps us in a very good feeling state" ... love to your dear grandpa :)

(24 Dec '12, 04:09) blubird two

@blubird2-thank you sweetheart.. :)))

(24 Dec '12, 06:46) supergirl

@ele- thank you so much sweetheart..for ur blessings :)))

(24 Dec '12, 06:47) supergirl
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I think that method generally brings you more "in tune" with Universal Forces.

It reduces that "I am" and emphasizes the "We are".

Since everything in your universe is a reflection of some part of you anyway, when you "help" another, you are really just helping another aspect of yourself.

But the link works both ways...

  1. When you help another, you are also helping yourself
  2. When you help yourself, you are also helping everyone else too

Which option to choose?

...whichever makes you feel the best in the moment :)


answered 27 Dec '12, 06:52

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@Stingray- And, like you probably would say, you go through cycles in your life where you feel like doing one more than the other. Help yourself for a few months....help others for a few months....

And, I guess you could apply the opposite here as well) Harm yourself, and you harm others (?)

(27 Dec '12, 07:09) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yes, completely agree about the cycles. But I'm not so sure about the "harm yourself" bit. When you "harm" yourself, you're just depriving yourself of your own connection through your own perspective of what you are doing. It's like flicking off the light-switch in the room...you're just depriving yourself of the light, not creating darkness. So your perspective of your own reality just becomes a little "darker"...you can't actually assert harm into others' realities

(27 Dec '12, 14:38) Stingray

@Stingray- excellent answer, love it

(28 Dec '12, 03:39) blubird two
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