With almost every country in the world having laws has religion outgrown its utility and should we be looking at spirituality rather than religions, considering that religions seem to be doing more harm than good?

asked 29 Apr '10, 22:03

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I Think Therefore I Am

The simple answer to that question is NO. For the simple reason that religion right now its too important to be removed from peoples lives. There will come a time however that “ religious dogma” will no longer reach our ears. Its how life is lived, and what drives you to spring out of bed is the meaning of real religion. But thats just me¡ Since the beginning of time “ dogmatic religion ” was and still is the cause of wars. For this world to rid itself from dogmatic practices , mankind is to reach new heights of reason and logic, deepening understanding of the liberal arts and sciences and finally a union of all peoples. Indeed Idealistic. We've already seen Europe unite in more ways then one. Theres still much work left


answered 30 Apr '10, 00:54

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@Hank. The way I see it is that nationalism as well as religion and anything else that divides people is the cause of wars. Where there is division there is the potential for conflict. Whereas seeing the wholeness and oneness of everything, automatically leads to peace.

(30 Apr '10, 01:13) Eddie

The answer to that question would depend on what role you believe religion serves.

It appears that one of the roles you believe religion serves is to manage people's behavior (the same reason we have laws). But you don't say whether you think that is bad or good, and if laws now fulfill religion's prior purpose, then what purpose do you think spirituality serves that religion (and laws) don't?


answered 29 Apr '10, 23:09

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I believe that religion has a dual role one is that of imparting ethics and setting the code of conduct - and this role I think the lwas are taking care of today. The other role of religion is to help people attain oneness with God or the Creative force of Universe (whatever one may call it). This second purpose is the same as spirituality but the practice of religion and its rituals is stopping most people from moving towards this. On the contrary it has been completely sidelined and we are fragmented into the followers of different religious beliefs obsessed by our practices.

(29 Apr '10, 23:28) I Think Therefore I Am

When I look at highly-talented people, I see God in them. I see the works of God through them, and I see the genius of God working within them and through them. This is what I see, and given my background, this is the way and the words I have for expressing it.

Which is really unfortunate. Because, as good as God is, and as good as the people generally are who practice Christianity, modern Christianity is (in my view) increasingly mired in mindless rituals, legalistic thinking, and literal interpretations of scripture.

Many people find these things hard to overlook.


answered 05 May '10, 19:52

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