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...and think about. Whatever you take from it is yours, but I couldn't help but cry watching them. If you know of other speeches worth listening to, please share.

TV is an Illusion

One of the greatest speeches I've ever heard

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Loved this, thanks.

(17 Aug '12, 00:17) Paulina 1
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I enjoy both of those speeches as well. Very powerful for a person in the right frame of mind.

I love any kind of inspirational speeches myself, so here are a few of my favorites.

Rudy - Don't Quit

You want something, go get it....PERIOD

Bill Hicks - It's Just A Ride

Jim Carrey - The Power of Intention

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes


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Clarks son grew up to be Leonard Hofstadter ;)

(17 Aug '12, 05:29) ursixx

Love this topic!

Here is a version of I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King. Next year will be the fiftieth anniversary of that speech...

Martin Sheen Freedom Speech




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