I love music- and the right music at the right time can inspire me, change my mood, and lift my soul. I get into classical music; but lately, John Williams inspires me and gives me chills sometimes. Why is that? What is it about the sounds of tympani pounding and brass and all the rest make me so happy? Other people (like Wade) love rock music- he adores Jimi Hendrix and plays electric guitar, as well as other instruments. I know Wade likes hard rock- he can play all day.

Some people play pop on the radio all day, and like it. The songs just go round and round in my head, and I do not like that. But when I am singing, I will sing anything at all.

I love to play piano, and here I love Bach. When I only listen to it, it sounds fussy and irritating, but when I am at the piano, I love the intricacy of Bach and especially Beethoven. I wonder why my tastes are different between listening and performance.

But the big question is this: why can music change our mood? Why and how does that work?

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To answer your question Music is vibration. So in a way music is emotion. When an artist is working on a piece of music he puts his heart, his soul and his emotions into it. The emotion behind any song is what makes it what it is.

The vibration of the music conveys the emotion of the creator of the sound. There for it's easy to be a vibrational match to the music you listen to.

Here's a video on how to make this work even better


Hope I answered your question. :)


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You did!!!

(30 Apr '15, 07:05) Jaianniah

In the movie "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" it is implied that mathematics is the language of the universe. This is expressed in the conversation music between the CIA and the Space Ship.

When Albert Einstein played the violin he invented the theory of relativity. I believe that music is a mathematical code that affects the left brain. This is kind of like a program put into a computer. The program affects the computer and changes it from its inert state into an action oriented machine capable of anything.

Hence with the right music we could program our brains to achieve many things, maybe if someone else heard Einstein playing he would have invented the theory of relativity.

We are putting mathematical code into our brains by the music we choose to listen to.


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