I have just discovered that all my health issues always seem to reside on the right side of my boy e.g. my right leg, knee and heel hurt, I get mouth ulcers on the right side of my body, I get headaches n the right side etc. Why do you think this is happening? I feel that perhaps that is where I reside my negativity or perhaps the alignment of energies on both sides is out. Any ideas on how I can balance both sides and also get rid of the ill effects so far gathered?

asked 17 Aug '12, 07:18

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@I Think- I need to know which hand is your dominant hand before I can answer this- are your right or left-handed? Jai

(17 Aug '12, 09:12) Jaianniah

@jaianniah I am right handed

(17 Aug '12, 09:19) I Think Therefore I Am

Thanks @Satori yes these are what I was looking for. I have downloaded them so you can now remove it from here if you want.

(20 Aug '12, 06:54) I Think Therefore I Am

@Satori oops part 3 is missing can u plz post the link to that ?

(20 Aug '12, 07:05) I Think Therefore I Am

@Satori done! You are a gem:-)

(20 Aug '12, 08:08) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think Therefore I Am-You are welcome.I love to help where i can, im quite selfish that way:)

(20 Aug '12, 09:08) Satori
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@I Think Therefore I Am-Alternate nostril breathing may help balancing out energies.I practise this myself as part of kundalini yoga.



answered 19 Aug '12, 10:50

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@Satori- Sweet exercise, I used this and it helped me get to sleep. Thanks for posting :)

(20 Aug '12, 08:29) Nikulas

@Nikulas-Glad it helped you Nikulas.Try 26 complete breaths through the left nostril only for complete relaxation:)

(20 Aug '12, 09:06) Satori

I am not sure what is happening with you, @I Think, but I have a friend who was just talking to me about this the other day. All issues with her body occur on one side, and it corresponded with where the nerves travel from her spine.

It turned out that a car accident she was in many years ago resulted in a slight injury to her spine that was not noted at the time, and had been building up calcification ever since. This was now pinching off some of the nerve pathways and bothering every body process on one side.

Layman's description, I'm sure medical folks are laughing, but that's my understanding. If I were you, I'd get my nerves tested. :)


answered 17 Aug '12, 15:09

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The right side of the body represents the masculine, whereas the left side represents the feminine. Do you perhaps have any unresolved issues with your father (or main male role model), or issues with masculinity in general?


answered 20 Aug '12, 05:41

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Right side, yes, masculine. Perhaps some issues need to be addressed about one needing to 'take control' of their life? Very vague guess so don't trust what I have to say.

(20 Aug '12, 08:31) Nikulas

As far as balancing both sides of your body goes - there is an excellent 5 minute routine by Donna Eden (an expert on energy healing, her book "Energy medicine" is a must for anyone who is interested in the subtle energies of the body) that balances the energety body if done regularly, and there is an emphasis on getting both sides of the body to work together. You can find it on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gffKhttrRw4&feature=relmfu

(23 Aug '12, 04:46) cassiopeia
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