Very similar to the question-

This question is targeted in very much the same form of asking, but is a duplicate on the human brain.

I have just began university, and as part of my life I am required to recite specific bits of information on snappy prompting, I need to be able to pretty much take everything from the textbooks into my mind. If only I had photographic memory.

So I am asking the community, what are the best methods of studying?

If I were to ask Abraham this, I'm sure I'd get a response such as feel good before you take your exams or something along those lines. I noticed in a question similar to this example, Stingrays response was identical to that.

It's also tricky to feel better about an intelectual subject when I must first allow myself to memorise and recite bits of input. In that case, what's the best method of going about that?

I am after small tips that would give me an edge (such as taking fish oil capsules to boost brain function, or stay super hydrated) on this in my life. I've been linked through IQ to a programme called Wake Up Productive, of which the youtube videos are of immence help, yet I am not financially prepared to purchase the real product.

Thankyou guys :)

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Immersion/practice. Important point: if you repeatedly read something, you are practicing reading something, not memorizing it. To memorize you have to practice remembering it. Pay attention to what exactly it is you are practicing (synthesis, analysis, memory, etc). While laying in bed at night, try to remember as many things as possible that you need to commit to memory. Take a blank sheet of paper and list those items. Take another sheet of paper and rewrite the list from memory. Repeat.

(18 Feb '13, 05:00) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer- Thankyou for your take on this. There are quite a few old school sources that do promote this style of 'pre-sleep review.' Frankly, my bed time routine has always been journalling what Abraham calls touchstones and doing myself to feel good before bed, yet I think I'll have to replace that with your recommendation.

(18 Feb '13, 06:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas Is that what you want?

(18 Feb '13, 07:19) flowsurfer

A funny side note on memory; one of the teenagers where I work asked me why it's so easy to remember a cute girls face from years ago, and so hard to remember yesterdays math class

(18 Feb '13, 20:06) ursixx
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Niklus do you feel like everyday is like putting a fresh piece of paper in the typewriter?

If anyone can tell you how my memory is, my Jaianniah can. She remembers what happened in our relationship like it was yesterday. Note yesterday is an expression and for me even yesterday is hard to remember.

There are fragments here and there but clear memory? No, and the farther back I go the less I remember of anything.

The biggest pain to live with is meeting old friends I knew very close and well and feeling like I am meeting them for the first time.


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Wade Casaldi

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I will answer this question this way as a child you cannot understand things right away,your parents give you some piece or parts of the information those information relates to other information the more you grow up the more information you start to understand and the more information you are able to retain and relate to each other.

Example: You are a child your parents tell you do not climb on stuff,when you get older you start to understand why or how it relates if you climb on stuff you might fall,you might break something,you might put your hand on the stove or you might set fire.

It is like this in this world every thing relates to each other,the more you are able to retain and put together the more you understand the world.

it is the same in this world division exist(religion,politic,tradition,ceremony,life,myth,legends,science) yet they all are related together,each part having some piece of the puzzle. Eventually they will stop their war and conflict to satisfy their ego. And solve their division and unite together and they will all grow from this.

love one another.


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white tiger

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Nikulas I have absolutely no idea whether this works or not as I only came across it today but I mentioned it to my son just today and then you ask this question .... here goes.

Choose a fairly large crystal (you have to take it into the exam so be sensible about this!) as a learning or memory support. The best types are clear or citrine quartz (available at all good crystal shops or on the internet). Cleanse the crystal using a bowl of salt overnight (completely cover it) and then rinse under cold water. You can then leave it out in the sunshine for a while to charge up.

Sit with the crystal for a few minutes and focus on your intention that the crystal will support you in your learning and remembering. Keep the crystal with you when you are revising, studying and learning. Take it with you as a "good luck" charm into any exams. (We thought maybe a keyring fob would be quite innocent looking, rather than a great bit hunk of quartz on the table!) If you can't remember something, gaze at the stone for a while.

When your studies are complete, cleanse the crystal with the salt and start again.

I suspect you are looking for a mind technique rather than this, but in any case what can it hurt to give this a try?


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Eventually people will understand the mystery of the crystal skull made with hair and sand.They will also understand the diamond mind.the narrow gate and the wide gate. crop circle and the buddha foot print.

(18 Feb '13, 11:59) white tiger

@White Tiger You're right - crystals are more beautiful and complex than I have implied. I am only beginning to understand their significance and didn't want to lay claim to knowledge I don't have. I don't know whether Nikulas knows anything about crystals specifically but he has demonstrated his deep understanding of spiritual matters and I feel confident he won't just dismiss this as a "good luck charm" story. I confess I have never heard of the buddha footprint or the diamond mind?

(19 Feb '13, 02:29) Catherine

Learn to take good notes. I mean, almost word for word.

  1. Now, get some index cards. From your notes, make up questions from your notes, and write the answers on the backs of each card. Then use them as flash cards.
  2. I did this for Mean and Picky Mr. Hill, for example, who taught US History and World History in College. I got writer's cramps from taking notes, but I knew every fact I wrote down was a potential question on a test. I got A's. I also taught this trick to my Brother-In-law, who used it to get through law school. Now he is a rich lawyer and doesn't speak to me. Oh, well, I hope he's happy.
  3. Take the high road. School comes before EVERYTHING!!!!

Good Luck,


I graduated from MCC with a 4.0 GPA thanks to my flash cards...So don't sneer! ;)


answered 18 Feb '13, 20:18

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