I have been having visions of moving flashes of people and other things e.g. seasides,villages, objects etc. it started a few years ago. i don't know why and what i am supposed to do about them. sometimes there mouths move but i don't hear them speak, or they will wave as if they are aware that i can see them. and they are trying to tell me something, but what? i thought i was the only one who saw moving visions, flashes of people that i have never seen before while trying to go to sleep. I've had many experiances that some may call spiritual, from when i was a child, but this just started when i turned 21 years old. before and since then i have always had suffered with insomnia. til this day i don't know what i am supposed to make of them, over the years they have got clearer. I don't even know what to refer them as being when i tell peope about them. i just call them flashes or visions. Do they have another name? can anyone who has them, tell me what they may mean?

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(07 May '10, 17:24) Stingray

It sounds like hypnagogic imagery to me.

Hypnagogia refers to the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. This transitional period can be accompanied by a wide variety of sensory experiences. These can occur in any modality, individually or combined, and range from the vague and barely perceptible to vivid hallucinations.


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hush . . . we prefer mystical reasons over science.

(05 Apr '13, 19:54) ele

I dont have any scientific name for it but it sounds like you are conscious during sleep. I can do this anytime I want to. I also had the experience where I felt that the people could not see me because I know that I was "out of body" but they would greet me as if they knew me and I would become very scared. I had one experience whereby I entered a home and I felt the people could not see me and I got cursed out, someone said this "B...." keeps coming in here everynight. I was so scared I had to wake myself up. Sometimes I would try to communicate (through my mind) with the people who seemed to know me and I would ask questions like who are you and what year is this and sometimes I do get answers. Hope this helps.


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I really don't know. But if I was to take a guess I would say you have a gift and you are seeing people and places through your third eye you are actually looking at what is actually happening some place in this world and time period. I don't think it is nothing too fear, but I don't know. It probably disappears when you try to really pay attention to it with your physical eyes because you are seeing it with your spiritual eye.

Now, I have no idea why they would wave at you or try and speak to you but you don't hear the words.

Since this started happen to you after you turned 21 maybe this passed down in through the generations and their might be a grandmother or auntie or great grandpa that this has happen to and they might be able to help you. But be careful people put many labels on people and things they don't understand are afraid of what they don't know anything about or is out of the norm for them.


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When we're conscious or semi-conscious during our sleep, we get to know our true self and illusion "Dreamer and dream". The self is like space or light and the matter or people is like a Jellyfish part of the ocean.


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I had this too. Its like movies...old movies that flicker.But they are silent, but there is dimension to the images. Different times in history,and different places (scenes).Im not sure if they are part of me...like past lives perhaps.But I can see them, it is not as though I see through their eyes. Very strange.


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I have them too. I have one that came true. I was 16 when I had amy first Vison. It was of me and I was pregnant wearing the color blue. I walked in a familiar trail from my town. One day at 20 years old I was walking through that path and........ yes, I was preganant with a boy. I named him Ezekiel Jeremiah. After two Prophets ! ;-)


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Mari 3

I love the visions before I fall asleep, and the oddball things that appear before I fully awaken. I can see a scrolling word screen, and even manage to grab a word or two and bring to full consciousness, and scribble it down. If I'm very lucky, I can actually command an image to appear on my mind screen. It's such a thrill when that happens. One day I had spent a few hours looking at Atomic designs on fabric from the 1960's. Before I fell asleep, I used my mind to design my own cloth, and they actually appeared for a second or two. Think of these experiences as creativity. Sometimes I see fantastic faces in front of me. I wish I could stay longer in that mode, but sleeping consciousness takes a hold of me.


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I've been getting the same thing for a few years, the earliest I remember started just after I moved to my current house. I was falling asleep, and as I dropped off I because aware that in my minds eye, people's faces and bodies started to distortout of my control. This became how I knew I was going to fall asleep. However, since about a year ago, I am 17/18, I have been getting images in my head, sometimes of just rooms or people, but the rest of the time they are terrifying. For example, two nights ago I saw a demon watching a woman and then last night I saw myself being forcably held down with someone attacking my mouth. Both times I've turned them off as soon as I saw them, if I don't I can watch them, however I know I'm awake, but it's not like lucid dreaming, more like a daydream/movie. Anyhoo, hope I helped, I don't know if I think they are spiritual, I'm quite biological in most explanations, so it's just the loss of consiousness in my opinion.


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ive had these for years and looked it up and found out this was clairvoyant visions. after i waited for them they rarely come. when i dont bother they come. ask yourself a question and wait for the flashes which will be your answer


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Recently, this has happened to me, except I see visions of BEAUTIFUL mansions flashing rapidly. Even though I spend lots of time looking at luxury homes, the images that flash as I'm falling to sleep are homes that I have never seen before. I thought it was just my imagination. Either way, I enjoy it.


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Based upon my personal experience seeing with the mind eyes is normal for some people, more so than others, although we all have the same spiritual ability. I have experienced vision, and flashes with my eyes opened, and when going to sleep; and it was brief, but quite clear.

I know of people who are also having the same types of experience that you are having, and other types such as: having a shower with the water running, and a very clear vision will appear with people, and movements, and places etc.

These experiences that you are having can be random, and you can continue to have them as an on going experience, and suddenly it can fade away!

If you think that you have a special Gift, and you want to harness your Gift, then you should seek out a spiritual teacher to teach you to develop your Gift properly, otherwise it will remain just another spiritual activity to you!


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This happens to me to but mine only occur when I am awake and they don't last long enough for me to be able to make out what is going on in them. It happens alot when I am driving which is not the best time to be having your mind's eye see something that isn't in front of your physical world face. I have had alot of spiritual experiences. But, probably like many, am afraid to go too deeply into it because I am a pretty affirmed Christian and I don't want to deal with anything unless I know God wants me to go more deeply into it. I wonder if it isn't just a "test" to see if I will place "knowing" above loving God. This may seem silly to some folks. But, that is a risk that I don't want to take without an affirmation from Him that it can be used to reflect Him to others. People can get distracted by things like this. If it doesn't clearly move me closer to Him, I am afraid to go into it. It isn't about me, it is about Him.


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I used to have them. I used to lay in bed and called it watching TV. I'd just close my eyes and wait for those visions to appear. A lot of times I'd hear explosions or big crash noises like a plane crash or a bomb go off ... didn't like those. The visions disappeared and I can't do it anymore. I miss them. My favorite were the once when in a room and I would start looking around and be consciously touching the walls and just investigate the place. Anyone knows knows how to get them back? I still have auditory occurrences where suddenly I hear a melody or people talking but those seem to come less frequent too.


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