what if the thing you really want is a particular person. to be more specific someone you once had, but lost. In this case this person would be my ex- gf who broke up with me because she doesn't beleive in long distance relationships .. how would visualisation help me get her back ?

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@barney-the loa can only be used in a positive and harmonious way, if your ex wishes other things then it's a good opportunity for you to learn from the experience, it is really a blessing in disguise.

(31 Jul '11, 15:30) blubird two

barney belief is a choice and it is not always true and sometime it is a limit self imposse. but free will is true and it is her choice and you have to accept it and move on. know also this nothing is lost. someone else is waiting for you somewhere.experiance and enjoy.

(01 Aug '11, 02:33) white tiger
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visualization, if it is done in order to "get" something when you are out of the vortex, is totally useless and will not help you. Actually, there is nothing you can do right now, from outside the vortex, in order to get her back. In your current emotional state, you can't even see the situation with clarity. We cannot give you the answer. You need to allow it to come to you.

Relax, get quiet. Breath. Smile. Enjoy the moment and trust your spirit. The answers you seek lie within.


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Barney this situation happened with one of Florence Scovel Shinn's clients. She came to Florence to say the word for her to marry a man she wanted so much but he never seemed to be anything more than a friend to her. Florence said I can not say the word that he will be yours only that the divine choice comes to you. If it is not to be him by divine right then to try to force him into something will not benefit. she said I will say the word "If AB is rightfully yours by divine right you can not lose him, If he is not you will find the man that has his qualities and is the divine right choice." Time went by she lost interest slowly in AB and along came another man that was everything to her she had wished AB to be to her, she was very happy the right man came along.

Florence Scovel Shinn "The Game of Life and How to Play It."


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Wade Casaldi

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It wont and it will.

Your visualisation will only ever work if your higher self decides this will be benificial.

Now you could use three dimensional means to get her back, this could work or not, anyones guess really.

But if your set on using higher dimensional means you will only tap in to our higher selfs power. And your higher self will no doubt have a far more suitable mate in your next reality track than your three dimensional mind could ever grasp.

If your gonna use the power of your greater dimensional mind then dont tie it down, muddy it or limit it with your three dimensional brain.

That would be like buying a McLaren sports car, ripping the V12 out and putting in the engine from your dads old Ford Escort!!



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Monty Riviera

So, i would only have to say that ones and forget about it?. it will be hard to do! i dream of her every other day and speak as if she was here with me now. i remember all good times we shared and smile at the crazy things we use to do. i left her because i needed to change my ways of thinking and acting towards her i wasn't loving and caring enough, i knew deep inside of me. that my life my world had to change for the better but i thought she wouldn't understand cause i needed to know who I was and wanted to become. i didn't want to hurt her but i was never open to anyone so would constanly affirm in my own mind that she neede to move on just like me but for her to understand but i didn't know then what i know now that men are from mars :). i din't know i was using the law of attraction way before i found out about it. I just wanted sometime for myself to fix myself for us to be together for a llifetime this is the person i really want to marry because she made me realize what i really wanted in my life, please tell me what should i do?


answered 23 Feb '13, 02:50

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