Hey @stingray,

I am new here and this is my first question. I would like to ask you guys, how the manifesting experiment 1 works?

Cause I can't get my head around the thought, that something would appear in my life, without any action towards it. For example, if my goal would be to make 1,000,000€ a year, how is it possible to just write it down and then wait for some intuition?

Lets say the universe would respond and give me the 1,000,000€ as a lottery win, but thats not the same as if I would really work for that money - there is a kind of accomplishment feeling if you work for something and then make it happen, you understand me?

So my question basically is, how does the universe bring the goal to you, if you are not really sure how you want it, but at the same time you do not want to win a lottery or find it on the ground somewhere?

Hope, you understand my question, cause there are so many things going through my mind regarding this topic, that basically I do not know how to phrase it.

I am looking forward for your responses!

Have a great day!

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Welcome to the site.

The likely case is you will be led through life circumstances that help clarify how you want it (and also gradually grow).

No one can really say "how" because there's so many ways anything could happen.

For something like making 1,000,000€ a year - which I presume is rather far seeming for you right now - it is probably not going to be "I got the intuition to call some person I don't know and now we have a deal made for 1,000,000 a year for 5 years" or something similar.

In all likelihood what will happen is seemingly nothing at first. Something will fascinate you...you'll come across a book. You'll start to do something. Make a few bucks...not much. But you'll get good at whatever you're doing (some skill, sourcing product..."god knows"). Then you'll start taking more (fun) risks and it'll turn into a good income. Then one day someone with a large following will take a liking or someone with some knowledge to help you will come into your life and things will explode and your income goes up from 5,000/mo to 20,000/mo to 50,000/mo to... etc.

That's just a possibility...no one can say. You're unlikely to realize until years later though...

(As a side note, manifesting-experiment-1 probably isn't the best approach alone for a goal like that IMO...if you're starting from "nothing")


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Hey @Liam thank you for your answer, really well explained. If you are saying that manifesting-experiment-1 isn't the best approach, can you give me some other experiment or exercise recommendation which I should do? I am rather new to these exercises, experiments and way of thinking, so I basically do not know where and how to start with this. Thanks in advance and have a great day

(18 Dec '17, 01:41) vesak29

Basically you will likely want something that continues to "re-direct" you back on track with a goal like that. The manifesting box experiment is best for something you aren't going to get "knocked off course" with.

Some possible examples would be using focus blocks broken down (manifesting experiment 2 or 4)...http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5901/manifesting-experiment-2-the-focus-blocks-method-manifest-what-you-want-by-deliberately-feeling-better-about-it

(23 Dec '17, 22:19) Liam

The method Stingray gives here (though is a bit general seeming, it is possible to feel for a very specific goal): http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/100359/what-are-the-easiest-routes-back-to-excitement#100368

Also what releaser mentions here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/100054/a-new-fail-proof-almost-too-easy-to-be-true-manifesting-method

(23 Dec '17, 22:21) Liam
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That's a really great question! And a supremely important one.

In my case, the universe cajoled me into buying a decent amount of bitcoins in 2011, and made sure I never even dreamed of selling them early.

This illustrates rather well why you don't restrict the universe in how it is supposed to deliver: The universe knows better than you.

That's not a fault of yours- your job is to experience the experience, and make decisions by focusing your imagination. The universe's job is to set things up.

How this works is that the universe as you know it is a living, breathing organism that set itself up for the benefit of experiencing itself.

The part of the universe that is related to you is also known as your higher mind.

The way this works is that your thoughts and feelings serve as a blueprint for what you chose to do, be and have- and your higher mind reads it, and uses all of its creativity and resources to translate that vibration into your experience.

The world around you is not there by chance. It's also not under your direct control, either- but it set up in a somewhat mechanical but also very loving and creative way by a part of the universe that has no other job than to set up your experience for you.

So when you restrict the way in which your desires should become manifest, you are making your own higher mind's job 100000x harder- so much so that your desire might get lost in the noise.

It's like micromanaging God.


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Then make a more specific request. For instance, "I want to advance in my career and make one million dollar per year." This is because you sound to be more aligned with this, than just winning a lottery.

I think it doesn't matter if you don't know how something would manifest as long as you are not resisting it. In 2017 I wanted to gain some weight and I made up my mind that, yes, that was what I wanted. And you know what, I don't know how, but my appetite started to grow, no kidding. I was always hungry and I ate a lot. As a result I gained 10 kg (from 42 kg to 52 kg) in less than a year. But later I thought that I overdid it. So I made up my mind once again, that I wanted to lose 2 or 3 kg. And now my strong appetite is gone (I have lost 2 kg since early December). But not as low as how it used to be before I was aiming to gain weight.

I don't know much about techniques and I am no expert so what I can do here is sharing my personal experience on LOA and how I manifested stuff. Hope it helps.


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