Do you suppose that we have been wired to "conquer evil", and that it makes us feel good to vanquish it? This puzzles me.

What do you think?



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Jai, it may be that we were wired to find the light and that arrogance is a choice to be avoided, though it does have us reflect on when we choose to met out, what we call, justice

(30 Mar '13, 06:39) fred

If we say that something is evil or in better words if we create the evil in our mind, what we really mean is this.

There is something that is more powerful than I am. Thus I feel powerless. I am a victim. Being a victim doesn't feel good. So now I have 2 options to feel better.

  1. Get more power than this something that I created
  2. Make this something more powerless than I am

But what if you felt already powerful? What if you felt and believed that you have all the power and confidence in the world? What if you believed that you don't need external things to change (conquering evil) to feel better?

Then you wouldn't need a concept like the evil or the devil that you have to conquer. Because even if the devil would exist, how much sense would it make to conquer it if you were already more powerful and the most powerful being in the universe (being of god)?

So wanting to conquer the devil is only necessary if you are powerless or something is more powerful than you are.

That's what all the movies about heros like Spiderman or Batman are all about.

The spectator feels powerless because of the evil he created in his head because of his disempowering limiting beliefs. "There are all these wars in this world cry cry. We are the victims of evil political systems cry cry. I get bullied at school cry cry. I am so powerless cry cry. I have no money and am the victim of this financial system cry cry"

Now they watch Spiderman, Die Hard or any other movie in which a hero conquers the devil. The spectator identifies himself with the hero and...suddenly feels powerful again. He feels good. Because he felt powerless before and being powerful now feels amazing.

So the belief that is created is: "In order to feel good, I have to conquer the devil."

But what if you realized that you were already powerful in the first place?


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I say that evil is evil, and not something I "create" in my mind. When a man decides to bomb two tall buildings in NY City, I am not elevating him to anything as I watch the buildings fall and thousands of lives get snuffed out. It was evil that made those people jump from the buildings to their deaths, not anything from my mind. Thousands of people made the same assessment as I did of the event: that it was evil, done by an evil man. Going after such a man is only fair and right.

(30 Mar '13, 18:06) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah What you believe is what you believe and I respect that. All I can refer to is to these two links that explain what I mean.

"Experience and enjoy!"

(30 Mar '13, 20:20) releaser99

yes "if we create the evil in our mind", as releaser states, it is our creation, nothing more, nothing less ... "life in itself is an empty canvas, it becomes whatsoever you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This feedom is your glory" - Osho, indian spiritual teacher

Having said that, now to answer the question; to make myself feel good all i have to do is create a bit of evil then i can enjoy the pleasure of destroying it.

alt text

I keep explaining to my mother that it's not the fact that squirrels are stealing nuts from my birdfeeders that's bothering me, so much as the fact that, after they've stolen the nuts, they then take active pleasure in destroying the feeder itself. When the feeder is dismantled, nobody eats; not the squirrel, not the birds.


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This is an interesting concept. I would have to go from my own personal experiences. When I had dreams when I was little, I had nightmares.

I was a victim, I would always lose. I would wake up screaming. As I grew up, I decided to fight in my dreams. It was difficult and I still lost. But at least I didn't go down without a fight!

But as I fought something interesting happened. I remembered my dreams and thought to myself when I woke up that, "I'm okay, I am not hurt!" No matter what happened in the dream it was ineffective!"

This thought gave me confidence that I couldn't be hurt, no matter what happens, I'll be fine! Because of this, I slowly started to become unbeatable and immortal in my dreams!

My challenges grew with me, bigger worse, more terrifying! But it was like a training complex for me. Much like those training complexes for police officers, things attacked I beat them. My video games helped in this way too. Don't give up and you will win, the key to win any video game is don't give up!

So I didn't give up, no matter what I faced every foe! One time after watching "The Nightmare On Elm Street" I had a dream, Freddie Kruger came after me. That made me mad, I beat him senseless!

I have been killed plenty of times in my dreams until one day I became agitated by losing to death! That was when I after having my throat cut commanded my dream to stop, rewind and play!

I fought, the devil, the grim reaper, the living dead, vampires, demons. All kinds of evil, I fought and defeated. There used to be a amazing battles for the world. But each battle became easier and easier.

Until one day it became too easy, it didn't matter even if it were thousand of living dead after me it was easy!

Not only was as I immortal and unbeatable as I grew in confidence I grew in power! Everything was at my command, I could make a simple hand gesture and have a bolt of lightning shoot from the sky and disintegrate whatever dared to challenge me.

These encounters strengthened my faith, as I read from my Bible stories similar to my experiences, I thought these are about confidence! That is where the faith comes in, confidence! I read of Moses commanding the Red Sea to part! I read of Jesus commanding the storm to be calm! Stories of healing I read about, my faith grew strong. This happened to the point of my healing getting very powerful. My ability to command demons gone very effective. So now I can get rid of demons for people, clear haunted places, heal people. Just as Jesus told us to do, heal the stick, cast out demons In Jesus name.

So I believe defeating evil is to awaken us to our true selves, our true power, that we need not fear anything! We and God are One!


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Wade Casaldi

@Wade-What a wonderful answer- one of your best! I enjoyed reading it; I also took to heart the lesson it had to tell. Thank you. Your Jai

(30 Mar '13, 02:58) Jaianniah
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