I was wondering if I could manifest (with any method) a wish on some other person's behalf, since that person don't like "The Secret" and can't read "The Master Key System" as they know no English, and I wish the best for that person (a beloved relative).

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If it is a wish that the other person desires and they are vibrationally aligned with it, albeit unconsciously, then you can help in manifesting their desire. However,if it is something that you only feel may help them but they are not wishing for themselves and are not a vibrational match for , the manifestation will not happen.


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You can focus on manifesting a desire for someone else but it would have to be in alignment with that person's desire for him/her self. If the Universe allowed us to control the lives of others then we would have total chaos in this world. Imagine trying to manifest something in your own life and 10 other persons trying to manifest 10 different things in your life. It cannot work.


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Hi Bridget, you could ask or manifest something for someone else. When that 'thing' gets to the person, they have a choice to accept or reject it.

Their choice could never be infringed on.

There is also the circumstance of asking for safety, help, blessings, protection, guidance, etc. upon people (i.e. usually upon a family member, relative or friend) and it 'manifested' for them. I'm sure the thing asked for was well received on the part of the one receiving it.

I have seen these type of requests be granted to the ones asked for. There are many stories of this nature around.

When one prays for another or a group of people get together to ask (pray) for a situation happening to some else, we see results of our interceding on an others behalf.

Sometimes people ask us to pray (ask) on there behalf.

Hope this helps


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Yes you can manifest anything for someone elses life, but in the end, it is that persons choice if they decide to accept it or not, consciously or unconsciously.


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Hello, great answer.

(24 Jul '11, 09:53) Asklepios

I think that when Jesus says that when we ask anything in His name, that means when we ask anything that is in alignment with His values as demonstrated by what He taught, which is love. So, when what we are asking for for another, is good in the sight of God, we can ask and receive or manifest for them. When what we pray for or try to manifest for another is not good, that is a curse or a jynx and is evil and not of God, or in Jesus' name. Also, the person recieving the blessing or manifestation, must accept it, or be in alignment with it for it to manifest. That is why some prayers get answered faster than others, because some people take longer to come into alignment with the blessing or manifestation. Vibrational alignment through faith.


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Yes, but only if they themselves have expressed a desire for it. I have experienced sending a healing energy to my daughter's various illnesses. I did this by mentally concentrating intensely on the affected area of her body with a briliant white light and visualizing a mental eraser... erasing the diseased area. I would use "auto suggestion" by repeating "You are healed"... (Which is seeing the picture at the end)...Therefore, when tests were taken for Marfan's, Celiac, and Ovarian Cancer, she came out clean, each time. A miracle. We all have a mental antenna which streches out from the top of our head into the universe; therefore we are connected to the Universal; ie: God the Father. Intense prayer goes hand and hand with this process, as it is the link that manifest the positive outcome. The Law of Vibration incorporates Quantum wave functions, calld quiffs. "Thoughts behave like quiffs, (particle/waves) they flow and pop. Since quiffs exist in your mind, as well as in space and time, we begin to see how thoughts actually manifest in the physical universe. It is the thought that creates the quiff." (From the book: Taking the Quantum Leap; by Fred Alan Wolf, pg. 188) Also: "Every thought brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, nerve or muscle. This produces an actual physical change in the construction of the tissue. Therefore it is only necessary to have a certain number of thoughts on a given subject in order to bring about a complete change in the physical organization of a man" The Master Key System, Charles F.Haanel, pg. 19. Also read Mental Chemistry; by Charles F. Haanel. "Thought causes vibration that will continue to expand and contract in wave circles.. Thought will instantly set into motion the finest of spiritual magnetism and this motion will be communicated to the heavier and courser densities, and will eventually affect the physical matter of the body."


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YES. You most definitly can. I know this because it has happened to me, two very significant instances. My first husband, did this to get me. When I first met him, he was as repulsive to me as anyone can ever get. I felt zero attraction to him and even told him that I would never ever be interested in him. His response? I will wait, because I know you will. I literally told him, never will I be interested in you. Not two weeks later, I found myself thinking about him almost none stop. Within that month, we were a couple, moved in together and fast forward 14 years, we were still man and wife! Word of caution. We argued alot and I did not feel strong physical attraction to him, and eventually, when he no longer believed in us or the arguing wore him down, we divorced. I remember the day it happened, I asked him, "I thought you said we would be together forever" His reply? I stopped believing in us! I think if your belief is super strong and you are not easily distracted, you CAN manifest anything for anyone or with anyone you want.


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Absolutely!!! Anyone can at anytime!


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Of course you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest for others. That was exactly what I was talking about when I asked this question... "What would be the best methods to apply the Law of Attraction in the service of helping others."

Florence Scovel Shinn applied the Law of Attraction many times in the service of helping others.

She said The Word for people that came to her many times for many different situations from money to china to relationships to even a lost silver pen.

Many people experienced the blessings of God through Florence Scovel Shinn applying The Word to activate the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires. It is in this that she as well taught them to have faith and act like it that they will receive as she had spoken The Word for them.


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