Hi everyone!

I just bought this book: Secret Gratitude Book

It says inside:

As you focus on Gratitude and think, speak and feel gratitude, you are transforming your energy frequency into one of the most powerful and highest frequencies of all. Gratitude attracts like energy of gratitude to it, so as you are feeling grateful you are powerfully bringing like energies to you, which will have you experience more things to be grateful for.

It also says that if you thank for things that you still don't have the Universe will bring those things to you, as the Universe make no distinction between the 'having' and the 'imagining'.

I was doing quite well, when I read this post: Is there a difference between gratitude and appreciation?

In Stingray words, the answer was: Regarding Gratitude vs Appreciation... Sometimes there are long-standing feelings of gratitude within people that trip them up, because when you feel grateful you are looking right at the problem that you overcome. So when you feel gratitude because someone pulled you out of poverty, or you feel gratitude because someone liberated you in some way, that very gratitude is laced with the vibration of overcoming something unwanted and it is responsible for some sticking stuff in your vibration. Gratitude leans resistance-ways, appreciation leans allowing-way. In other words, they are two very different vibrations. -Abraham-Hicks, Alaska Cruise 2008, CD 5

I was totally on board with this.

Very similar explanation as found in this video:

Abraham: APPRECIATION VS. GRATITUDE - Esther & Jerry Hicks

But then...in the book Ask and it is Given, there's this paragraph:

We are often asked, Isn‘t love a better word than appreciation? Isn‘t love more descriptive of the Non- Physical Energy? And we say that love and appreciation are really the same vibration. Some use the word gratitude, or a feeling of thankfulness, but all of these words are descriptive of Well-Being. A desire to appreciate is a very good first step, and then as you find more things that you would like to say “Thank you” about, it quickly gains momentum. And as you want to feel appreciation, you attract something to appreciate. And as you appreciate it, then you attract something else to appreciate, until, in time, you are experiencing a Rampage of Appreciation.

My question is:

Don't you find this a little contradictory? The video, and then the paragraph in 'Ask and it is Given'? Or is it only me?

Sorry for the long-winded post. I got a bit mixed up and I wanted to know your opinions about it...


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@BridgetJones09: Ouch, that hurt my little brain to understand....

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, I think this is the phrase in your last quoted paragraph that you are confused about...

Some use the word gratitude

I would agree with Abraham here.

Some (but not Abraham) do use the word gratitude...but they mean it as appreciation, as Abraham defines it.

I do this myself sometimes.

When I'm writing out a Rampage of Appreciation list, I have at the top of my (spread)sheet the words...Today, I am grateful for...

Yes, I'm using the word grateful but I'm not using it in the resistance-based way that Abraham are talking about. I'm just using it as a synonym for appreciation because in, making that list of things to appreciate, I'm not looking for things that have been painful and are now better (as the word gratitude implies) but instead I'm just looking for great things in my life right now.

It's not worth getting too worried about the exact words that people use because different people often use words in different ways. The book you've bought is using the word Gratitude but again, based on the description you've posted, I'd say the author is using it in the mode of Appreciation.

The real way to find out if you are in negative Gratitude rather than positive Appreciation is how it feels to you. And often when other people are using these words, you can also get a feeling of what they really mean (resistance-laden or not) even if they don't use the exact words you would use.

Hope that clears it up a bit for you.


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Thank you Stingray, yes, it clarifies a lot! :)

(04 Aug '10, 12:24) BridgetJones09

In fact, there isn´t a contradiction. You see, Appreciating has two components: the first one is recognizing the value of something like, say, a newborn child. You can feel youself valuing this new life, this beutiful human being. And then, you can´t help but feeling grateful for the Universe. There is a sense of wholeness and gratitude that comes automatically when you value something. You can say that appreciation is gratitude plus valuing.

In the end, the word do not mean a thing. What is important is to feel them. For example, let´s say I appreciate my iPod player. And then I could ask myself why I appreciate it? My answers would be the following:

  • Becuase I can listen with it my favborite music wherever I go and at any moment
  • Because I can play fabulous games with it
  • Because I can store some beutiful pictures in it
  • Because I can check my e-mail with
  • Becuase I can watch youtube videos anytime I want
  • Because I adore the tactile screen and how easy it responds to my touch
  • Because it was a gift from my parents
  • Because it was one way for them to express their love to me

As I go on about it, I can´t gelp but consider the value of the objects and what it means to me. And I can´t help but feeling a twinge of gratitude thrown in the mix. I can´t stop myself from smiling. It is something valuable to me. Although I feel more that grateful for it, I feel blessed, and loved, and I can smile because I have something that is so meaningful to me. And I can dwell on it more, and I will always find something more to value in this thing.

So, when you appreciate something, it´ll always feel good in an incremental way. Whatever you foucs on gets bigger and bigger. In the end, you get a sense of not just gratitude, but of love and security, and bliss and joy, and peace.

Did this helped you?


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@Armando: VERY helpful, thank you. I like your answer. "I can´t stop myself from smiling. It is something valuable to me. Although I feel more that grateful for it, I feel blessed, and loved, and I can smile because I have something that is so meaningful to me. And I can dwell on it more, and I will always find something more to value in this thing." I'll go bold and say sometimes I even HUG the thing I appreciate. :)

(25 Nov '10, 12:37) BridgetJones09

I don't use my gratitude book anymore. I believe being grateful for things I have not received can be a little resistant if you not on cloud 9 already. When I see others that are in a fix, I am grateful to be in better shape. That may have resistance to it but it makes me feel better. In my rampage of appreciation I use the words gratitude, appreciation, and love together. My best find is to use the law of attraction cards and the well-being cards as well. I read the cards aloud and place the card next my spline chakra and then work it up through all the chakras to get the vibrations from the cards right into my body. This is really powerful. I can really feel it. I'm talking WOW Do It one card at a time Blessings


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You have to understand that people see things, speak and write from a very different perspective than your own. Take for instance the word Love, and its meaning, yet everyone’s love story and experience may be very different to your own etc. Of course, there is a chance for contradiction, but it is up to you to decide what sits well with you in a good way, and use it!

I am grateful for every new day in my life, and I feel gratitude every day to be a part of this new day, and I appreciate good health every new day to live my life, and I love waking up every new day to the smell of Coffee!


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