The speed of manifesting falls into one of the two:

1) It's either coming faster via appreciation thoughts, providing there is absolutely zero linkage of noticing the lack (which can be hard for novices)

2) Most of the time things haven't popped up, it's only because there is resistance of some form. There is also suggestion to try and forget about desires completely, so, despite no thought to it, there is also no resistance.

Well now I've probably fallen into category two here, but please somebody spin me in a new direction with this situation of mine.

I'm crystal clear that every LOA guru would advocate the newbee to go and test LOA and test out an individuals manifesting powers. A very good trick that I've read in the secret is to manifest something odd or unusual. The reason for this is so that once the desire has been physically met on some scale, the individual will realise the truth behind these metaphysical boundaries and go about bigger things.

Question) I can't manifest this seemingly 'small' and 'unusual' thing. Help!!!

I started with trying to manifest a green feather with an orange stripe. This was something that I was detached about immediatly; i dont need or really want the thing too bad. For the beginner, it is easier to manifest via ME1, forgetting about it- which I've forgetten about it completely for the past two months. It was only till the other day in which I went into my box I noticed I dont have it yet.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Please help me!!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Question is really, "how can I actually manifest things with my thoughts?" Is it literally just emotions?

(20 Feb '12, 06:04) Nikulas
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It is the law of attraction and not the law of manifestation.

Although we use the word "manifest" in describing this so called "Law" what we are dealing with is the attraction of experiences that we do not yet have.

I have never had a desire spontaneously awaken within me, that has not happened to another.

I have many times desired the ability to travel instantly by disappearing in one spot and appear in another, but this is not a spontaneously awakened "excitement".

It is something that I have deliberately imagined as a great thing to evolve towards.

I am not going to use the law of attraction to test that ability.

I have deliberately tested the law of attraction only to attract the experience of something that others have already experienced and something that is within the realm of availability right now where I am.

And guess what?

It has successfully worked every time I tried it.

But more so, it allowed me to realize that my "RIGHT NOW" in my mind is an exact reflection of the reality that surrounds me.

The hard part is to come to terms with the acceptance that the "RIGHT NOW" within the mind is the initiator and the cause of the right now that surrounds me.

Once you know that the Law of attraction works, and how it works, the hard part is to come to terms with fixing the person that is within the self.

It is like asking "How does one fix the mess that is within one's self ?"; and once you stumble on the connection and the philosophy that shows the relationship between the inner self and the outer reality, the realization that the problem is inside does not go over very well.

So much time is spent thereafter testing the philosophy as to what is possible and what is not possible instead of starting the cleanup within.

But the need for the cleanup within is what attracted all of this "LOA" stuff towards the self in the first place.

It is like complaining that the vacuum is broken or doesn't work well and the house is now full of dust and needs cleanup.

In fact, the soul is desperately screaming for a cleanup.

So somebody feels sorry and gives a brand new vacuum.

Now you begin the cleanup and are frightened by the mess that has accumulated and crumble under the sheer task that is ahead of you.

So it is easier to make a cup of tea and while drinking it ask the person that dropped off the new vacuum "So does this thing pickup liquids? what is the suction power of this thing? does it have a hyper allergenic filter?" and on...and on.

Because as long as you are engaged in authenticating the potential of this new vacuum you don't have to begin the task of cleaning up the inner mess.

It can always be blamed on the short comings of the new vacuum.


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The Traveller

Hi Nikulas, in case you are wondering who I am talking about in my example of the house that needs cleanup, I am talking about myself. Testing the LOA is easy. Using it to fix the problems within is much harder because I had to face all that I believe, and without question, I am the cause of all my problems.

(14 Nov '11, 06:20) The Traveller

Wow! That is good.

(17 Nov '11, 00:20) Fairy Princess

@The Traveller, yes, wow. You just described my house, and my life, prety well. This is great insight. And yes, it can be a bit difficult to accept, that I am the cause of all my problems, and I just need to get busy cleaning up. :)

(25 Aug '12, 12:16) Grace
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Our beliefs set our vibration. Our beliefs are created by our thoughts + emotions. We each wear a unique pair of tinted glasses. These glasses are created by our beliefs. We see things differently because of the glasses.

In the light spectrum there are visible frequencies and frequencies above and below the visible frequencies that we cannot see with our naked eye. Within our reality there are what I will call planes of existance. These planes are all at the same time, like layers, but we only have access to the layer/s that match our glasses. The higher your vibration, the more access you have to miracles.

For example: One day, I was walking along, pushing my son in his stroller, feeling happy and enjoying the walk, when I thought, "If I had $20, I would go to this restaurant." I looked down and there was a $20 bill on the ground and nobody around to claim it. So I picked it up and went to the restaurant for dinner. This was not a deliberate manifestation, I hadn't even heard of LOA. Other people had surely walked right by it, but it wasn't in their plane of existance, their glasses didn't allow them to see it, allow them access to it.

Kind of like shining a light in a dark cave. A little bit of light allows you to see certain things, but as you turn up the light and it gets brighter, more and more things become visible.

So it's not simply emotions, it's our beliefs which our emotions + thoughts. So you change your beliefs by neutralizing the emotions about the thoughts. Then replace them with supporting beliefs by neutralizing the emotions about those thoughts. Two Hands Touching helps to quickly neutralize emotions, especially when used with affirmations.


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Fairy Princess


We each wear a unique pair of tinted glasses, nice analogy:)

(25 Aug '12, 11:30) Satori

Thank you @Satori I am glad it helped with the illustration.

(25 Aug '12, 11:36) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, it does help, like it too. And the light in the cave as well. Sometimes its difficult to "get" why sometimes things are available to me and flowing, other times not so much. These analogies make it perfectly clear. And its all up to us - you don't even have to bother creating or imagining. It's all already there. That makes me feel wonderful, and starts my day off just right. :) Thank you!

(25 Aug '12, 12:04) Grace
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