To some people, their birthdays are just another day...ho hum, I am older....Ugh...

To other people, their birthdays are a time for celebration and reflection, a sort of personal New Year's celebration.

It is September, which means that later in the month, I will turn another year older, and this year, I feel both like screaming about being another year older, and celebrating that I have made it this far! It has been a special year for me, what with Wade being part of my life, a possible move to our own home (yay!) and many great things having happened this past year.

I have to fess up, though. My youngest granddaughter turned five the 7th, and I feel a sort of shock that Lily is no longer a toddler, but a real kid now!

alt text

(Proud Grandma- I have no shame....:)

So what significance should we place on our birthdays, and where do you stand on your own birthday? Do you cry, or celebrate?

Blessings, and Happy Birthday to all of you who share September with me as your Birthday month!


alt text

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Sweet, sweet picture. Cute, cute kid.

Happy Birthday, @Jaianniah! Mmmmmm....Caaaaake... :)

(09 Sep '12, 19:18) Grace
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My birthday is in September and coming up soon as well. So thank you for the happy birthday wishes. And happy birthday to you too, Jai! I don't do anything big. I go out to dinner with my son and anybody else who wants to join us. My mom makes dinner for me sometimes. I love parties, but my apartment is not big enough to have parties in. Personally, I think we should celebrate our loved ones all year. That is why I don't get too caught up in Christmas either. If I want to give someone a gift, I should be able to give it whenever I want and not have to hide it for Christmas.

I don't really think about my age unless somebody asks. Since my birthday is in September, I get confused about my age. I start saying my new age in January, so by the time my birthday comes around, I am a year ahead. lol As far as feeling my age, aside from my injuries, I feel 16, sometimes five.


answered 08 Sep '12, 08:29

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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess Good to know that I'm not the only one who says my age from the beginning of the year and my birthday is in November!

(08 Sep '12, 09:11) Catherine

@Fairy Princess- LOL! I don't even say I am a year older until 5:36 pm CDT of the day of my birthday, which is when I was born! You are a lot more well-adjusted than I!!! (And you, too, @Catherine!) :)

(08 Sep '12, 10:10) Jaianniah

I usually have to think about it when asked my age. I don't identify myself in it.

(08 Sep '12, 10:32) Fairy Princess
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