I was having a discussion with an individual passionate about History and talking about how females were often not included. She discussed that females often moved and formed the backbone of cultures throughout 'history.' So I got to thinking what history is. Yet, the word tells you exactally what it is... His Story. It automatically excludes the person telling the story even if they are male. If you were telling a story that included you, you would say My Story or Our Story.

What what is 'His Story?' Why is it so important to change the narrative of 'Him' whom many now argue is the White Anglo Saxen Male. Yet even the White Anglo Saxen Male still calls history, 'His Story.' So who the $#^ is 'He?'

The second thing I was pondering today is the overrunning of Gaia.com with the Corey Goode Narrative. I was thinking about how Bashar said something along the line of 'They are accessing other realities without realizing it.' So Corey Goode is telling the truth, but unless you want to go visiting that reality (which doesn't sound like much fun) it is a result of humanity becoming more aware of 'All That Is.' Bashar said that as we expand conciousness we become more aware of both the positive side and negative side of the Universe, but you do not have to live the negative side because you are aware of it.

It is after all in a reality outside your own.

Now I wish Gaia.com had more ongoing content that exposed the positive side of the Universe. What is Corey Goode's narrative? Well, it is one of many histories (His Stories) as real as any other. In Corey Goode's awakening, he has become aware of a bit more of the positive and negative of the Universe. He is somewhat getting lost in these polarities.

Journey on in your awakening reality jumper!

asked 05 Sep '17, 16:18

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history is written by
the victor or 'his scribes',
that genetically numbed
beautiful creatures are

kept so, is a story not told


answered 06 Sep '17, 19:07

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