Why is it seemingly so difficult for most of us to avoid physical aging? In the case of those who are indifferent to health and rejuvenation, who smoke, drink, eat junk, and don't exercise, it's understandable. But even those who pay attention to physical and spiritual matters can get the gray hair, protruding stomach, weak eyes, aches/pains, and die relatively young.

A while ago I watched the documentary on Paramhansa Yogananda with a friend who was new to him. She seemed fascinated, but when it was over, her first comment was about his being "fat." Shallow perhaps, but I think she was picking up on the discrepancy between his teachings of the supposed rejuvenative potential of yoga that he practiced and taught from youth, and the condition of his body.

It was said that Yogananda's body, after he passed, showed no physical disintegration for twenty days, and this was evidence of his yogic powers. I would be more impressed if he had been able to rejuvenate himself and live to be more than 59 years of age. Yogananda is just one example, of course. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is another. Passed at 59 of congestive heart failure.

Are we just too locked in to the illusion of time and our own conscious and subconscious expectations of bodily aging? What is the key to unlock it?

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Hello @Delphine. Thought this might interest you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK6a4ps5C9g . In it Bentinho says some of us will not have to age, because of the increasing rate that the energy is accelerating.

(27 Oct '16, 20:47) Surfgrass

Thanks Surfgrass. Can you tell me at what point in the video he says that? I'll try to watch the whole thing but over 2 hours is a bit daunting :) I should think DNA changes would play a part in this as well...

(27 Oct '16, 21:00) Delphine

Hello @Delphine. You are welcome! I just found it, he addresses someone's question about aging from 1h25m into the video. Also, I once took a course in ThetaHealing. Have you heard of it? One of the procedures involves unlocking portions of the DND that are allegedly tied to enduring youth and vitality. I'd be happy to discuss these things with you, if you want :)

(28 Oct '16, 11:37) Surfgrass

Thanks @Surfgrass, I did listen to that part, good insights. Yes, would be interested in the Theta Healing procedure you mention, could you post it here as a reply rather than a comment, so people can more easily view? Thanks again :)

(28 Oct '16, 18:01) Delphine

@Delphine - are you more referring to decline in health (diseases, loss of energy) or to the physical decline of the body (wrinkles, loose skin, etc.)?

(30 Oct '16, 06:54) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - both, they generally go together. How the body looks on the outside tends to reflect what's going on inside.

Of course, an appearance of maturity is not the same as aging per se.

(30 Oct '16, 13:23) Delphine

This is why there are often bad results with plastic surgery. Aging is not a surface phenomenon. It needs to be addressed on deeper and more comprehensive levels. One of which is the belief in/expectation of aging.

(30 Oct '16, 16:01) Delphine
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I just listened to this yesterday and found it helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvNK60POR0M


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Uh huh...agree with Abe that change including physical change is part of life. I do question whether decline is natural. There's an Abe tape on age that I like a lot. The essential message is: "We want you to take years or age or passage through time out of the equation because your physical condition only has to do with the amount of energy you are summoning and of that energy the amount you are allowing to flow. It has nothing to do with age!!"

(28 Oct '16, 18:09) Delphine

Especially like this part: Q((Abe )......"So how old are you? A (Abe)...."I'm ageless Q (Abe)....."well what I mean is, how long have you been around?" A (Abe)...."Forever" Q (Abe)...."No I mean how many years how many years have you lived in this physical experience?" A (Abe).... "All of them"(lots of laughter)

(28 Oct '16, 18:12) Delphine


Q(Abe).... "No I mean I am wanting to know, how old you are?" A (Abe)....."I'm ageless" Q (Abe)..."No you don't understand me. I mean when were you born and how many years have you lived in this physical experience?" A (Abe)....."I have no idea. I have not been keeping track, Why is it important to you? It is not important to me"

(28 Oct '16, 18:13) Delphine


Because dear friend they will say to you......" I have decided that I want to pigeonhole you into my framework of how you should behave under these circumstances of the years, and if you do not tell me how old you are then I cannot pigeonhole you in the way that I need to pigeonhole you in order to satisfy my warped view of life!!" (much laughter and clapping)

(28 Oct '16, 18:13) Delphine
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"As creatures you are born young and grow older. Yet the animals, as creatures, are not as limited in their experience in that regard. They have no beliefs in old age that automatically shut down their abilities; so left alone, while they do physically die as all creatures must in those terms, they do not deteriorate in the same way."

"Your beliefs about age, therefore, will affect your body and all of its capacities. As mentioned earlier in this book (in the 627th session in Chapter Six), you may become hard of hearing because you firmly believe that this must come with age. You will alter the chemical composition of your body according to your beliefs about its activity through the various portions of your life."

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth Book)


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perhaps aging is a
reality as is birth
and death for all in
physical form

'things as they are'


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