I recently went to pick up some materials using my trailer. As I was about to leave, I thought it would be a good idea to put the spare trailer tire in the back of our van. I did not think much about it. No big energy or emotion. I was walking by the van and saw the spare trailer tire and tossed it in, almost without thinking. I have not had a flat tire in about eight years.

All four of the trailer tires were in very good condition and properly inflated. There was no reason I should have expected a problem.

Coming home on the expressway, I had a blowout on one of the trailer tires. No loss of control, I did not put much energy into changing the tire, it seemed a minor event.

But I wonder if I somehow caused this event? If I had NOT put the tire in the van, would I have had the flat tire anyway?

EDITED: I mention not putting energy into this event because I feel that putting energy into disuseful events can perpetuate and attract similar disuseful events.

My life is very good. The more I am conscious of the LOA, the better it gets. Yet it seems that every so often events like this flat tire sneak in. I am using this event as a curiosity, not a problem.

My focus used to be on being a "problem solver." My life HAD a great many problems. As I have shifted my thinking into having a smooth, harmonious life, most of the "problems" I dealt with in the past have been replaced by harmony.

I was a very good problem solver! But I realized that being a 'problem-not-haver' was simpler, better and easier. I try not to put energy into anything I don't want to attract, by focusing -- not on problem solving -- but focusing on beauty, connection and harmony. This is working very well.

We are consistently moving though parallel Universes, choosing. My choice is for harmony and peace. And Harmony, Peace and Joy come into my life more often and more powerfully than ever before. Yet, though I try to minimize it, the blowout was a disharmonious event.

Our Teaching tells us that we are in complete control of our Universe. The Inner is exactly reflective of the Outer. As we refine our process, choice becomes more powerful. Harmony, Oneness, Joy become more pronounced.

Did I choose a Universe that contained this blowout? There was once a time when I thought that events like this 'just happened,' but the more I tread this Path, the less I believe in happenstance.

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Dollar Bill

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Great question!!!!!

(18 May '12, 03:09) Jaianniah

Yes, you created the event because you create every event in your life...whether labelled good or bad (though there is no good or bad)...but we generally don't like to take credit for the events we label as "bad" :)

I think the thing to bear in mind regarding what happened in this situation is to ignore the physical circumstances of the event and instead look at your emotional reaction to what happened.

This is important because it is that emotional reaction that the universe has manifested a vibrational match to, not the physical circumstances of the event itself.

I have events happen in my life from time to time which, if you look at the physical circumstances of them, might be considered extreme by many people's standards. But by my standards, it's just everyday life - it's the lifestyle I choose to live. I have little or no emotional reaction to those events in the same way that your flat tire had little emotional impact on your own life. It's just the way my life unfolds for me.

It's like, for example, a firefighter tackling a huge blazing building. To an ordinary bystander, it seems like an extraordinary feat of human bravery to put one's life at risk and do such a thing. But to a seasoned firefighter, it's just another day on the job.

So what am I saying?

I am saying that everything's just fine with your life. A fresh new desire was born as your tire went flat - life is geared up to always generate fresh new desires - but you were aligned enough that the manifestation of the desire was hot on its heels (you were inspired to keep the spare tire handy).

The reason the event wasn't a big deal to you was because it really was no big deal as far as your own life is concerned :)

There are never any near-misses as far as the Universe is concerned

And this quick interplay between "problem" (flat tire) and "solution" (spare tire) is precisely what happens when you keep yourself generally Vortex-aligned, using whatever approach helps you get there.

"Problems" happen to you but then "solutions" appear almost immediately. Sometimes you even have the solution coming in the same moment as the problem appears and it's not until afterwards that you become aware of the fortunate unfolding of events.

To me, everything sounds just right with your world. Nothing to be concerned about, just keep going with the flow :)


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I think the answer lies in changing your own words to the following.

"I recently went to pick up some materials using my trailer. As I was about to leave, I listened it would be a good idea to put the spare trailer tire in the back of our van."

This is also consistent with what Paulina is saying.


answered 16 May '12, 21:01

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The Traveller

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@The Traveller - Good point, "listening' is important! Stilling the conscious mind and listening, getting inspiration.

But who caused this event? Who somehow attracts disharmonious events if not me? Can I believe that it just "happens"? That some outside force brings them? Not really. Not anymore.

This event is really no big deal. It was easily handled, but I would rather my tires stay inflated! I am seeking more harmony and peace.

(17 May '12, 05:14) Dollar Bill

Perhaps you saw a better trailer that would eventually replace your current trailer, and you are waiting for the right "reason" to make the upgrade?
On the other hand, you gained much more through the experience you just shared with us. You confirmed for yourself that you can depend on your inner guidance, (although you already do this, it's nice to have a story to tell others about it).
Perhaps this was just the right teaching example you were waiting for?

(17 May '12, 09:23) The Traveller

why could it not be
a hunch generated from
what knows the consequences
of your path,

unconscious intuitive knowledge
waiting to scrath open
the shell of the egg,
you surround it with


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Yes Dollar Bill you would have had the blowout anyway. Precognition is very useful when it happens, so be happy that you took the spare tyre. By the way it is allways a good idea to have a spare. That should be a normal every trip thing so it doesnt matter if you never have a blowout again allways make sure you have a spare.

No it doesn't mean that you are inviting a blowout or are causing one it simply means that spare tyres were invented to prevent more hardship in case of one. Don't dwell on it just just do it and forget that it is there as long as you inflate it every now and then.

Now back to precognition. That is something that will start happening more often now and you will be pleased and suprised that sometimes a lot of people on an unconcious level seem to know what is waiting arround the corner. I prefere to think that there is something looking out for us like Angels for instance.


answered 16 May '12, 12:26

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Paulina 1

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Dollar Bill

@Paulina 1. I have pulled my trailer for many miles, most of which I did not carry the spare tire. I really did not pay much attention to the trailer tires. I have not had a spare tire before, a few months ago I saw this spare tire for sale and bought it.

(17 May '12, 05:03) Dollar Bill
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