Another question about manifesting the income of money. Maybe from a bit different perspective though. I am going to describe a specific example here, though I think some of you might identify with this experience:

At the moment I work in sort of a job that the amount of money I make directly depends on me. For some time now I haven´t been able to manifest a certain amount that I wanted to. It is not a huge sum. I kind of stated some amount that I could vizualize and this amount is completely believable for me to get in a certain time period (a month) and is not over the „ceiling“. I vizualized myself having this money. I vizualized a certain experience I was going to have for it and that felt awesome. But guess what, I am still not able to manifest it:)

And of course I´ve manifested some money but not even half of what I believed I could achieve. I tried to analyze what is the cause of resistence. What I feel like on the subject: Firstly I don´t have debts. I don´t even feel like having a lack of money. I feel I always have some money to get away with. But that is not what the full potencial of the job offers and I know that too. Most of the time at work or out of work I am in a positive range of emotions. I also belive I have enough professional knowledge on the subject to be good at it.

And suddenly it came to me when I saw one of my colleagues, money flowed to her just like that. What is the diference between me and her? When she recieved a bigger amount of money for her work it seemed so natural for her to accept it. How did I feel when I last recieved more money at once? Kind of guilty. Can it be the core reason for resistance…? Why would I feel guilty to recieve the money that truly belong to me? Maybe because somewhere inside I´ve always felt like some people could need the money more than me:) And this have happened few times in the past when someone wanted to give me money (no matter what amount) as a gift or because of a study success or so, I felt guilty to keep it (maybe because they had mortage or were unemployed or retired). I believe now that I have to put some effort in order to get money but I also know that I DON´T need to work HARD to obtain it.

I can almost see the money waiting for me there to recieve but then the feeling of guilt probably stops me from receiving it. This is just an example now but I think the resistance to an increase of money is general here.

I´m sure some of you guys can clearly see what I´m missing here. Any advice how to change this believe?

Has somebody had a similar experience or any experince somehow related but with happy ending? Would you please share what you did to change the situation?

Many thanks!

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Vanilla Sensation

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I used to find money on the ground. One day, I decided that it was wrong to find money because somebody had to lose it for me to find it. So I stopped finding money. Then I noticed that I wasn't finding money any more and remembered the day I decided it was wrong to find money. So I decided that it is ok to find money, that the Universe or God can put money there for me to find without anybody having to lose it. I decided that there is enough money and resources for everybody to have what they need and want and that my abundance does not have to come at the expence of another person's lack. I also realized that if I am responsible for what I attract, then so is everybody else. So if there is enough for everybody, and everybody has equal access to 'miracles' that it is up to us to believe, then it is only my beliefs that keep me from or attract to me abundance. In this I learned never to turn down money or any offering, it stops the flow to me and prevents the other from the opportunity to bless me. In everything do it as if unto the Lord. For we are all One.


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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Very good answer:)

(22 Sep '12, 14:56) Satori

@Satori Thank you:)

(22 Sep '12, 16:32) Fairy Princess

Just had to share, re finding money. Some years ago at my Conscious Creation group, I posted a quote from the Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak: "Many of you have spent lifetimes honoring and respecting family members ...who represent to you a certain work ethic and value system. Many of you have not thought to question this work ethic or to see if there is any other way. So you believe that in order to get money you must expend a great amount of energy, or you must be employed by someone who

(22 Oct '16, 16:30) Delphine

is going to give it to you, or whatever. These ideas are completely and totally erroneous. We cannot emphasize that enough. When you are allowing, Spirit will compensate you in a variety of unexpected ways. The only reason this has not happened before is that you just haven't believed it was possible. When you believe things are possible, reality changes."

After posting that, I went out for coffee. On the way back, I found $40 (2 20's) lying on the sidewalk. Thank you Spirit :)

(22 Oct '16, 16:35) Delphine
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as long as what it is
you do is not detrimental
to youself or others
guilt ought not be an issue

however, if you degrade
youself by fulfilling
selfish desires, watch out
for the reciprociticy


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