I love you all

Happened, one thing of i don't liked, then i decided learning about law of attraction, because with this thing i see is real. It's a bad thing but, with this i start understand and believe when i vibrate something, this gonna be more powerful, and more, and more, and this happens

Well, my name is Junior, i'm from brazil, i study about Law Of Attraction but i do not practice so mutch, then i decided start right now because i want things, i want make happen what i want, i want help my family, i want "evolve", then i found this site on google image's after search "emotional scale".

I have had results of i wanted with Law of Attraction, like money and i'm happy, but this results are not constantly.

I go start now read "Money And Law of Attraction" of Abraham.

The here is my question: What is the first step for do more money constantly? I love so much you all, and i want answer some questions when i understand more, i want help the other for remember but i want learn do more money before of help others with this things

With Love, Junior

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Hi @juniorofbrazil so you're getting some results but those results are inconsistent, in other words the "money vibration" you're sending out slips a bit now and again.

Many years ago I came face to face with this problem and I got around it by using magic formulas, that is, words or symbols arranged in a particular fashion. Magic can get very complicated so later I turned my hand to easy down to earth magic which seemed to work just as well.

After that I replaced all that by what I can only describe as modern magic. Modern magic uses words and symbols arranged in a particular fashion without all the long winded abracadabra talk.

I suggest you use this symbol

alt text

Place this drawing flat on a table and line it up with magnetic north.

Write your wish using a graphite pencil, on a small piece of white card that you place on the center of the graph. Place a photo of yourself on top of your wish and leave the device in a quiet area.

Wishing you all the love, success and money you could ever desire


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@jaz, what's the origin of this diagram, i.e. which book or occult school? Thanks.

(01 Sep '15, 07:17) cod2

Hi @cod2 the diagram is basically the servranx graph no.14 available to the public since about 1950-60.


I've been studying and using servranx methods for over 15 years and find them extremely performing :)

(01 Sep '15, 13:43) jaz

@jaz I'll try your technique with this graph. But what do you suggest to do when having multiple wishes? Should we just make multiple graphs? I don't have so many photos of myself though lol

(02 Sep '15, 06:01) Marin

@Marin once you set up this graph, it keeps pumping out your wish or multiple wishes to the universe for as long as it's in place, you can only drive one car at any moment so only one graph in action at a time :)

You can verify the graph is working by holding a pendulum above the center, along the outside perimeter you'll find swirling movements.

(02 Sep '15, 14:32) jaz

@jaz Ok, thanks! So I'd say this is very similar to the Manifesting Box technique? But I understand there are other powers at work here, too. Is size/ dimensions of the graph relevant?

(02 Sep '15, 15:12) Marin

yes @Marin this is very similar to the Manifesting Box technique. Dimensions are crucial, I like to think of this graph as a musical instrument, like a precision built "stradivarius". Personally I enjoy playing around experimenting and drawing my own graphs to get the feel of how they work, but the most suitable way for a beginner is to use the servranx graph. They're made using the right materials and drawn with mathematical precision.

(03 Sep '15, 02:07) jaz
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What is the first step for do more money constantly?

Play Abraham's Prosperity Game on a daily basis.

Instructions for playing the game: http://www.healyourlife.com/play-the-prosperity-game


answered 02 Sep '15, 05:47

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hi @Stingray yes there're many different ways to play this game, I wonder what would happen if the servranx graph method was used "in conjunction" with the Abraham Prosperity Game?

(03 Sep '15, 02:19) jaz

@jaz - "the servranx graph method" - This picture will work just as effectively as your servranx diagram...

...just be sure to place your request precisely on Mickey's nose and his ears to due East :)

All you are doing is a standard Focus & Allow method - like with the Manifesting Box - but the extra...

(03 Sep '15, 05:31) Stingray

@jaz - ...unnecessary hocus-pocus makes it more effective for the believer as a "permission slip". Perfectly valid method if you are a fan of woo-woo ritualistic stuff...I'm not.

As for what would happen if you used it in conjunction with Abraham's Prosperity Game, well you'd have a pretty diagram to stare at while you spent the money daily. If you use Mickey's face instead, it might make you smile as you spent the money :)

(03 Sep '15, 05:36) Stingray

thanks for explaining how you feel in your usual colourful way @Stingray, very enjoyable :) I'd like to add I sincerely believe that a simple sevranx graph set up placed as described coupled with an imaginative daily ritual as described in the Esther and Jerry Hicks prosperity game would work wonders in manifesting more money for anyone who desires to do so.

(03 Sep '15, 07:37) jaz

yes @Stingray my friend any servranx graph in the absolute is totally unnecessary, following the same line of thought so too is the whole Stingray Manifestion Experiment or any Abraham method or teachings. What is necessary? IQ? internet? a tree? the earth? the solar system? The only thing that is necessary for the physical world to exist is energy. The energy that holds physical matter in place.

(09 Sep '15, 02:31) jaz

So it's all to do with energy and how to control it using the mind. What exatcly is a graph, ME-5, internet, house, car, hammer, etc ? They're man made tools, and what is a tool? In essence a tool is energy arranged in a particular way so as to perform a particular task. How does a human arrange energy in a particular way? By using symbols to access and program mind power. The simpler the symbol the more efficient it becomes.

(09 Sep '15, 02:41) jaz

A servranx graph method is the simplest and thus most efficient method that I know. Those that are wizard enough to manifest quickly and easily whatever they desire need no method at all, just a thought and "hup" the wheels are in motion and it's there.

(09 Sep '15, 02:49) jaz

So in the meantime for apprentice wizards a servranx graph can come in quite handy :)

(09 Sep '15, 04:00) jaz

and tools are not just physical objects they're also non-physical which for humans means inner experiences of energy in motion, emotions, coming from the absolute in an infinite variety of specific movements. Words, languages are tools invented by humans that can be used in many ways, I very much enjoy the definition of language given in the urban dictionary; language-device invented to hide our thoughts,

(10 Sep '15, 03:00) jaz

I also love the saying "actions speak louder than words" meaning what I do is more important than what I say. A drawing speaks a thousand words, I wonder when minnie mouse is going to appear :)

(10 Sep '15, 03:02) jaz
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