People that always like to laugh vs people that don't. Extroverts vs Introverts. The friend that tell everyone to lighten up vs the friend that always have people worry. etc.

I've been wanting and asking ALOT. It is to the extend now I feel so burnt out and the more I know about LoA the more I am realizing what I am lacking and pushing myself away. Pretty sure I am not too savvy on the receiving part because of how I chose my personality to be in this earth lifetime.. I am hoping you could help.

Abraham has speak of the people that create by default. And I guess many of us know a few sassy happy people that always have things coming their way without giving much second thoughts. How I envy them too. Of course they may not have realize what they've done but what matters is that they get what they want more easily.

And throughout the heaps of the Abraham materials I've gone through I think I realized we're all different individuals and need a different way of approaching things cause I heard her gave out completely different answers to similar questions. Could be how Abraham is able to interpret our energy?

So how do a analyzing paralyzing person get into vortex? I mean I could get into it by thinking good thoughts for a good while too but as soon as I focus on the "how" on real life I lost it. I needed an escape and I get into one of my bad habits..

Is it a requirement to be optimistic and delusional on receiving the stuff we've been asking for? What I should be thinking and doing? Thanks...

asked 22 May '12, 15:29

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I dont have any concrete, practical methods for you, but I do want to offer some different ideas for you that might help you out.

I believe we create by default because of the people we grow up with- we just mimick what theyre offering. We may or may not choose that beforehand- honestly, I prefer to think we do not. I think when we focus physically, we dont care when or where or how were born or who surrounds us. I think this because Source sees everything as perfect, beautiful, and worth the ride. I think at that point we're just craving "experiences", good or bad, boring or exciting, easy or hard.

there arent any rules, however, only the ones we give ourselves. So it doesnt matter what youve been like up to this point. It doesnt matter because you dont have to continue to live that way. You can live any way you want. The key is- change how you feel and feel the way you want, whether you have evidence of your manifestations or not. Its hard because many of us are trained to respond to outer circumstances, which will only create more of what you dont want. If you pay attention to successful people- they dont respond to their failure. They keep their mind focused on what they want, their dreams.

You pointed out Abraham having different answers to different people- you are right. There isnt just one way. No one reallys thinks in the same way so the same words dont always work. Be creative and have fun with law of attraction... there are so many ways you can approach it- how far you're willing to stretch your mind is the limit.

Who you truly are is the person you truly want to be. You cant find that person in anyone else- so try not to envy others. Be happy for them- spread your love, it will empower you.

I know you were seeking some hands on exercises, but I only have simple things to offer. Deep breathing. Meditate for a few seconds whenever you get the chance. Write a long list of everything that makes you feel good and never stop adding to it. Say thank you to everyone and everything you see for a whole day (in your mind or outloud, your choice.)

Good luck :)


answered 23 May '12, 00:01

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thanks. I noticed too however bad the situation is I can always do a deep breathe, and thats a great relief. and I get what you are saying it's greatly in tune with me. I just feel like I've been really dumbed at receiving or maybe scared to have taken the action and get nothing in return.. I know for all I've learned I should know better and I need to seek an intellectual way to um, balance the equation?

(25 May '12, 10:43) Imperfect

and probably I am still mad at how things seem harder for me than others while Im sitting here with all this knowledge and getting nothing. but indeed thats just the small part my biggest focus is figuring out myself as to what work best for me. I'm sure there are others similar to me its a little relief to know that haha and if I could help get myself there I can probably help others too. well, trying to make the best out of it.

(25 May '12, 10:49) Imperfect

and to start things off I tend to imagine myself designing me the way I am now (with this persona) before birth so I'll have the experience of triumph over self doubts and limitations. suggesting that I do, course :) I read too our soul craves experience in any form so perhaps me in my past life were a carefree joy rider and I had enough of that. could be a good mentality to have if you are too heavily and uncontrollably always focusing on external circumstances. aye, bless you all.

(25 May '12, 10:58) Imperfect
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Hi Imperfect. I can really sympathise with you on this one. A lot of people have personalities that make it easy for them to apply deliberate intention-manifestation to their lives. People who are naturally optimistic, easy-going and have a sense of faith that life will turn out ok - these are the ones that it is easy for. Personally, I've always tended a little bit towards pessimism, depression and over-thinking - and I've always been a worry-wart. So even though I have been practising deliberate creation for years, I still struggle at times. I've had friends who have just learned about the LOA overtake me in a matter of months.

But, on the bright side, I like to think that in some ways it is much better to learn a skill under difficult circumstances. I see our ability to manifest deliberately as a muscle that needs exercising in order to be good. Sure, some people are naturally toned and only need a little workout in order to look good - i.e. they pick up the LOA easily and can transform their lives very quickly. But for us that take longer - isn't this a good thing? Aren't we learning much more? Personally, it's through the hard process of trial and error that I have learnt the most.

And then there's also what Abraham says - our resistance, difficulties, or our "contrast" as they call it, is what creates for us. In order to desire something, you need to know its opposite. So when I'm going through a hard time and feeling sorry for myself, I just think about how much my vortex must be bursting at the seams with good things lined up for me.

As for practical advice, I can't help you much there. There are hundreds of techniques out there and each person will be suited to something different. For myself, I find that visualisation works great, unless I have a lot of resistance. Right now I'm working with a LOA coach to deal with this resistance. She is also an empath, so she zoned in on what my issues were straight away. I honestly think working with a coach or even a run-of-the-mill therapist can help if you feel really stuck.

One thing that I think could help everyone, though, is to focus on gratitude. I know, it's a bit of a cliche, but it really does work. It's a skill, you need to practice focusing on whatever you are grateful for in any given situation. Even if it's just something simple like being able to drink your favourite cup of tea. it's a little tedious and it won't change your world overnight because it will take a while to instill the habit. But I think it's an absolute must, along with whatever LOA techniques you are using.

Also, you mentioned you are not too good at the receiving part. This is an area I too have had to work on. I find that it is useful to just meditate on the pure feeling of relief. For example, pick a small or medium-sized problem that you have right now. Now just try to suspend disbelief and imagine that suddenly, everything sorted itself out (this is realistic, happens all the time - you know that feeling when you've been over-worrying about something, and it turns out to not be a big deal at all? And you feel a little silly for having worried, but also really relieved and light). Just get into that feeling of relief and release as much as you can. Try to make it a habit. Then, if you start worrying about the "hows", just gently force yourself to feel that feeling of relief, even if it's only for a few seconds at first.

I have a pendant that I have meditated with, and now whenever I touch it I repeat the mantra "release and allow" in my head, and let myself feel the relief flooding through me.

And one last tip - make sure to take regular breaks from the whole LOA thing and just focus on having fun and enjoying yourself. That's when the real allowing happens.


answered 23 May '12, 12:01

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thanks for taking the time and sharing whats been helpful :) the last part too.. sometimes I wish I never knew about LoA and all that cause it was easier for me. right now its too hard to cope with the now me and my own expectation and.. I dont know if this is exactly the "problem" - me trying to "identify the problem" because how do you fight an unknown enemy versus you shouldnt try to identify/fight anything at all and just ignore and focus on the good feelings.

(25 May '12, 11:15) Imperfect

I guess thats what I was trying to ask primarily in the thread. and the answer seem simple now cause I do feel at ease and into the vortex a bit - is to stop doing what's been not working (trying to rationalize and identifying every bits and pieces), try to focus on feeling good. which is definitely a hard thing... ah, onto feeling relieved.........

(25 May '12, 11:26) Imperfect
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