The question is .... can we achieve the same thing even with different circumstances?Or there must be something like a mental algorithm to do so?

asked 19 May '10, 11:36

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Do you have a specific example?

(19 May '10, 15:23) Vesuvius

I mean, when two people have the same mental and physical attributes to achieve something, but different personal circumstances, such as sick in the family, financial problems, distractions, extra responsibilities, concerns, etc. What makes a difference in the outcome? Or rather .. Why having the same chance, some achieve it and others not. Why, If both are prepared to overcome the obstacle, one usually falls while the other is to get the result? But the intriguing thing is that often succeeds who faces more obstacles? Can anyone explain why?

(19 May '10, 20:34) Robert
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If the circumstances are different and no two moments are ever the same, I think there would have to be some slight variation in the manifestation.


answered 19 May '10, 11:54

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