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I would like to share with everyone my breakthrough a week ago. I believe this is the "next level" for those who follow Abraham (or any other tacher who advocates raising your vibration), the stage of taking the theory and moving it into practice. It is also very relevant for those who read the book "Telementation" by Jeffrey Grupp, and didn't understand what he was talking about, and how to make this work.

I went to a traditional coaching workshop a week ago. It is a part of what my organization does, and normally I wouldn't go to such events because I believe they're a waste of time - their goal is mainly to get you into action in spite of your resistance (forcing it through negative emotion), and they focus a lot on the negative. But this was different since - 1. I knew the coaches that were going to run the workshop, and they are very loving people, and 2. I figured out this is a fantastic opportunity to just practice a high vibration, since I won't have TV, computer, friends, work and stuff distract me. Every time someone in the workshop would share their story and how miserable it made them, I just closed my eyes and thought about my beautiful dog. And every time the participants were happy and in a state of love, I milked it as much as possible. By the way, the idea to do this came from what Abraham said here -

I did this for 3 days, and eventually reached a state of pure ecstasy. I walked out of there and enjoyed every second, with a big smile and my face and warm sensations all over my body. I have never felt so loving, free and powerful before. This was not just being in the vortex - this was being the vortex! And things started to happen. In areas I was so afraid to act for years, I was just inspired to act effortlessly. People all around me were very positive towards me, all kinds of "lucky" things happened - I won't go too much into detail here about that. But the most important that happened, is that I started to feel my desires coming. Without even trying.

When I was in that state, I could focus on the most difficult subjects with ease and enjoy the thoughts about how lovely it's going to be once I'm there. Actually, I didn't even try to focus - it was flowing to my mind! I could think of nothing else, because in that state I only had access to that. It was not like regular visualizing. I was feeling that it was so close to me, and that it is coming very quickly. Later I understand that Grupp discussed this state in the book "Telementation", he calls it the "feeling mass" or "inner star seed". He says the way to get there is through meditation, but really it doesn't matter how. You just feel your desires, it's hard to explain.

After two days of coming back to my regular life - I slipped back out of the vortex, and I noticed that the exact opposite happened - people couldn't stand me, I was very cynical and impatient, and I couldn't "access" my dreams - I simple couldn't see it. Guys, this stuff is for real - imagine what would have happened if I had maintained that vibration for let's say, 10 days? 20? 30? Imagine it would become my "default" state... Everything is possible then, everything is beautiful, everything is effortless. All the answers are there. All the power is there.

Anyway, after tasting such love and joy, it's impossible to simply go back... I will get there again and again until I can maintain it regularly. It really is all we have to do. Actually, these 3 days changed me as a person - it turned me into a believer. It removed my doubt, since I witnessed the creator side of me, the little manifestations when I'm allowing, and the unbearable pain and disappointment when I'm resisting.

So I would suggest to anyone that wants to get to the next level - choose 3 days, maybe a weekend, and just withdraw from reality. Get to a beautiful, quiet place. Prepare your favorite music, that makes your heart sing, take pictures that inspire you, take a big notebook (there you will focus wheel every morning, and then move into positive aspects), a bunch of Abraham recordings, and just make an intention of choosing a better thought (or meditating), until you can see and feel your dreams flowing into your mind effortlessly. And then simply enjoy and milk the experience. You will be inspired to act, you will have great ideas and clarity, your body will feel great, and you will feel your dreams coming to you. You will finally begin to really really BELIEVE that you really do have a vortex, and you really do create your reality. I hope you do make that choice (perhaps the most important one you'll ever make). I already did.

With great love and appreciation, Benjamin.

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@Benjamin - Thank you for sharing this. It's a beautiful personal description of what true Vortex alignment feels like and I hope everyone takes note of it as a benchmark to measure their own experiences by. Your description of how everything just "flows" effortlessly when you are there is perfect. Once you've truly tasted that alignment once, a normal outside-the-Vortex life is simply never going to be acceptable ever again :)

(10 Feb '12, 09:02) Stingray

Awesome! Now you just need to apply the same technique to real life situations.

(10 Feb '12, 09:46) Fairy Princess

@Benjamin - great to hear your story. After close to a year or more of following IQ and personal development I think I have probably only experienced this kind of feeling once, but it only lasted a few hours, and it happened because of a certain incident rather than what I did (in terms of my thoughts). But nevertheless I was pretty sure the things I did helped assist that feeling to come in some way through that incident.. hope I will be able to find it back again

(10 Feb '12, 10:12) kakaboo

:) :) :) So much blessed I know this feeling "being the vortex!" And when you reached to keep it for long days inform please, I am good so far but always thirsty to others experience especially inward quest members Bless you all and bless our vortex :)

(10 Feb '12, 11:47) r0la

'Being the Vortex' is what I am experiencing more and more everyday. I feel supernatural when I am my vortex.

(11 Feb '12, 05:24) AboveBelow

@Benjamin -Nice to read to experience.Thanks

(22 Feb '12, 02:35) Zee

@Benjamin- thanks for sharing this,very inspiring and uplifting:)

(22 Feb '12, 17:56) Satori
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One of the reasons I would like to lead retreats is because of the experience you have so well-described...I have attended many spiritual retreats on many topics, as well as seminars to learn healing. Every time, away from home and electronics and phone, I have come away with a heightened sense of God, of happiness...Being in the Vortex, in other words.

It is quite normal to "crash" after such an experience. I can tell you, however, that if you keep up the "get-aways", you will retain, for longer and longer periods of time, that feeling of being in the Vortex. Eventually, as people here have said, you will become the Vortex!

I am so glad you shared your experience with everyone. I am also glad you recommended the "Mini-Retreats" for all of us. We all need much less electronic and worldly interaction for peace of mind. There is a reason that monks stay in monasteries and nuns stay in convents! Their goal is to achieve Communion with God, and it is best to be away from the world for a time for the best results. We all cannot do that, however. But "Mini-Retreats" are excellent, and in my opinion, should be done at least one day a week.

Blessings to you, and thanks,



answered 10 Feb '12, 14:43

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Sick Benjamin!

Does anybody want to know my little thing to get me into the Vortex? It's music, and I don't think I'll ever find anyone who likes this style of music :)


answered 21 Feb '12, 19:10

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Ever huh? Well one of my favorite genres is kpop. This song is good, just too similar to music I listen to in languages I know. =)

(22 Feb '12, 21:33) Snow

@Nikulas - music to get into the vortex, love it :)

(23 Feb '12, 00:44) blubird two

@blubird: Absolutely! For me personally music is by far the most effective method of quickly elevating my mood.

(23 Feb '12, 23:41) Snow
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I have experienced this state many years ago when i used to focus upon my GF many years before. I think when we spend our mostly time focusing and thinking of something/someone we love, and feel the pleasure ,our vibration goes high. Negativity and bad feelings reduce and we feel very positive feelings.we automatically slipp into vortex.As very well put by N20 in below link.


answered 22 Feb '12, 03:03

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