Why do animal have an natural gift of super hearing, seeing in the dark, and seeing spirits and ghost and seeing people auras? Or do they? Why do animal take an certain dislike to an person an it is not because they don't know them sometimes. They say the purring of cats raises our vibrations. Does it? Animals seem to know when an disaster are going to happen an flee. Why? Why do animals seem to have these gifts and humans are just now discovering there? Is it the fact that this is out of the quote of the "norm" and because most people don't have it and if you do than some people think something is wrong with you or you are crazy or evil? Do animals use telephy to talk to one another I read somewhere that birds do in flight. Do animals really hear and understand what humans are saying and doing sometimes? You know God put us domion over all things including animals. When animals return love to us we are not lonely any more.

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Animals also have senses that can detect other frequencies than we can. Some birds and some animals can see ultra violet for example, and also have far more rods and cones in their eyes, making their sight far more effective than ours at huge distances (think of eagles hunting their prey on the ground). Animals also detect from body language, (ours and other species); scent/pheromones; better and even ultrasonic hearing in some cases and a whole other way of communicating than our senses can pick up. Whales for example, communicate over hundreds of miles under water. In fact, the diversity of different senses and communication and development in the animal/bird/fish and even in the plant world is mind boggling.

Our senses are not their senses, and are quite crude in comparison, probably because we no longer have the need for any heightened senses that we may have started out with at the start of man's evolution. I know that I also learnt to dumb down some of my sensitivity to some vibes so I could function in the world without feeling so jarred by picking up so much. Ironically, now I'd like some of that sensitivity back!

(For those who haven't, if you ever get a chance to check out ANY of David Attenborough's amazing series such as the Life of Plants, Life on Earth, Life in the Freezer, etc., do! He's a particular hero of mine, for his lifetime dedicated to bringing incredible knowledge and information to us).

As for man having dominion over all things, I take that to mean that we can consciously create our desired world on a more immediate basis than animals and so we have more powerto create our lives deliberately. Animals species evolve through their desire to overcome outside environmental effects, such as changing climate or food migration patterns for example, (a different thing to man's interference by breeding programmes.)

However, someone might like to tell my cats about people having dominion over all things! :>)


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God in the bible gave man dominion over animals and all things. meaning in an short sentence we are the top of everything. Animals usually want come out of their way to harm us unless they are very hungry, we are around their young and we scare them. Like the book the birds we could not come out of our homes if God didn't have the birds minding their own business and leaving us alone. They are not suppose to mess with us unless we are messing with them. Now there are always exceptions to every rule and nothing follow the rules of nature all of the time. Thanks for your answer.

(06 Oct '09, 09:54) flowingwater

I must check out and read some of those books you have read.

(07 Oct '09, 12:18) flowingwater

I referred above to David Attenborough's many TV series which you could hire on dvd - or buy. There are books of the different series too, but the films are mind blowing! He has the BEST film crews and takes a year or more to film each in all sorts of difficult and challenging conditions, while his innate love for all he does shows through. Google him and you will find all the different series. He does things and goes places that I have never seen any natural history film maker do. Go here and check it all out. The filmography is at the bottom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Attenborough

(07 Oct '09, 14:13) Rebecca
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Phew..big question. We were all given the same senses at birth, the problem is that humans have been distracted by ouside influences, thoughts, words, materialism. Animals don't encounter these outside influences, their senses have been allowed to develop without hindrance.


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Sorry, I goofed and forgot to log in..this answer was posted by Penny www.selectathought.com

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The answer was actually posted by Penny

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Animals are more pure souls than we are, at this time. We worry about what others think, we second guess ourselves, we worry about our jobs, we worry about the conditioning we have received against using our imaginations, we worry about making a living and so forth. They think freely and see what they see, hear what they hear, unencumbered by second guessing or worry. We filter everything through our belief systems, opinions and conscious minds. They filter nothing!


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First of all, we are animals. superior kind , maybe. but we are not as separated as we think. we are different, they are different, but no seperation. the problem with human kind is that they believe that they are seperated .. came from above .. created in heavens and fall to this alien planet. maybe that's why we forgot .. and started to remember now. we started to see the lost link, the hidden connection. our true nature. we started to get back our freedom that we have lost for thousands of years. and when we started to get back our nature, we started to get back our ''natural'' gifts. for thousands of years we were brainwashed and programmed to believe that we are slaves who needs salvation. that we are not from here .. this is not our place, this is not our ''kingdom''. this is the kingdom of the devil. and we should seek the kingdom of ''heavens''. we were programmed to disconnect ourselves from our nature. once this was done, we lost all our natural gifts. we fall ! .. we became lower forms than other animals. we even became danger to the existence of the whole planet. and today, we are surprised that the planet is fighting back for its life!!! .. how could we feel and understand and realize our supernatural senses .. if we reject our basic natural senses ?? .. when we accepted that we are slaves who needs salvation, that's exactly what we became. and slaves can't ask for what's only given to masters. we rejected our nature, and nature rejected us. when we started to accept our nature, nature started to accept us. and gave us some of the gifts we have lost. life is based on free choice, as we choose , we get. and as others choose, they get.


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Wow that is an statement. I believe this planet was made and custom design just for us the human beings. True we have lost an lot of our natural gifts but we are getting them back gradually. We have forgotten how to take care of mother earth as well and now we are learning back how to take of her so she can take care of us. For we are made from the dirt of the earth this much is in the bible and from dust we came and dust we will go back.

(06 Oct '09, 10:00) flowingwater

II'm having trouble with this..the 'phew, big question' answer was posted by Penny


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