I used to say when things go wrong the saying,"it is part of the master plan" I heared it from other people but i never questioned before, but can we actualy say everything is in the master plan??? I guess this is to say...everything was mean to be.

asked 20 May '10, 14:11

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Hanna, I do not believe in a Master Plan as you described it. The Law of Attraction is the law of nature. According to this law we create our own reality and we do so as a result of what we think. If we take control of our thoughts we can change our reality. If there is a Master Plan then it must be the Law of Attraction.


answered 20 May '10, 14:58

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Drham,how do we explain the supposed "bad" events that wasn't in your mind at all?? I don't seem to get this part very well. There is an exmapnation that says... it is attracted uncounsiosly.But even this i don't get well. Can you help pliz? Can we actualy say we have an absolute control over everything in life?

(20 May '10, 16:22) hanna

If you can observe your belief systems and automatic, generally unconscious thoughts you can. Lately I have been doing mental exercises involving sitting and observing my thoughts as they float through my mind - remaining entirely detached. This has led to me noticing throughout my day many thoughts I was unaware of before. Just for a small example - yesterday I was a few minutes late for my bus...the bus was earlier than it typically was. I had a very quick thought..."why couldn't the bus have been later" and went to the bookstore to pass the next hour. Well...the next bus was 30 minutes late

(20 May '10, 21:57) Liam

Hanna, the unconscious thougths come from things that we have accepted as truth. Therefore we do not focus on those thoughts and we believe that we are unconsciously creating. But that is not the case. Whenever you encounter a "bad" situation then you have to do your own soul searching and see if you have any beliefs or thoughts that could have contributed to the manifestation. I guarantee you that you can find at least one connection if you are truly honest about it.

(20 May '10, 22:36) Drham
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